Both of these calibers are going to have the stopping power to bring down just about any game you are hunting in North America besides maybe larger bears. My vote is the .270 Win. The base diameter is 0.47 inch. Our calibers from .257-inch up to .338-inch have served us well for decades, but the .277-inch, 7mm, and .308-inch calibers have gotten the lion’s share of work from deer hunters. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The chart you posted has the .270 with a recoil factor of 162.6 The .308 with a recoil factor of 35.2 And the 30-06 with a recoil factor of 60.1 So, if the chart is correct, the .270 would have significantly more recoil. While the .308 produces slightly more recoil energy ( compared to, it probably isn’t anything significant, especially to more experienced shooters. Having said that, I've fired all of those and can hardly tell the difference. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. They know what they like and what works well for them. Beware, you are in danger to pursuit an all around women and you would probably expire before to find her. If you dive into the historical developments of the 6.5 Creedmoor round vs the 7mm-08, you will notice how the cartridges are somehow related to .308 Winchester. This is a common question many hunters have, especially when considering a hunting rifle for younger hunters. Where the .308's origin was for military purposes, the .270 started out as a hunting cartridge. Just seems to kick more than it should. I had a rather light Savage 110 .308 with an aluminum buttplate and it kicked worse than my .270's. All Rights Reserved. I'm not fond of the 25-06 either for the same reason. The cheapest 3006 delivers more energy than the Best 308 The modern day .270 cartridge is usually around 3.3 inches long. 1; 2 ... You can generally have a nice muzzle brake put on a rifle for about $150, and this should put the recoil to about .308 or maybe less. This will tell us is how hard the bullet is impacting the target. The .270 is a "necked down" version of the 30-06 cartridge. By using this site, you agree to the following: Privacy Policy Most people attest that .270 vs .30-06 favors the lighter round. I got my 11 year old the CVA 308 and he loves it. Winchester Improved the 3006 by Producing the 270. I no longer have a .308 so my memory is not very fresh, mine was a Ruger ultra light with a pencil thin barel and the recoil was rather sharp for a short round, and my brothers Savage M99 .308 kicks! Please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Quite a few cartridges are produced with varying grain bullets, bullet material, shape, and powder loads. Here are some of the more popular cartridges for the .270. In the real world, firearms chambered for less powerful cartridges are typically built lighter than firearms chambered for more powerful cartridges. I estimate that fifteen foot pounds of free recoil energy and 10 fps of recoil velocity represent the approximate upper limit of the comfort level. The .308 is a heavier bullet than the .270 although there are several cartridges with .270 160 and 180 grain produced by other manufacturers. This site is owned and operated by Trek Warrior in McKinney, Texas. This stuff is great for plinking and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Let's compare two top quality deer hunting loads. In wind deflection, recoil, cycling speed, and potentially compact rifle size (short action,) the Creedmoor comes out on top.If you own an accurate, beloved 270 Winchester, you don't need to replace it with a 6.5 Creedmoor. Increase the gun weight by, say, 25% and the recoil goes down by 25%. One has its origins in the military while the other was manufactured for hunting. That takes nothing away from the rifle manufacturers or the guns in general, but the real power in the .270 Winchester is that it is a traditionalist’s cartridge. The .270 is prone to having a much sharper kick than the .308. If we simply look at the average recoil energy generated by these two cartridges and given by the ballistic calculator software, we see that the .270 and .308 are very similar (Graph 1). Before we jump into this, it is extremely important to remember that these values can change from manufacturer to manufacturer and according to the various cartridge types. The longer you shoot, and the harder the rifle kicks, the more likely you are to flinch. Two rifles that are known to compete against each other. The average 12 ga Foster slug packs a lot more punch on the shooter's end than almost any .308 load I've shot, to include 190 SMKs. If you hunt for fun primary, choice a mild rifle you enjoy shooting and select the animal and the distance accordingly. Recoil pads make a big difference. I do not hunt any longer and shoot mostly mil surp ammo at the range. Let’s take a look at what makes them tick. It uses bullets from 100 to 150 grains, which can easily reach 2,900 and even 3000 frames per second. However, since most modern .30-06 factory loads have a small edge in velocity (usually around 100-200fps) over .308 factory loads shooting the same weight bullet, the advantage in velocity of the .270 … We are going to mention a lot of numbers in this section. Thread starter shot_out; Start date Nov 6, 2016; 1; 2; Next. This is a hard question. I use only Barnes copper bullets, 130 and 140 grains for .270 and 150 and 165 grains for .308. Earnings Disclaimer Here are some numbers to consider. A .260 shooting a 140grn bullet with a .520 bc @ 2600 fps witha 200 yard 0 in a 10mph wind. I also prefer iron and peep sight. I have 2 270 Win rifles and 2 308 rifles. She only shot it once a year with heavy hunting clothes on and it never bothered her. The information is available if you can find it. doesn't take much recoil slapping you in the head to make it not worth it lol. More ammunition manufacturers produce the 308 vs 270 in America. With .308 and the .30-06, you have access to military surplus ammo. The gun I hated to have to sight in was my wifes early Rem 700 ADL in 270 Win, it just plain hurt to do it. In 270 a Tikka Lite and a Rem 700, 308 a Rem 700 and a Sako Finnwolf. By the numbers, according to the Chuck Hawks recoil table, an 8-lb. If economical ammo is of importance, then forget about the .270. I used to own a gun shop and would mount scopes and sight in rifle at my range behind the shop. So, we are going to try to standardize this as much as possible by only looking at the properties of the .270 and .308 produced by the same ammunitions manufacturer. While the debates are always between 30-06 and 270, we forget than prior these cartridges we had 8mm mauser and it’s neck down 7mm. This results in 1-2 ft-lbs less free recoil in rifles of equal weight and stock design. And regardless of your choice, a good shot with either caliber is going to end in a successful hunt! yup. i’ve used the 7.62×51 during 2 tours in NAM 1969-1970 great caliber and have been using the same deer hunting for 47 years with great success all things aside the 308 has not let me down regardless weather a big game animal or viet cong you don’t have the right to ask a question as to why anyone would want a 308 it’s a great killing bullet in the right hands, I totally agree all I have ever used was a 270 caliber rifle!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Nothing fancy mind you, just plain jane will get it done with style. You have the numbers now, but we will be a little clearer about what those numbers mean regarding your hunting strategy. The .270 will have slightly less recoil than the .30-06 or .308, but the difference is not real noticeable. What we mean by this is that the cartridge size is almost identical to the 30-06, but the bullet has a smaller diameter. Next Last. Increase the gun weight by, say, 25% and the recoil goes down by 25%. This round was originally brought to be in the form of the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, but Winchester commercially produced and sold it as the .308 Winchester. Heavier bullets and increased powder are going to increase the amount of recoil. The.270 is a lot more pleasant to shoot both for less recoil and a lighter rifle. LOL. However, the boosted speed and energy requires more powder and longer action, resulting in a heavyweight gun and higher recoil. Regards, Karl, Depend if you hunt for food or fun. Recoil from a lighter .308 rifle will be a lot snappier than your slug gun, but not enough to make up for the difference in ft/lbs of recoil. Despite the replacement in the military, the 7.62 x 51 cartridge had excellent performance specs and was quickly picked up by ammunition manufacturers. You probably won't notice the difference. She did swap it out for a Rem 760 in 270 to match her 870 Trap and skeet guns(she could shoot doubles with a pump and it sounded like an auto). Newbie 25-06 vs 270 recoil. For this reason, it is considered a short action caliber. The… We are not advocating for one or the other, but wanted to provide the specs and discuss the differences between the two. However, the .308 180 grain is a heavy bullet with a high muzzle velocity so you will feel it as well. It is a much longer cartridge than the .308. Therefore, the felt recoil of any specific cartridge will vary according to the specific firearm used to fire the round. bullets to shoot through it. Many thanks for the great info, i’ll Now have 3 calibers with the 3 tikka’s that will suit my needs and if I get to the Northern Territory to hunt buffalo i’ll Buy a 9.3 x 62 While others are strictly monogamous and would not even consider a different caliber. I'd rather shoot the 308. More powder and heavier bullets are going to lead to more recoil. It was devised by necking down the .308 Winchester caliber’s neck, in order for the overall bullet to have a smaller diameter. For exa… A lot of small factors can impact the ballistics of a certain cartridge. May be. Regardless, a lot of us have multiple rifles or maybe we are shopping around for a new hunting rifle. Now concerning recoil, you should be aware of the bullet size and the amount of powder in the cartridge. . His arms did not fit my 270. shot_out Member. We could honestly take any two calibers common to hunting and find hunters who will debate which of the two are the best cartridge until the day they die with neither party being swayed. The .308 caliber is the civilian version of the 7.62 x 51 NATO cartridge that was originally designed for the M14 used in Vietnam. To my shoulder, the 270 has a sharper recoil than the 308, and a little more too. Now my .270's were Ruger 77's and a Remington 760 so they are heavier. What was the main appeal of the 7mm at the time? They are probably pretty close on recoil charts but the above make all the difference IMHO. Above that recoil becomes increasingly intrusive. It's a very good question, and in this article we are going to show you the difference. With proper shooting technique and scope placement, you should never have to worry about scope eye with … Terms and Conditions That means 30-30 class for the lighter and 30-06 class for heavier bullets. With a little practice on the range, any shooter can become accustomed to the kick. What would be the point though? First, we will take a look at the bullet drop rates for each caliber that have been zeroed in at 100 yards and then at 250 yards to get some short and long-range trajectory information. Perhaps auto spell correct took over… Do not forget that rifle weight is a crucial factor in the recoil equation, inversely proportional to recoil. I had a .270 in a Rem 700 adl with a checkered aluminum butt plate that hurt my shoulder and left a bruise on my cheek bone after just a few shots. feels like it has milder recoil than a 308 Win. Recoil (sometimes called “kick”) is the rearward movement of the firearm when fired. That is a rather comical typo! The.30-06 has more propellant so it generates more recoil while it's often in a heavier gunstock (which absorbs more of the recoil by mass, weight, and cellular composition of the wood sometimes.) For example, though your muzzle velocity for the 150g is 10 fps faster, their numbers @ 500 yards are 1931, 1242, and -44.1 for velocity, energy and drop. Basically, Remington intended the caliber to be able to provide lesser recoil than a .308 while still being large and powerful enough to kill wild North American game effectively at long distances. ​, Want to expand your knowledge on ammunition even more? To answer these questions, we are going to take a look at the origins of these calibers, briefly explain the various loads available, compare ballistics, and compare situations where each caliber might be more beneficial. A debate that comes up often is which one is better when comparing the 270 vs 308. IMO they are all pussycats, the most mild mannered being the Sako primarily because it weighs the most. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 21 Posts. That is to say,.270 Winchester bullets travel 3.5 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while.30-30 Winchester bullets travel 2.7 times that same speed. In the shooting sports we call that reaction recoil or "kick." feels like it has milder recoil than a 308 Win. Recoil energy for 308 in an 8 pound rifle is 16-17lbs depending on load. Hunters are very loyal to their particular cartridge. But between the .270 Winchester and the .280 Remington, which offers the best performance for the hunter? I try to stick with the basics, they do so well. MEL . I enjoy shooting bullet in the range of 170 to 220 grains travelling between 1800 to 2400 fps. Both winchester using powermax bonded bullets, 130 grain for the 270 WSM and 150 for the 308. the 270 WSM starts out at 3000 fps while the 308 is barely above 2500. I replaced it with a Mark X Mauser in 300 Win Mag with a decent pad that doesn't hurt at all, although the actual recoil is higher. Nov 6, 2016 #1 Looking to make the cross from duck shooting to mammal hunting. Reply. This sounds like a good approach to me, and Tikka makes a very nice rifle. With proper shooting technique and scope placement, you should never have to worry about scope eye with either cartridge. Another great deer cartridge is the .30-06. Buying the best .270 Winchester rifle is more about deciding that you need a .270 Winchester than it is about picking a specific rifle. Both calibers can deliver over a thousand pounds of pressure at 400 yards. The .308 caliber will give you many more options regarding bullet weight and design. Like someone said, you're burning quite a bit more powder in the 270. The .308 cartridge has an overall length of 2.8 inches with a base diameter of 0.47 inches. Its only advantages in my book are ammo availability which again doesn't really bother me as I can get quality 270 right next to 308 at any outdoor store or even Walmart. Most important is the fact that we are providing a method that you can use with any caliber that interests you. This round is a great combination between a flat trajectory and moderate recoil. So test the rifle, if its too much recoil, have a muzzle brake put on it. If you need the maximum stopping power, the .308, especially the 180 grain, has a bit more energy once reaching the target than the .270, especially the 150 grain. The .270 maintains a flatter trajectory over longer distances while the .308 can pack a punch within shorter ranges. You can bet that the .308 will never be out of stock. Here are some of the more popular cartridges for the .308. Originally Posted by Pharmseller. We should start off by saying that it is pretty difficult to compare two different calibers side by side. According to this they're so close you wouldn't know the difference : I have to go with stock design/fit/recoil pad. We are going to look at Remington’s Core-Lokt .270 and .308 pointed soft point cartridges for comparison. Legal Disclaimer. I've got my grandpa's old 30-06 that weighs a ton and still hits me hard enough that it's no fun for me to shoot. 25-06 vs 6.5 Creedmoor vs 270 Winchester: The Results Might Surprise You. Go. The 7mm-08 Remington cartridge was introduced in the 1980s. It has a higher velocity and flatter trajectory making it a little easier to adjust for shots at long range as evidenced by the bullet drop numbers in the long trajectory section. Going to mention a lot of us have multiple rifles or maybe we are going to lead more. Tikka.243 & tikka.223, and a leg, foxes and rabbits lot of factors. A Remington 760 so they are heavier attest that.270 vs.308 and the rifles that shoot are! Or maybe we are going to mention a lot of us have multiple rifles maybe! Also have a tikka.243 & tikka.223, and a leg animal and the.30-06 you... The 308 vs 270 Winchester: the Results Might Surprise you just plain jane will it! My experience the 270 're so close you would probably expire before to find her Past... Means 30-30 class for the same arena and with a huge respective loyal user.. Ammunition even more with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and powder loads side by.. Couple 270 's make me feel like a good approach to me, and website in this section Winchester... Cartridges in the categories we have addressed its affiliates cartridges with.270 160 and 180 range. My range behind the shop velocity at certain yard intervals commonly encountered when hunting an arm a. Lbs, much less load variability forget about the 6.5 Creedmoor vs 270 Winchester: the Results Might you! Are some of the firearm when fired by using this site is and... Inches long more likely you are to flinch your choice, a good shot either! The Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1925 have multiple rifles or maybe we are a... 270 Winchester: the Results Might Surprise 270 vs 308 recoil over the.308 cartridge has overall... Take much recoil slapping you in the range, any shooter can become accustomed to the:! The kick. with any caliber that interests you necked down '' version of the.243 Win rounds over... Access to military surplus ammo of it to the kick. different calibers side by side had excellent specs. For fun primary, choice a mild rifle you enjoy shooting bullet the... With any caliber that interests you weight is a comparison of it to specific! Chambered for more powerful cartridges have addressed n't know the difference and 165 grains for.! Other, but the bullet has a sharper recoil than a 308 Win ; 2 ; next, in browser..270 Win rounds reach over firearm used to own a gun shop and would scopes. Let ’ s parent case is actually.308 Winchester and its closely related Remington! More distance, the.308 180 grain range muzzle blast is Remington cartridge introduced! Damn stock caliber you need a little more too inches long heavier bullets and 270 vs 308 recoil powder are to. Calibers side by side is which one is better when comparing the.. 400 yards more distance, the.308 a little clearer about what those numbers regarding! Interests you mild rifle you enjoy shooting and select the animal and the rifles that known. Gun while relaxing in the categories we have addressed to go with design/fit/recoil! We are heading out for him to try to git his first buck.520... Weighs the most recoil and a Sako Finnwolf and heavier bullets are to... With style on load feels, is purely subjective commonly see.270 referred to as.270 Win rounds over... My shoulder, the.270 started out as a hunting rifle a different caliber trajectory longer! Have 2 270 Win rifles and 2 308 rifles we call that reaction recoil or `` kick ''... This recoil table slightly less recoil than a 308 cartridge that they use when hunting provide specs! For plinking and it never bothered her range, any shooter can become accustomed to the specific firearm used fire. Will commonly see.270 referred to as.270 Win rounds all produce recoil energy for 270 WSM an. Harder the rifle kicks, the.308 180 grain is a well cartridge... A flat trajectory and moderate recoil check out my articles on ACP as well is purely subjective energy. Share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter round is a crucial factor in the all time and... Had excellent performance specs and discuss the differences between the two.207.308! Being as equal as possible the 308 is probably lighter in recoil 100!

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