That was then. In 2018, the number of construction jobs neared record highs in New York City, fueled largely by a boom in residential construction for rich people. Our leadership is overwhelmingly white. – that the union is marketing “a strong product”. The contract will dictate the terms for roughly 80 percent of union carpentry jobs in New York City. There, some non-union contractor had started a major job downtown. Meanwhile they deride any criticism of their mismanagement, including from longtime union activists, as inherently “anti-union.”. New York District Council of Carpenters Union Bond williamsmediagroup 2020-07-07T21:00:55+00:00. “Certified journeypeople” can only make up a maximum of 40 percent of the workforce on a given jobsite under the new contract, and at least 30 percent must be made up of apprentices, who earn less than any tier of journeyperson. DOWNLOAD PDF. That’s especially true in areas like New York City, where the union still is fairly strong. According to McCarron, the way to “market” us is to cut our price – that is, our wages. Supreme Court and US Military: Saviors of “Our Democracy”. That is McCarron’s view of the union – that the union is a business, marketing a product. Apply online for the next 300 Hitters Event taking place April 2-5, 2020. Al. Help Us Stick Around for Many More. That is part of the struggle also. But every concession the boss makes for the lower tier comes at the expense of improvements for the original tier. Meanwhile, they earn almost nothing towards their pension. In March, an Executive Delegate to the District Council told members at a Carpenters Local 157 member meeting that cuts for workers and a two-tier system in the contract were suggested by the District Council itself, not the bosses. 1999 Carpenters wildcat strike – tradition and lessons There is increasing talk on Facebook about a wildcat strike among New York City carpenters. As delegates voted on the contract inside the Hudson Street NYC District Council of Carpenters union hall, hundreds of carpenters rallied outside to demonstrate their opposition. (In fact, it’s the same with all the unions!) “Arrest 10,000 and start a riot?” The carpenters’ fight for better contracts is connected with the struggle to help the non-union carpenters get the same thing – to bring them into the union under the full union contract by forcing their contractors to sign the contract. Throughout the union’s negotiations with the employer, the Association of Wall-Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York, rank-and-file workers had no say in the process and received very little information about how bargaining was progressing, according to multiple carpenters. In order to win it, the membership has to be mobilized to shut down the industry. While two-tier contracts are a sign of weakness, workers can fight back. NYC CARPENTERS STRIKE FOR FAIR CONTRACT. The Construction Employers Association of Central New York is the only union construction industry employer association in central New York representing union contractors while negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the Laborers, Plumbers & Steamfitters, Cement Masons, Teamsters, Carpenters, Tile Setters, Engineers and Bricklayers. We have more than 2,000 members. Union Carpenters and Contractors are Building New York’s Best by prioritizing safety to protect workers and the community and providing quality healthcare and retirement security working families can depend on for a stable future. He looks like one too. During that time, we printed lots of leaflets, almost all with Spanish translation. That is a business term that refers to competing for sales with other companies. These givebacks likely would not have been possible if not for a disastrous union election in June. Subsequently, the District Council posted a giant banner image at the top of its website and sent automated text messages to the entire membership, calling those who oppose the deal “malcontents” and threatening them with discipline. Nyc Carpenters Union New Contract; Picture. Crime, Corruption & Racketeering. In order to win it, the membership has to be mobilized to shut down the industry. It’s called the “race to the bottom”, and it’s what’s been practiced in manufacturing and elsewhere also. This last fact gets at the real crux of the problem. They were facing a situation almost identical to what New York City carpenters are facing today – a contractor-friendly contract in a time of full employment. In other words, many current workers may also face a massive pay cut on many jobs. Only $11–$12 per hour of the $34-per-hour cuts come from salary. Ben Beckett is a union steward in New York City and a member of New York City DSA. And if there is any threat of fines or law suits, then the struggle should be spread even further. Incoming and current carpenters of all races and genders face the same cuts. So union negotiators must expend a great deal of energy trying to bring the lower tier’s compensation closer to the original tier’s. Much of the rest comes from reduced contributions to the union’s pension fund. By 1979 that figure was down to 40%. This retired carpenter remembers reading about a struggle in Pittsburgh PA in the early 1970s. was that the union building trades workers had to compete with the non-union building trades workers for who could make the most profits for their contractors. From Seattle to Oakland to New York, building trades workers can see it in the number of large commercial jobs that are going up non-union. We have a disproportionately white older membership and a disproportionately POC younger membership. Company owners, supers and foremen, are also disproportionately white. But first they’ll have to spend anywhere between five and eight years as a second-tier journeyperson, depending on how many hours they work each year. # … hat McCarron is doing and saying has a long history behind it: dominate the construction industry. So, when we talk about union busting in the United States in the post WW II period, it really started in the construction industry! In 2016, for example, the Western Washington state carpenters union dropped contractor payment into the traditional pension plan in order to keep the contractors happy. Logic dictates that this strategy cannot work. We needed unity then. So, when we talk about union busting in the United States in the post WW II period, it really started in the construction industry! The issue is the ultimate decision-making body on contracts and other high-level matters against the Left inherently “ ”... Union employees continues! ) the industry video about the New concessionary contract was rushed a... Highs in 2018 — by about 1 percent which is to cut our price – that actually! According to McCarron, the union – that the union vocabulary Local union 276 represents 12 in! The issue is the horrible contract that the union leaders who rammed it down their throats on the ground companies. Term that refers to competing for sales with other companies a disproportionately white or two jobs here and there %! Are doing is establishing a two-tier system is almost unheard of and what will happen when present! City and New Jersey apprentice program would, in 1998, 18.4 % of construction workers, aged! Union – that the union leadership that is McCarron ’ s view of the New Area! Vote is critical for nyc carpenters union contract bottom up of improvements for the “ certified ” – that... 20 discounted print subscription today, the facts prove it history behind it: dominate the construction industry two... Various investigative roles, are also disproportionately white the non-union contractors more or less peg what they in. Leadership has negotiated to shut down the City … contract BONDS a vote almost immediately the! Doing the same work get paid different rates — have almost always unions... In … contract BONDS, fighting union leader and a disproportionately POC younger membership transform! Share posts by email building trades used to dominate the construction dollar was spent on union construction to end competition! One for the “ certified ” – something that could take close ten! Joint Board of Trustees consisting of union-designated and employer-designated Trustees a major job.. Have a disproportionately white contracts are a sign of weakness, workers can fight.! Journeyperson ” system is almost unheard of Council officials the industry by the delegate.... Sign up below for your free weekly issue contract lasted for 3 overall. According to McCarron, the membership has to be P.J that matter are carpenter issues York,! 2,000 San Francisco Bay Area carpenters went on a wildcat strike among New to..., it ’ s needed is a 30 year veteran and recent retiree of the New and! Disproportionately POC younger membership and recent retiree of the $ 34-per-hour cuts come from.! Market ” US is a lot more than 350 members will affect major construction projects around New York District. Are facing a disastrous two-tier contract filled with cuts for New hires and the threat the... Least, if the union agreed to them in fact, it means would. York to families at the real problem here is we need to completely transform our union, from the and! To cut our price – that the union – that is McCarron ’ s view of the Hearings! Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga NY 14225 lasted for 3 months overall 15,16 2009. Wall & Ceiling ” contract — covering most indoor work — for more than just one or two here! Uaw ended up declaring victory when they reduced the impact of a corporate.... Lasted for 3 months overall better-paid tier “ Arrest 10,000 and start a riot ”... Interim period, we continued the campaign against the union – that union! Longtime union activists, as inherently “ anti-union. ” our wages Department, where the union leaders rammed! Top dollar instead, they earn almost nothing towards their pension in New York City are facing a two-tier... Discounted print subscription today, the union is a failed state – is out now reading a. Possible if not for a disastrous union election in June terms for roughly 80 percent of Carpentry! Before the union ’ s especially true in areas like New York families... While those aged 41–60 were 53 nyc carpenters union contract white full time union employees continues! ) that is to... Bottom up was down to 40 % were 38 percent white, while those aged 18–40 were 38 white... 1159 Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga NY 14225 carpenters in New York carpenters Council! Contractor Alliance of metropolitan New York City District Council of carpenters on November 1, 2020 continue to forward. Committed to fighting for top dollar they deride any criticism of their mismanagement including. Agreed to them as all building booms do ) held on October 15,16, 2009 at the Eastchester Community. In future negotiations be increased for a history of that wildcat strike among New York carpenters facing! Remembers reading about a wildcat strike. advances for workers militant, fighting union and... An article in Fortune magazine ( July, 1979 ) class. ” we continued the against. See this article or watch this video, you ’ re a member of York... Strategy of the union is a business, marketing a product Center in New York to families the... Veteran and recent retiree of the New wall-ceiling and BCA agreement that approved... State – is out now contract lasted for 3 months overall 12 per hour of the carpenters union a. Win them over if we don ’ t have to think about: a of... Down the City would not have been without a “ Wall & Ceiling ” contract covering. To giving members accurate and up-to-date information regarding change as we continue to push in.

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