You’re looking for a minimum of 900 foot-pounds of energy at impact on a deer so the hunting bullet works right. I don't actually notice much real difference between them all. So, with the .243 vs 7mm/08. What Could Be Improved and Why The .243 does pack some punch, and the eye relief on this scope might not be doing you any favors. Second .243. My dad got me a Remington 788 Carbine in .243 when I was 14. OUT OF STOCK (0) Rossi USA 410/22/243 Youth. I liked the 243 so much that I bought it from him when he bought the 270. OUT OF STOCK (0) Mossberg & Sons 27264 ATR Bantam Youth 243 Win 20" 5rd Syn Mudd. The 25-06 is a great varmint round and a good whitetail round but also lacks some good bullet choices. My Son started with the 243 handi rifle at 8 years old and killed over a dozen deer with it before he moved up to a 270. 1. 90 grain BTHP .243 is moving at 3203 ft/sec. The 243 Winchester versus 7mm-08 Remington race is won by the 243, but not by much. I'm now 40, and though I own a 30-06, a .270, and a .35 Remington (all great deer guns) when it comes time to head to the woods, I pick up the .243. The .308 is down a ways, but within 300 yards, there is little difference between the 3. I'm sure the 243 would knock a deer on its butt, but the 270 will do the same thing quite a ways further out, plus can be used as an Elk rifle if she ever needed one. It's a bit more versatile is all. The .243 is 766 ft/sec faster and has only 386 less ft/lbs. with 2,051 Ft/lbs. A .243 can travel quite far and this rifle proves that it can be done so long as you sight in the scope properly. The .243 has the best trajectory with the .270 VERY close behind. OUT OF STOCK (1) Remington 783 Synthetic BOLT 243 CMP 20 MATT. To my knowledge no one makes a youth rifle chambered for the.270. .243 Winchester No list of new-hunter cartridges is complete without the ubiquitous .243 Winchester. It also may be hard to find factory ammo. of energy (at the muzzle) by comparison the 140 grain BTHP 7mm/08 is moving at 2800 ft/sec with 2437 ft./lbs of energy, (at the muzzle) Standard for ethical kill on whitetail is about 1,000 ft/lbs. According to the ballistics data, the .243 has higher velocity and more ft/lbs of energy than the .270 at all distances. OUT OF STOCK (1) Mossberg & Sons PATRIOT 20 243 … Remington model seven would be at the top of my list. Less than an inch difference in drop and drift gives it the win. I agree the 270 is a pretty big step up from a 243. Probably more first-time deer hunters today go afield with the .243 than any other cartridge. The 243 is a cool round. 243 with Remington Core loc 100 grain. Most youth rifles are chambered in .223, .243, and 7mm-08. .308 and .270 recoil are about identical, which isn't quite 30% less than .30-06. I doubt many hunters -- big, little, veteran, or novice -- are capable of determining if they or the bullet missed by an inch at 300 yards. So one thing that could improve would be to make the eye relief a little more generous for users. Developed by Winchester as a dual-purpose—hunting varmints and deer-size game—cartridge, it has faithfully served in said role since 1955. A deadly combo. Consult your ballistics charts to look at energy at various distances with the bullet you’re shooting. Savage AXIS XP Youth 243 MUDDY GRLW/SCP. Another Ruger American I believe can be had in 260 or 6.5 creedmoor and maybe 7-08 all of which would be less recoil than a 270. The .270 is a good hunting round but again has limited high BC bullet choices and it's too much for varmints. But not even in the same league as the 270win, or WSM.

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