Kopparberg. DRTY Drinks Hard Seltzer Mixed Flavoured Alcoholic Sparkling Water 330ml Can Pack - 4.0% ABV (Raspberry Rose, White Citrus) (6 Pack) DRTY Hard Seltzer amazon.co.uk £14.95 Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Kopparberg. After less than 6 months of lazy-ish keto, today I finally hit normal BMI of 24.9!!! This was my wake up call of being obese BMI (30) after 3 years of stress-induced eating, drinking copious amounts of beer and cider and generally not giving a f##k. Swedish cider company Kopparberg is releasing a new range of hard seltzers in the UK at the end of May. Strengthening its presence in the hard seltzer market – it launched spin-off brand Balans in 2019 – a branded trio from Kopparberg hit stores in May. F, 35, 6’ Starting weight in mid Jan: 15 stone 12. The Kopparberg Hard Seltzer has been expertly produced as you would expect with any branded product from the Swedish booze company. Hard Seltzer is a beverage containing alcohol, sparkling water and usually fruit flavoring. “Seltzer water is the term used for sparkling water or soda water in the US,” explains Kopparberg brand manager Rosie Fryer. “Put the two words – hard and seltzer – together and you have the fastest growing beer wines and spirits category in the States for the past three years running.” Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, said: “Kopparberg is here to redefine the Hard Seltzer by putting flavour front and centre. Swedish brewery Kopparberg is hoping to capitalise on a recent American craze by launching its own range of “Hard Seltzer”, an alcoholic carbonated drink. Kopparberg is known for its fruit refreshment within cider, gin and hard seltzers. Available to buy across Tesco and Morrisons. Several products are also vegan friendly. London hard seltzer brand Bodega Bay has signed a major deal with Sainsbury's just six months after launching. All Kopparberg ciders, gin and hard seltzers are naturally gluten free. chase’s Gin Seltzer Chase Distillery Kopparberg have also got in on the hard seltzer action and have launched there bold and fruity flavours reminiscent of their bestselling fruity ciders – mixed berries, black cherry and passionfruit. Hard seltzer is a low-calorie alcoholic sparkling water flavoured with fruit ... Sainsbury's and Morrisons. Priced at £2.20 per can, the Kopparberg Hard Seltzer will be available in selected Tesco and Morrisons stores from Monday, 18th May. Known for being low in calories whilst still alcoholic, hard seltzers took the US by storm last year - leading to shortages in stores and even a festival launched bearing their name. It has a … Kopparberg Hard Seltzer Black Cherry 330Ml Any 4 for 3 - Cheapest Product Free - Selected Premix Cans 187ml - 440ml Offer valid for delivery from 01/09/2020 until 10/01/2021 £ 2.20

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