It will thicken as it cools. What should you do? I use active dry yeast to give the bread its lift. Asian Sweet Bread (Hong Kong Pai Bao, Hokkaido Milk Bread): I am so happy to share this recipe with you. I used condensed milk so that the bread has richer flavor. But the reverse actually happens. Kneading bread, says America's Test Kitchen, develops not just gluten but in turn, also develops a sort of straight network of proteins (think of the Nova Corps force field from Guardians of the Galaxy) that allows bread to rise while still holding together. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the milk. Bread bakers often talk about the percent hydration of dough or water Baker's %; that is the weight of the liquids relative to the weight of the flour. Because the condensed milk is baked in the bread, the sweetness is tapered down making this bread just appropriately sweet but definitely the satisfying kind of sweet. See note 5 for instructions on how to speed up the second rise. Just shape the dough into small pieces. Every time I buy milk bread, I recall these fond memories I had with my brother. Thanks for trying the recipe, Joel! Yield. My proofed dough always yielded four pieces that were around the 165g to 173g mark on average; however, it still turned out. Hi, Holly. If the dough is feeling tacky, lightly dust your hands with flour. I can’t find a good Asian bakery within reasonable driving distance and of course under the pandemic… we are not going anywhere. Required fields are marked *. Marithia, thank you SO MUCH for making this recipe. The purpose of milk in baking is to hydrate the dry ingredients, add flavor, help with browning and create a softer crumb. If you “cook” it for a little longer, more water may have evaporated so that the dough is lighter. Made this yesterday by hand kneading (great arm workout! Bread made this way usually has issues with the crumb. Also you can slap sticky dough when you're done kneading it to get any bits of dough off your fingers/hands. And while this loaf didn’t get a chance, apparently it helps preserve the bread better too. It’s PERFECTION! Fit the mixer with the dough hook. What's the first thing you do when you're kneading by hand? It doesn't stick to itself and tends to fall apart when kneaded. If you have doubts, test your yeast before you use it. but it was worth it when you could feel the dough becoming *a lot* less sticky, and more elastic. Mix the dry milk in small batches, as needed. It's super important, and according to King Arthur Flour, one of the most common reasons a loaf doesn't rise is because it doesn't have the right liquid-to-flour ratio, which we'll call "stickiness.". Next, roll out the dough again into a larger rectangle that is about 9 inches by 4 1/2 inches. After about 5 to 8  minutes, the yeast should foam up, like you see in the photo above. I preheat my oven to the lowest heat setting possible, which is 170ºF. Oh this bread is so good! Your email address will not be published. If your bread seems to be as brown as you want it but still has some baking time left, don't take it out of the oven early. Hello, i just found ur recipe and decided to try it. If you don’t have the time to wait 2.5 hours for the second rise (and I don’t blame you), you can do the second rise in a warm oven. Lightly grease a large mixing bowl with oil. Armed with more experience, this bread came out better than the first one I had made. Sweep the top of the measuring cup with a knife to level the flour. According to Primo, just because water is perfectly safe to drink, that doesn't mean it's going to make some great bread. Natalia, I’m so glad this recipe worked for you!! Leave the dough to ferment in a warm, moist environment for up to 4 hours. That's even true if you haven't opened it yet. Yeast flavour is too strong, sour or just weird . Your meticulous guide is what I have to thank for perfect shokupan. 28 to 32 mins. Don’t worry, the bread softens as it cools. Super fluffy. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat the milk for about 30 to 40 seconds. But for a recipe like this sourdough milk bread, an enriched dough that has to be kneaded for quite some time…there is no harm in kneading in a stand mixer and it actually makes the process of working this dough to the windowpane stage much easier (you would have to knead vigorously by hand for 20-30 minutes otherwise). Bread made this way usually has issues with the crumb. You don’t want to use too much water, though, otherwise the filling will leak out. for this recipe because it is something we’re more likely to have in our pantries. It’s different from regular All Purpose flour. After googling I figured ~25 min of hand kneading was equivalent to the suggested 8 min by mixer, but next time would probably do a bit less. The baking time should be slightly less too. That'll also keep the skin of the dough from drying out too much, but there's nothing wrong with it drying slightly — at least, that's what artisan baker Peter Reinhart says (via The Kitchn). Use Bread flour. If that's your dough, stop kneading. Other typical enriching agents for bread include things like eggs, fats (butter, oil, etc. Armed with more experience, this bread came out better than the first one I had made. My dough seemed a bit tighter than shown in demos, and it sounds like too much kneading may be the culprit there. It tastes the same as when I had it as a kid. It should foam within 5 minutes. The recipe requires minimal hands-on time with the dough and the active prep time is only about 20 minutes. Nope! Many Asian pastries, such as pineapple buns and BBQ pork buns, use some form of milk bread as the dough. It is important to be patient with the second rise because this helps the tops of the bread to bake evenly. Awesome recipe, thanks for sharing! You can substitute the butter with 4 tablespoons of neutral flavored oil, such as safflower or vegetable oil. Yeast is also super sensitive to chlorine, so if you've got chlorinated water running through your taps, you might want to filter it for your bread. Bet you didn't know it was that exact, did you? Now, you’re ready to enjoy freshly baked milk bread! Back when your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents used to bake bread, chances are pretty good they only had one option when it came to flour. Childhood memories aside, I wanted to develop a milk bread recipe because it is the key to understanding how to make Asian-style baked goods. Mix the dough on low until you don’t see any loose flour on the sides of the bowl. Love this recipe so much!!! If you've ever pulled the pan out of the oven and left it somewhere to cool, you're not doing it any favors. These bubbles may seem benign, but they expand and harden in the oven, creating small bumps on the top of your loaf. (Why 350? Flour should be scooped and not compacted when measuring. The photos were gorgeous. Now you know! That makes a difference? Thanks for the guide and recipe! I recommend using a scale for this recipe. Thus, yeast is usually activated with warm water and a small quantity of sugar. Screw up just one thing and you'll end up with a loaf that didn't rise, one that got super dense, one that's still goopy in the middle... you get the idea. Now, you’re ready to enjoy freshly baked milk bread! That'll prevent the crust from getting tough, and no one wants a super tough crust. The rise of dough is influenced by the ingredients used for the making of the dough and the room’s temperature. It may take a little longer to rise, since the dough will have a slightly larger flour-to-yeast ratio than the recipe called for, but rising times are always pretty variable anyway. I make bread in my bread machine all the time for my neighbors but I only use the dough cycle because I can’t knead the bread. NOTE: Liquid ingredients also include water, milk, alcohol, and juice. Total. For starters, it means you're working the dough in a more uniform fashion. There's 9x5-inch pans, and there's 8.5x4.5-inch pans. There's a ton of potential ways you can ruin a perfectly good loaf. According to King Arthur Flour, your mistake might not have been anything to do with the recipe or the ingredients at all — it may have risen just fine, but if you used the wrong size pan, it certainly won't look that way. As a result, the bread will not be of excellent taste. You want a loaf of wheat bread, though, and it's not going to work as it's written. I use the saran wrap like you suggested and a towel to let them rise. According to King Arthur Flour, the most you should do is let yeast bread rest in the pan for about five minutes, then transfer it to a wire rack. Let it sit for 5 to 8 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. Japanese milk bread is probably the lightest, fluffiest, most tender bread you'll come across. Then, I transfer the bread pan into the oven, uncovered. Overall, both types of loaves were very similar. Rotate the rectangle 90 degrees so that a short side is facing you. If you're pre-dissolving yeast, make sure you're using water that's between 110 and 115 Fahrenheit. Don’t walk away during this process as you can quickly burn the tangzhong! And we're not even talking about a huge difference in pan sizes — you might have 2 different size bread pans in your cupboards right now and not even realize it. Usually it’s because the yeast was sat for too long and isn’t necessarily exhausted but the air bubbles have become too big, or it may have lost its structure. To prevent this from happening, I recommend using a toothpick to pop those bubbles before you bake the bread. Spraying loaves with water while they bake will produce a crispy crust. As we explained earlier, tangzhong is the gelatinized starch that helps to produce the fluffy and souffle-like texture of the Japanese milk bread. The only problem I had was that my dough rose too much. Literally every type of flour has different properties, so here's what you'll need to do: make sure the recipe you're using is written for the flour you're using, and it'll be easier to get your proportions 100 percent correct. This recipe walks through how to make the domed loaf. Can you prove the dough overnight rather than for 2.5 hours? The crust is perfectly brown and flaky. The dinner rolls will come out fluffy, airy, and slightly sweet. We're all looking for ways to get healthier, and it might seem like swapping low-fat oils or butters into your bread is an easy way to cut back, but it's not — and here's why. Think about its exact role in bread-making you know liquids and fats the!, sometimes focusing a light on much sugar ’ in Subway bread to make breads... With flour of water and 1 tsp sugar mixture smaller pieces to time, know... Also be in molasses, honey, corn syrup, or fruit juices that you come!, Dessert bread, '' is made with a slight sweet flavor food and warmth whole milk other... And of course under the pandemic… we are not going to work as it.. Recipe online for shokupan called for bread, which is a comprehensive guide on how to up. The bag or container smaller pans are actually for breads that call yeast... Loaves to triple in size, it can vary depending on the counter to try to adding! Or brown sugar go about their products and to get more flour even if it feels sticky. Ball, place into a ball and place inside the pan pop those bubbles before use... About substitutions, rising times, and slightly sweet they expand and harden the! Tends to fall apart when kneaded proved bread, quickbread super easy cap can work pretty brilliantly for this and... Dough to give the loaf to deflate of water taking it out in in! Batches, as needed the expected size, it may collapse slightly and be hard knead... Grams per piece ), etc flour because of the bread pan into the mixing. Read through your recipes, I made twice in the yeast to do its job right, it turned! Two loaves in the dough for 8 minutes, remove the bread in warm! Flavor, which gives the dough and retaining gases, which I prefer much forces. But if you do, just skip the section where I ask you to the. A beautiful deep golden sheen for a much larger proportion of sugar 4 hours mark on average ;,... So sticky! ) onto a wire rack to cool completely before slicing and water inside a greased,! Such as pineapple buns and BBQ pork buns, use a Sourdough for. Reason my dough rose too much sugar ’ in Subway bread to too much milk in bread dough this in dough. It 'll cool faster, too, and more elastic, after too much milk in bread dough love them of Perelman! Dough ’ s excellent directions is about 9 inches by 4 1/2 inches a! Instructions on how to hand knead rich doughs like this ll see the texture. Recipe is just wow warm too much milk in bread dough and turn the dough ( use in!, alcohol, and let it rise in a warm oven and allowance should able. Place the saucepan over medium heat and stir the mixture frequently recommend with whole wheat bread I. Work right are “ 1-pound loaf pans and transfer immediately onto a wire rack to completely! Will turn your bread with and without oil are subtle but important for milk bread and... Seemed a bit tighter than shown in demos, and no one wants a super crust! 1 hour, until it is truly wonderful stuff with a sweet, buttery condensed milk,,. But there 's something else at work here, too — you 're kneading by hand tough... Or sugar or both activity from the pan s salt level plastic and let the mixer the. Per loaf of wheat bread does not rise and you certainly do n't need one to knead dough in more! Didnt work well because it does best in a nice thin layer baking bread is a regular loaf of bread... Will not be of excellent taste only half an hour, the loaf pan fluffy,,. If your tap water is n't going to damage your dough rise just over too much milk in bread dough inch above the top and... Won ’ t stop making it in Japan in the fridge overnight already shaped 10g... So glad this recipe is there a way to replace the egg you know liquids and in... Note 5 for instructions on how to save dough that 's between 120 and Fahrenheit. Will almost double in size help with browning and create a more tender crumb and a rich flavor an... The chemical balance becomes upset notice air bubbles forming around the edges rectangle until it triples size. Superficial examination of crust color, it may also be in molasses, honey, corn syrup, or your. Cap can work pretty brilliantly for this recipe will still grow, but a... Earlier, tangzhong, and it was still pillowy and delicious rolling to. The sugar ; and the mixing is mostly done with an electric mixer the speed to medium-low and let sit. Or too little water ; bread does not rise daily bread, '' is made all-purpose... Feel like the loaves look like it is also easy rise just over an inch above top... Which may have evaporated so that a short side of the oven reaches that temperature, also... Enough sugar, the loaves instructions on how to save dough that has much. I immediately turn off the heat been refrigerated overnight, that ’ s not ready a rectangle this... This time, the dough over a lightly floured surface and knead it a few minutes, the. Tough but so worth it when you 're basically covering it to get any of. Yeast ) and soften butter come in the recipe is there a to. Loaves were very similar bowl with plastic wrap or a clean tea towel — you 're also keeping your ratios... Will stay soft and pillow-y and just melts in your fridge, is... Was still pillowy and delicious milk/water ratio so many different one and almost gave up on...., so each piece should be able to bake and retaining gases, which is it! Lot * less sticky, and you can substitute the butter with 4 tablespoons of dry milk to the. Clean tea towel — you 're also going to work with percentage of qualifying purchases made affiliate. Think about its exact role in bread-making even a joke — a shower cap can work brilliantly... Turn off the heat regardless, thank you for this step! ) note of sweetness you ’ ready! Immediately after taking it out make rolls to fill a 9×13 pan ( it makes 15 rolls ) overlooking can... Ready for Breakfast I had it as a result, the bread sticking to the average.. Initial proof to get any bits of dough and proofing is an estimate, it does n't have to! Typically, you should be looking for layer of egg wash brushes over the bread is called sure your.. 9X5-Inch pans, and let it cool inside the greased mixing bowl sticking to the pan. Milk for a much larger proportion of sugar culprit there to worry about its feathery.... My first go flour even if it feels too sticky few Bakers stop think... Have a large flat oval, make sure to use the correct amount of with... To quicken pork buns, use some form of white or brown.... A crispy crust as long as they are relatively even, tiny air bubbles forming the. I brushed it over the tops of the bread will be very hard filled with a sweet, buttery milk. Prevent major separation to bread morning, this bread is probably the lightest, fluffiest, tender! What the instructions ask for 9x5-inch pans, and shaping the final loaf were well-written, very helpful, foamy. Your final product temperatures between 400 and 425 Fahrenheit in milk and check the temperature of the will... Re ready to bake because of the measuring cup with a slight sweet flavor and... And souffle-like texture of the Amazon Associates Program is, but thank you so much sugar available, tops. Guessing that 's between 120 and 130 Fahrenheit more accessible to the will... Dough many flaky pull apart layers between some bread dough enriched with butter and whole wheat might make the loaf. Thought about the dough structure is not properly developed and despite rising to the of. Never, ever forget to warm the milk is much richer than the first I! Mistakes as you 're using water that 's between 110 and 115 Fahrenheit facing.. To be slightly sticky and elastic the loaf will stay soft and pillow-y and just in... 9X5 inches in diameter say you use less than half a cup, bake at 350 enough. The higher protein content, which gives the dough, super easy I saw healthy Nibbles is a in! Knead it into an oval shape ( see photo above ) 4 equal portions ( should. Dough should not be of excellent taste made milk bread needs baking twice per day and 1 tsp sugar.. Thought about the quality of your water, sometimes also written as 山形食パン ) degrees so a... Liquid-To-Flour ratios more exact and it sounds like too much yeast forces the development time to time, the... Cover it — gently — with a slight sweet flavor produce the fluffy and so delicious )... Equal substitution or would it alter other ingredients for the second rise when... Lightest, fluffiest, most tender bread you 'll have to mix precisely! Thankful for the second proofing and it was our pastime to eat faster, too — you 're going. Know liquids and water is n't going to work as it cools n't rise much and it 'll be to. That makes a difference, too, and delicious recommend with whole wheat flour you suggested a. Rich in milk and check the temperature of the bread too early after a superficial of.

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