If we hadn't found this website who knows how much longer we would be waiting for money. I knew my claim was not out of the San Bernardino office but called them anyway. Yes I'm iritated that this even happened but I am just happy to get it fixed & the apology does help too. The guy I finally spoke to was very understanding and helpful...I thought. I got through with the 714 number. I'm not sure if it IS the number to the San Diego office but I tried it and it worked (I'm in SD too). Top EDD acronym definition related to defence: Estimated Delivery Date Thank you soo much for posting the 213 # ! It Worked! 11:05 A.M. - Just got off the phone with Rep. Oh my God!!! All set. Contact your government representatives and ask them to intervene on your behalf. This is ridiculous. Boo! But now thankfully I have the direct number to the SD office 619-525-4995 in case it happens again. Fingers crossed!! I called this number and someone answered after two rings. It only took 5 mins - 2 busy signals, hung up, got a live person on 3rd try. She said EDD has increased the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one to 25, and plans to add 20 more. (415) 351-7200. Thank you!! Success in getting through to a live representative, but dismal failure in actually getting anything resolved. She then said she had to transfer me to the San Francisco office. * they don't respond to emails either, they're too good to do that. At some point my desktop shortcut arrows switched to the default icon, the small white page with the bent corner and simulated screen with six tiny icons. In less than three minutes, I was off the phone and the issue was resolved. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Thank you so much for giving me these numbers, here is my experience. 213 number worked thanks. Insurance fraud here i come. Hopefully you too will be transferred directly. 714-782-1285 worked 1/23/14 after 5 try's and a couple transferred. Just an update- the 213 is the number for the LA office. Name, birth, address. :/. But we all know it fix it, or get us the results we want (which is getting the money). What does EDD stand for in Texting? Three times hitting 0 and I had a real live EDD employee. So I looked at my phone bill and figured out the number 714-783-1502. If you can't get a real person to answer, here's an immediate way you can use right now.Unemployment Department of California representative. Plumas Co., Quincy: 530-283-1606 Finally to got someone live after pressing a ton of 0s. this work good call at 8am this morning in its really work for me, Worked for me -- number will disconnect on you a couple times, but just keep trying. I plan on doing that shortly. and click continue, in the next form ask for a call back or setup an an appointment to file a claim because you cannot get through to the 1800# . I just got through after being on hold for 20 minutes. I tried all the numbers given by everyone, the 1-213 477 1405 might work but I myself did not get through, I also tried the 714-783-1502 and a man recording came on every time saying there is no staff to talk to at that number, then I tried 415-351-7220 and finally I actually got to hear a live person. If you like me, being persistent is the difference between keeping my apartment or being on the street. Note: i did write the wrong employer name info on my claim. Got it. She looked up my ssn and told me I am not part of their LA office (despite living here) and said she would transfer me to the 800 number. Looking for the definition of EDD? Thank you! San Diego number works!!!! ." Thank you so much...4/8/2014. I called BofA and they (of course) told me it was EDD's issue and BofA was correct. Is there a keyboard shortcut to hibernate windows 7 ultimate. Thank you so much for sharing! This didn't work for me unfortunately, I tried every trick suggested on this website without success :-( I also tried contacting EDD through Umployment Online, but I never got a response back to any of my emails in 2 weeks. What a lifesaver thanks a million. I DOUBT I WOULD HAVE BEEN PAID anytime soon and I be on the streets. When you lift your finger to place the widget, you are prompted to Choose contact, and Android displays your contacts list. So after reading some of the comments here I called the Vietnamese number (I don't speak Viet and you don't need to speak it either) and pressed 0 like 4x and got through. I was on hold for five minutes and got through to some one. * Call later in the day (Got through 4 pm yesterday when I had to call again) 'Employment Development Department' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. BUT, I heard the lovely recording of hit 0 if I want to continue holding, which was what led me to a human last time, and it did again this time. This 213 # saved me from day's and day's of trying. Phone: You can call (833) 491-0632 to certify via an automated phone system. click "Ask EDD" under category select Unemployment Insurance Benefits , For sub category choose "OTHER" , For select a topic choose "suggestions complains or comments". Thank you so much for the information it really works. I got through super fast. But call the 213.477.1405 and your state assebly mans office and do what ever you have to do. I called & then after waiting for an adjuster I got a voicemail. The woman who answered was unhelpful. Out Smart Em's pretty smart. After trying to Edd 25x I figure I give this a try. :). No matter what number I have called just plain ole' RUDE. It will ask you to put in your ss#. So once she explained that to me she put me on hold to process my payment, and the phone DISCONNECTED. Since I worked out of state two weeks ago I can't file online, and in the words of one of the workers, I'm "SOL". Good luck to all of you! Buoyancy Technologies is a premier IT training and consultation institute in Chennai. Today I called 10 times and finally got through. Called phone number, listened to Vietnamese message and at end of message I pressed 1. listened to next message end and I pressed 2 next message ended I pressed 1 next message ended I pressed 1 then music began playing and I waited about 6 minutes until a live person answered in Vietnamese, I said hello in English they responded in English and spoke to me in English and helped me. Happy to be the 1st commenter and thanks out smart 'em - you the man! But thank you. You are returned to the Home screen, where you can see the shortcut in the place of your choice. I'm literally in my pjs from two days ago- 800# makes me CRAzY. 916-683-4400 Sacramento. Dial multiples of other numbers 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc. I waited for a bit but got through and the corrections were made and my claims are on unhold and back to normal! I tired this number to get through to disability for maternity, they did not handle it but actually connected me to the disability center and avoided 1 800 number. On the street of North Greenville Avenue and street number is 1514. I literally didn't want to let her off the phone since it was like striking gold to actually speak to a live person, but she convinced me she could NOT help. Discussed my case with this person. In My Shortcuts , Tap in the upper-right corner. To find a rural county office, search EDD on Google Maps. 714-782-1385 My last job in 2013 paid much more, but I received money based on the earlier job which was only about a third of what I should get. HANG UP because it's going to tell you that there are too many calls coming in. Widgets are similar to shortcuts, helping you access different features and apps directly from your Android smartphone’s Home screen. Good luck to all! The widget you want is under Contacts. Umber numerous times and would get someone, but would get switched to a different operator, kept pressing 0 and waiting, and got through to someone that helped solve my problems which had to do with a hold on funds do to me not receiving my edd card in which I did, they handled everything after the long wait and even answered my questions as far as training, I probably would have gave up if it weren't for you guys,, many blessings, Called the 213-477-1405 number. I told them i called the 800 # and that i dont know how I got to them cuz ijust kept pressing stuff...lol Answered all my questions. edd phone number shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 3 Novembro, 2020 Took 10 minutes & hitting 0000000 every time the recorded voice asked me if I wanted to continue holding. Or call 1-866-333-4606. Certify for benefits using EDD Tele-Cert SM. I called them regarding an extension for my benefits which I only have 3 more payments left. Thank you so so much !!! Talkatone is one of those services that give you a free US phone number of your choice that will be valid for as long as you continue using it. 714 number worked. CLICK! This was just before noon. This number works! Spoke to a nice Vietnamese customer service rep in English and filed my claim with no problem. As of September 2019, 213 number no longer works it says it’s out of service. Transferred me to another person, asked for social and verification questions. I got through after 40 minutes and spoke with a kind representative, however she informed me my case was located in the Inglewood Office. I told her I had made the mistake and she kindly transferred me to someone who could make the correction. it worked after pressing zero four times to continue to hold, whoo its amazing, thank you. It wuld be the same outcome..."due to the maximum callers reached" or dum B*S** like that I called the #(213). Using Above Method Immediately Hit: Thank goodness for this site and everyone's comments....I got through!! * Only US Skype Numbers. Luckily for me there was someone who posted a number who is also here in the SD area so I tried it and finally got through to someone who was able to transfer me to the right person! I have been 'Adjusted' by a lovely lady at Pacific Center. I used this number the same day it was posted. With a high volume of calls please try again later..) I finally found this website and can't thank everyone ENOUGH. Got thru after a few calls; not long at all. Very polite, but again very no nonsense. i can not get through on the 213-477-1405 someone will answer and say please hold then hang up on me is there any other way to get through? I tried the (619) 525-4995 for SD and pessed the "0" three times and was connected to a live rep who was able to answer my questions. If this is your first sign in since the 16th December 2020, you will need to reset your password.This is because we are modernising our sign in systems to improve the security of your account and the data we hold about you. They had to restart my claim for some reason, but didn't even send me anything in the mail to notify me. I thought she hung up but then I heard the toll-free recording, she transferred me to the 800 number, oh joy. 0 0. car253 . Told me not to call that number again or i could get disqualified. To speed dial on Android or to send someone a message without wasting time going through your contacts, you must first create a direct message or a direct dial widget on your smartphone’s Home screen.It is a simple process, and, once completed, you get an Android call shortcut or a message shortcut that lets you get in touch with your favorite contacts with one tap. Otherwise anything else you select will just keep re-directing you to instructions on how to contact EDD providing the phone numbers that you unfortunately can never get through to. I can only hope that the 2 jobs I applied for contact me and hire me before my unemployment money runs out! Website: PaidLeave.wa.gov; Email: paidleave@esd.wa.gov Tax center. Once I got someone on the line it worked like a champ!!! Annti front there would be an obstacle, this web journal may survive and traverse it all, we bolster you with the goal that this web journal to continue working. It worked! My payment is 10 days late after serving jury duty and I was starting to panic. Got thru, finally on the 213 number. April 2013 They asked for SSN and answered all my questions. I used the 213 number and it did take pressing 0 around 15x, but ultimately I did get a live person to help me. You will not be paid until you do. He was just as confused as I was, so he put me on hold to wait to talk to an adjuster. I had been calling the 800 number from 8:00-815 and kept getting the same "Due to high call.." message and the line would disconnect me. Easily create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students you can integrate right into your LMS. CA EDD is the worst. Tried for one whole week. Pointless for anyone else to call unless your claim is NorCal. Thanks a lot. Just called the 909 383-4325 number Yriz posted.. http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php. That's the whole purpose of tax and budget cuts. Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Pacific time), seven days a week, except state holidays. Yay, I'd rather have to keep pressing 0 to hold then to never get through at all. Thank you sooo much! A lady answered after 3 years, she was friendly and told me that the department that handled my UI claim stopped answering calls at noon. Then after the phone number type ".tel.qlnk.net" and hit "Go." I had already spent several hours trying the 800 number, and the (213)...which both didn't work. The first two times I called, I got the busy signal. Anyone have a direct line to the Sacramento office? For details read the Privacy policy. It appears that they assign them according to SSN# and the OC office is the one that handles my claim. GL all. That's as far as I could get before I got this automated response. Yes! "I have a question; here's my social, etc." In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Super helpful guy. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. Thank gawd it wasn't Kerr-McGee and I'm not Karen Silkwood. Godbless you all I am praying for you and rooting for you! I hit "0" about 4 times and was able to get through! Edd wears a red T-shirt (orange on occasion for websites, games, artwork, Season 5 and the movie), purple shorts, long red thigh-high socks, cyan-colored shoes, and a black ski hat with two white stripes on each side. Camera Remote SDK Learn more Learn more Thank you for posting this! March 2013 But I have NOT received my benefits yet after a week! I had been trying to contact EDD for weeks, so frustrating! Most likely the 800 number is overloaded and may have only 1 person to answer all the calls coming thu. 1 Adding speed dial shortcuts on our Home screen is one of the first things we do, because it helps us keep in touch with the other Digital Citizens – and trust me, we have a lot to talk about :). The operator said sorry you have to call the regular EDD line as this is for interviews. See all free Kindle reading apps ; Start reading on your Kindle in under a minute. GOOD LUCK. I was disconnected three times after pressing 7. Okay this is what I did to get through to EDD. Just keep trying people. When I got a REAL EVICTION NOTICE (because a 3 day was just a warning??) Touch-and-hold on the Direct message (Quick message) widget to enter placing mode. Tap on the widget to immediately call the contact whose name is displayed. 1. The person cleared up all my issues in a matter of a few minutes. However, I had called on the 14th, everything was fine and she was helpful -transferred me to the correct office. Vietnamese number still works as of 1/9/2015 after guy says EDD dial 12217 then wait a min and hit 5 then when he is done talking hit 00000 and you will hear music and you've made it... good luck everyone I did it like 10 times it took me 30mins but I got in and I do everytime...ive done it like 10 times and ive done it for my friends it guarantee..... :), PHONE # STILL WORKS! 06/12/15. Now they will most likely want to transfer you to the English speaking line but I was very polite and they assisted me. After completing a purchase, the complete details of the purchase can be displayed to the customer with the [edd_receipt] short code. However, she transferred me to another person (Lance) who was polite and helpful. I even just called back to get a question answered and it was just as fast. I had to push "0" several times and it kept looping through to ringing and then asking me to hold, but after only about 10 minutes I got someone on the line who helped me immediately. Receive our weekly newsletter. Since I received so much help from this number, I thought it only right to submit this site link that lists the phone numbers for the executive offices in EDD. I called a bunch yesterday with no luck, in fact after a few attempts, when I hit -0- it disconnected me. I got through, and spoke with someone but unfortunately my claim isn't out of the LA office. "Due to the # of callers already waiting to speak to a representative, we are unable to assist you at this time. I'm with you on that! Learn … You see I live in Nevada and they won't let me file an online claim because i filed in Nevada in the last 18 months. She took pity on me and said the claim forms I hadn't received since 9/1 would be mailed out. Now I know why some people hate the government. Shortcodes Overview [downloads] Shortcode [download_history] Shortcode [download_discounts] Shortcode Still working as of this post. Thanks. It's not the EDD's fault. Easiest call to EDD I have ever made. Using the above method of the main #800 number but keep calling/hanging up. Total time 15 min. The number was very helpfull. She was extremely nice and kind. She quickly transferred me to a NorCal number (even though I'm SoCal my claim has always been thru NorCal). Important! This def works! Gov. As of 02/21/14- this back number is still working- thanks!!! Tap "Done," and iOS will save the shortcut to "My Shortcuts." FYI - it's Jan 15 2014 and the above number(s) still work. And you can use this number to make and receive free calls and messages to US phone numbers as well as for account verification purposes.The best thing about Talkatone is that in case you don’t have any existing phone number then you can use your email address to create an account and receive your free phone number. This has been a LIFE SAVER. You can type a contact name, an address, a business name, and so on. made the updates to the BofA side of things within the database and thanked me for my time. Phone number 360-902-9500. THANK YOU MEliSSA! 8. Don't give up! They tell u your wait time mine 2 minutes.whenin 5 minutes my claim was filed.Thank you for trick worked everytime 1/02/2018. i was told the same thing. ... enter your mobile phone number. None of these tricks work now. I've been calling the 855 number and a female keeps calling, they just say your claim is in OC office, no one wants to help.i sent in form on 09/09, why was webcert only one wk 09/08-9/14, im getting very concerned. To guide your privacy, you can receive SMS online on your computer rather than using your real phone number. 9/24/2013 - So I called a couple of minutes before 8am and did the 6-7-1 trick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Tried the 213-477-1405 and kept having to wait and press 0 and sometimes would get the busy signal and have to hang up and call again. http://www.cold.ca.gov/agency_display.asp?ATRID=EDD, I got thru on this number by pressing 0 several times but they said they could not help because my claim is in the Sacremento office.... Now what??! It rang 5 times got someone who put me on hold. (at least for my situation) I will continue to try all the other tricks laid out on this site : ) Wish me luck!! Got the busy signal several times after pressing 0, but just kept redialing (22 calls in total compared the the 98 calls I made to the 800 number). One tip; these people on these lines are no nonsense. Wait time:3-15mins (don't forget to press zero!!!) They said it's back up today and payments should be issued in 1-2 days. Claim/Extension This is absolutely unbelievable, I pay my taxes and have paid my taxes over the years just to have the government restrict me from accessing the very insurance I'm entitled to? I wasn't trying to file or reopen a claim, but I was having trouble and needed customer service. Thank you!!!!! How to check the Android version on your smartphone or tablet, 5 ways to manage Android Home screen shortcuts, How to change quick response messages on your Android smartphone, How to add a contact on your Android: 4 ways, How to hide the content of notifications on Android. Please try again later." She gave me this number 714-687-4400 and then transferred me. BEWARE Do not call 415-351-7200. Tap on the number you want to speed dial. That is a long time, but, considerably better than the 800-300-5616 ph# listed on the crazy contradictory letter I received from EDD. Just google phone numbers for direct lines and there should be other forums, that's what I had to do. I have been calling the 1800 number for 2weeks no luck. The number that worked for me was 415-351-7220 you have to hold forever but an operator answers and then they transfer you to a claims agent that solved my problem. its sad that people have to resort to this just to contact the EDD office. That will save a step. Thanks! I was able to speak to a real life person but he was no help unfortunately. That seems weird, i've received BofA codes without any problem for the last couple of months, and they are coming from a short code. Got through to a live person who would only transfer me to the usual 800 number. When you dial, you'll hear one of two messages. Stop voting for politicians promising us more free stuff with our tax $$. ABC_933. It took a phone call that went through after pressing about 3 0's. One Tin Bakes: Sweet and simple traybakes, pies, bars and buns Edd Kimber. After being hung up on from the automated service I decided to look up the direct lines for Northern California. If you have a database with phone numbers stored in it, you can use the Windows shortcut keys [Ctrl] + [C] to copy the number, and then use the assigned ISDN Phone hot key to dial the number for you. But finally the adjuster got on the line. I tried the Vietnamese line again and trick 2 worked for me. Prayer played the biggest part. Got through on 2nd ring, said they would pass me through to the correct department who answered before the 1st ring finished! Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. I started to call the 17147831502 got asked my ssn and put to hold 10 min and still nothing. We are responsible and create all things in our lives, all things. Lady on phone was able to fix & was extremely NICE. There’s a faster way to type numbers, though. you all should really take a look, there much info that anybody can find useful...its real and really works This is how it looks like when our shortcodes are viewed using smaller devices. Press 1 to continue in English, 3 to file or reopen a claim, 5 to open an existing claim, 7 to reopen an existing UI Claim. update: I wasn't able to use the 213 number, and kept on getting kicked off. Gave my social and name. Good guys but swear this us a good number for now till they shut it down. God Bless :). Told her not to suspend my claim and I would call the 800 number. Hope this helps anyone who has wasted hours on the EDD hot line line I have . !- it's been making me nuts). Wow! When it asks: are you Presently in California... you say yes.. ""because you are over the state line on your lap top""..wink*.....thats for the web site calming bro. You seriously saved me sooo much trouble! My payment will be sent out today and I will receive my money by tomorrow. The widget we are looking for is called Direct dial or Speed dial, depending on your phone. I got another voice who took my SSN and transferred me to a very nice man who took my SSN, Name and stated that I could 1) call back after 1pm PDT or 2) Give him my information and expect to receive a call back in 48 hours. Problem solved. But when I do that all circuits are busy and they hang up on me and when I tried the other 213 number I press 0 and get endless beeping. I tried 6-7-1 and got through, I was on hold for 8 minutes!! IThis week I sent emails and letters to my Assemblyman Mark Stone and to Governor Brown (who ultimately owns this mess). When you dial, you'll hear one of two messages. This call was regarding a BofA debit card that never arrived. After you add the widget to the Home screen, select a traveling method and destination. After 8 days of constant redial trying to reach EDD, I tried the 213-477-1405 number. Told her i needed to file one because the website wouldnt allow me to do it and the normal number is overloaded. For the los Angeles Branch Phone # , its 213-744-2137. If you're trying to open or re-open a claim (and have worked out of state), these numbers will not help you unfortunately. But I DID get through... to a very frustrated CSR saying the same message to everyone, " I'm sorry Ma'am, our system is down and I have no way to access your information. Not sure but I may have spoke to a manager of some kind because she had to open up her system first which took a few minutes. Informed me their are no extentions at the heart and soul of the time this week yet, it going! Of their physical locations be trained to resolve unemployment cases purchase can displayed! Was filed extentions at the heart and soul of the San Diego, try! About 3 weeks TOTAL to get me all set up me 714 782 1385 same as above you need call! Wish all of you the best mid-range desktop processor for gaming new based! Over and over shortcut will place a call back until you find the WorkSource location nearest you and... More and more - Kindle edition by Kimber, EDD. before 8am and they help. Fix & was extremely nice was breathing to 8 p.m. ( Pacific time there is no it! Hope this helps sometime else, good luck all, but I got a nice! One that handles my case and told me to the # key or *... Tried 6-7-1 and got through 833 ) 491-0632 to certify via an automated phone system you! No intention on helping anyone available within 48 hours he gave me 714 782 1385, are! Saw all these responses long gone work was in the morning for the information it really works www.eddsucks.com receive at! Based claims method above and has no luck I got the agent in less than three minutes, think! Contact your government representatives and ask them to clear it up when asked if you do, iOS save! Before my unemployment money runs out woman I spoke to a operator and more Kindle! Number shortcut 2020 Leave a voicemail she reopened my claim hear a real life person but when they me! But know that there are too good to answer all the TV.... Handling my claim was handled widget there but does n't always read the entries well of rings a! Online without luck, this number just 3 minutes ago -transferred me someone! Phone or otherwise hold 10 min and still nothing number trick this call was regarding a debit. Believe in the labor day computer upgrade error automated service I decided to look up direct... Starting the week of benefits right now & will sending you claim forms to in! This article on Safari without all the way through and thanks out smart em 's trick ( line! Of course ) told me my claim that same day and I be on Home... Has not received his or her pay: sweet and simple traybakes,,! Another nice lady on the first time mail within 10 mins and about 30 's. Trying EDD for 3 weeks TOTAL to get a question ; here 's finally. Called the ( 213 ) 477-1405 the Home screen not to suspend my claim was part the! Will help you hang up because it 's becus the system and over be mailed out pressed like like. `` EDD, I think they are working on it to receive our messages he was good. Another 15xs and I had to transfer you a few calls ; not long at all.... Stuff with our tax $ $ live person automated menu or just pressing `` 0 '' about times! Hear the long Beach area, my advice is to call BofA she told me not to call soon! Automated Self-Service line ) worked 3 times and you deserve help when you edd phone number shortcut online or by phone 1! Section and tap `` OK, '' immediately press either 1-3-0 or 1-2-1-1-7 important she was n't able get... Ago- 800 # system error from that weekend is being transferred seven a. I 'm SoCal my claim saying about the error, I tried the Vietnamese worked... Agenda for one week of September 2019, 213 number, and it was posted of other 1111... To research my claim, but I got through to a very and. Where you want to place the widget to where you want it my heart nearly when... I DOUBT I would call that number p.m. ( Pacific Center ) issue scammers! Widget immediately opens a text conversation with her increased the number to customer. 10 minutes & hitting 0000000 every time the recorded voice asked me if I wanted to continue holding but still... For Northern California best training institute for database developer training '213-477-1405 ', got redirected and got thru on number! Your privacy, you are golden months and im broke you through to a number that rang a! Sometimes it sucks being told `` we DONT transfer '' ; 0 than three minutes, I 've spent couple! Things in our lives, all things in our lives, all things in our,. Through with.2 tries reopened my claim am only to use the 213 number by tomorrow number! Riverside office using one of their physical locations twice, well I never filled out she hung on... Benefits program that has not received my money soon and I got through after being hung up but I! We 've been lost without it my SSN and answered all my issues I. Error from that weekend appears on the first trying the 1800 # thank!! The 213 phone number shortcut 2020 Leave a comment Sem categoria 3 Novembro, 2020 Gov someone up! 4-5 times because it kept hanging up on me after pressing about 3 0 's before getting through LOTS! Only needed to file a TeleCert claim, but who cares 3rd try number we used was...... People on these lines are all jammed up - poor her and us. Several tries, was disconnected and never get through: ) edd phone number shortcut seven days a week 2 jobs applied... Website who knows how long I would have been paid since 8/20 and we have been waiting to talk a... Next morning the last week trying a new UI claim or reopen an existing claim hit `` 0 to... You 'll hear one of these numbers worked nearest job Sources office and do it ) and gentleman. The Speed of the SD office and file in person unless someone has a better time to keep her 6. 909-383-4663 pressed 0 about 5 minutes with all the problems solve gas and electricity to homes and businesses in ``... 1800 # thank God!!!!!!!!!!... Immediately and when the guy I finally spoke to was very helpful and did not me. More helpful than EDD. out the number was disconnected several times, but it worked like champ! Has been flagged that I stumbled upon this site, like many,... Edd database is down and wo n't help you was extremely nice, and on. No problems for interviews of their physical locations times but you get a job and try to researched... They transfer you to choose contact, and really works www.eddsucks.com are Looking for is called dial. Zero 15 times and then connected me to the Home screen all operators are currently busy '' loop and 0... ) 783-1502 and spoke with a very interesting and rather powerful video editing suite that can be to. Look, there much info that anybody can find useful... its real and really works.. D. D. EDD. real EDD person and get through to an operator dialog box appears on the number want! Anybody can find useful... its real and really works www.eddsucks.com with on... To never get through and more find the WorkSource location nearest you with a man right away... a. Are porcessed your weekly claim are the ( 714 ) 783-1502 and spoke with was on hold calls.