You can add other fruits if you prefer, even berries, dates or sultanas. More About Me…, Check out my whooping 85 cake recipes in my website RIGHT. Super moist and easy to make! Spoon it into baking pan and sprinkle sugar on top. It was very delicious. Use real butter, not margarine. I want to serve this warm when guests arrive. But addition of rum adds nice flavour. My oven goes by Fahrenheit degrees so I set it to 350 and baked about 10 minutes longer than recommended in the recipe. What am I doing wrong? I did make this cake twice. This is the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all sites), for more 23)Add in rum. Sugar - 1.5 tblspn for sprinkling over cake. But my passion for baking urged me to bake something. But trust me, add every bit of the two apples in and you will thank me later..Because that amount of apples made this cake so moist and tasty. 5)Mix well. I tried this recipe.. it came out so well. I choose this among so many apple cake recipes because amount of sugar. I added a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, baked for 30 minuets. Mix well using a whisk then add the melted butter. I have no problem finishing those, because they are fresh and tasted amazing. Hi, aarthi, which oven do you use for baking, as I planning to buy one, can you please suggest which model is best for baking. How can I save your recipe and print it out? Sprinkle with the 2 tblspn of sugar and bake for 40 mins untill a toothpick inserted comes clean and top is golden. Take butter, sugar, vanilla in a bowl and use a beater to whip till it gets creamy. Urgent Clarification Aarthi, thinking of baking this now. This super moist Apple Cake is probably one of the easiest French recipe you will ever find. You can use half maida and half whole wheat flour, @Anonymousyes u can make this in pressure cooker too, awesomeee…i tried t yesterday and it tasted great…but i never used rum…i am so curious as to how the cake will taste with the addition of rum…. cream this till it is well incorporated. In a fry pan over medium-high heat, melt the butter; swirling the pan frequently, cook until the butter browns and has a nutty aroma. info simply search in gooogle: murgrabia’s tools. A really simple and moist cake that is more apple than cake. (Sorry). I had made this cake twice, one time for my family and the other one for a friend. It is amazing! Super easy and very yummy. ⅔ cup sugar = 4½ oz, All rights reserved ©     Privacy Policy     Sponsor, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce. Coat pan with sugar; tap out excess. Remove from oven and let it cool completely. The cake is beautifully soft, tender, brimming with fruit, and so so so moist. I made this cake and added cinnamon & nutmeg as well as lemon rind. Tried this recipe. I will definitely be making it again. I seasoned my apples with cinnamon before I folded them in. Also never skip the sprinkling of sugar on top, it does a magic and gives a nice crispy sugary exterior. Add one egg at a … Grease a 9-inch springform … Now the dry ingredients is mixed. So i decided to bake a proper apple cake, when i surfed the internet i came across this pretty simple recipe and immediately tried it out. Can I skip eggs or what shoul I put instead of egg, I made it today and is super delicious!!! My husband hates sugary stuff so this is perfect!still sweet enough. Can I prepare the pan of cake a day in advance and then bake it straight out of the fridge? delicious! More Apple Desserts to Try: I love apple desserts and this Apple Upside Down Cake with walnuts is an easy from scratch dessert. I would try it again. Tia. I will try yours. N loved the taste of the cake. Eighty percent of this cake is fruit, so it is a healthier cake… Spray a 9-inch springform pan (affiliate link) with baking spray (affiliate link) (or butter and lightly flour the surface. Then lift loaf using overhanging parchment and transfer to a cutting board. I tried this recipe twice. Place on top of cake mixture and into the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 340°F – 170°C. i’ve made this cake 3 times now and we love it. thank you for your recipes/. French Apple Cake. Thanks Arthur . Add the brandy and cook until evaporated, 30 to 60 seconds. I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours! The best part about your recipes is that it's simple. It was not a much amount, a tiny amount to make a decent size tart. Love this and will check your other recipes. Heavily butter an 8- or 9-inch spring form pan. This cake is a basic recipe, but it has a dash of rum in it. Many thanks for sharing the recipe. Made it, loved it. The batter tasted good. I made this and added chopped walnuts and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Run a blade along the inside of the cake pan to separate the cake. Bake in preheated oven until top is golden brown, 25 to 30 minutes. Very similar to yours, but we grate the apples and then add them to the wet ingredients and the flavor(s) infuses with the apples better. I am not a fan of apple pie, but this cake is better than the pie. As you can tell I love to cook. It's really nice to use a variety of apples, so that you have some apples that are crisp, some soft, some sweet, and some tart. My friend said it was delicious. It was magnificent. @Anonymousi think the pan which u used is small. I was initially concerned that I couldn’t call this a “coffee cake.” Serve this French apple cake recipe with a light dusting of powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream or freshly whipped cream if desired. Pour into a well buttered non stick cake pan (mould). If you have any questions not covered in this post and if you need help, leave me a comment or mail me @[email protected] and I’ll help as soon as I can. Have you made this delish French Apple Cake yet? Easy apple coffee cake made with yellow cake mix, fresh apples and lots of cinnamon sugar swirled in. Having lived and baked in Europe, this is a very European recipe, with butter, not too sweet, moist, and allowing the fruit to be the star, enhancing the apple flavor with a simple set of ingredients. Made with a few ingredients only, it is a truly 'un-failable' cake. Bake for 30-38 minutes or until a light golden brown color forms on the top and the cake is done … Run a blade along the inside of the 33)Bake them in preheated oven till it is done. It is sooo good! Peel and core the apples then cut into eight,  dice each wedge into three into pieces. Let stand for 15 minutes. And this cake has lots of apples, when you are mixing the batter you will feel that there is too much apples for the cake. use crisp variety apples or cooking apples like granny smith, honey crisp or gala variety. Mix dry ingredients using a whisk then add 2 whole eggs, oil and milk, continue mixing until there are no lumps and set aside. My wife loved it… Thank you.. Will make again. The rum adds so much depth of flavor without making the cake taste like rum. Let cool completely in pan on a wire rack, about 30 minutes. I’ve made this cake several times, twice using butter and the rest using oil. Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. WELCOME! Filed Under: baked, Christmas Cakes, Christmas Special Recipes, Recent Recipes, Rum. Add all of the apples, 2 tablespoons of the sugar and the salt to the still-hot skillet and set over medium-high. Thanks Bonnie. The taste was good but both times,the top layer was quite burnt out, and not like yours. I tried this one out, and came really well. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! Grease a 9” springform pan with butter, and dust evenly with flour. Flavored with Calvados (apple brandy), chunky Granny Smith apples mixed in with a deliciously sweet cake batter makes the best breakfast cake … Add one egg at a time and beat till cream. « Spicy Maa Inji Pickle Recipe – Mango Ginger Pickle Recipe, Homemade Bounty Bars Recipe – How to Make Bounty Chocolates at Home – Mounds Recipe ». Hope this helps. French Apple Cake Recipe - Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe This recipe is a “keeper” in our house. 19)Now add in egg. First i thought of making some cookies using that, then those apples blinked at me, so i made a. 14)Take butter in a bowl. I used golden delicious apples and really liked the way it came out! Instead of doing this you can line the pan with parchment paper. Tried it with wheat flour and jaggery.. turned out to be very nice ! Try lemon rind since hubby is allergic to cinnamon. Place apples on prepared baking sheets; bake until apples have softened and released significant moisture, 20 to 30 minutes, stirring halfway through. Take flour, baking powder, salt in a bowl and mix well. hi Arthii wanted to know whether we can replace maida with either whole wheat or ragi flour or combination?pl suggest cause recipe looks yummmmm, @sonalii can use whole wheat flour, but it will make the cake a little dense. 1)First prepare a 18 cm cake pan by oiling it well and dusting it with flour. This French Apple Cake is packed with apples and has a dense, creamy base with a cake-like top layer. Preheat oven to 180 degree C. First prepare a 18 cm cake pan by oiling it well and dusting it with flour. Hey Aarthi! Followed the recipe to the letter… Awesome flavour and texture. Place a cooling rack on top of cake and flip over. Place apple slices in a medium bowl and pour over the Calvados, toss to coat and allow to soak. Prepare apples by peeling, deseeding and slicing them thinly. Over the past few years I’ve been on a mission to find and create recipes that I can make from scratch. Next I will try the ricota cake. It was easy to follow and it came out absolutely scrumptious. Or the crispy ones. Scrumptious…num num num…. Hi what can i use instead of vanilla as i can’t use it, i have almond essence, maple syrup, or salted caramel flavoring, or would you suggest an alternative. An easy Apple Fritter Cake … You won’t be disappointed! Thanks for sharing! I made this today and it’s so moist and delicious! Transfer to a large plate, spread in an even layer and refrigerate uncovered until cool to the touch, 15 … Ingredients. It was delicious! Apples Try and stop at one slice I dare you! Preheat the oven to 350°F and set an oven rack in the middle position. Your email address will not be published. Once cooked, leave to cool for 10 minutes. You’re going to love this French apple cake recipe. Transfer cake to wire rack and cool for 10 minutes; loosen sides with butter knife or offset spatula. … This is it! Over the past few years I’ve been on a mission to find and create recipes that I can make from scratch. I must say I like it with the oil much better, because I could taste the apples much better. Made cake, it very good. Add one egg at a time. I’m glad you included all the pictures! I see you don’t monetize, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every month with new monetization method. Thanks. CLICK RECIPE HERE: I substituted 2 T of Salvador, an apple-based brandy and it was wonderful. For the mixture, add flour, sugar, baking powder, pinch of salt to a mixing bowl. Preheat the oven to 350ºF (180ºC) and adjust the oven rack to the center of the oven. Once cooked, leave to cool for 10 minutes. It’s slightly buttery with a crumbly outside texture, and it’s incredibly moist throughout. Yesterday i saw some crispy apples lying in the fridge. Spoon batter into prepared pan, spreading to edges. Recently made the cake, delicious, thanks. 34)Let it cool completely, before removing from pan. When i put this cake in oven, i opened my fridge drawer and a saw a small package of shortcrust pastry which was wrapped in plastic wrap. I love recipes that are chock-full of fresh fruits or veggies! 6)Take some apples. preheat oven to 200c (400f) bake not fan; in a large bowl combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt; add the vanilla, eggs, oil and milk and mix till well combined; add the apple slices and using your hands mix the apple with the batter so as to coat each individual slice of apple; pour into the prepared pan and bake on the centre shelf for 30 minutes – pop a timer on 26)Use a spatula to scrape the sides and give a good mix, 27)add in apples..I know it looks like a lot of apples,but it really taste yum once it is baked. LOL Can I double recipe? Both of them merged together to create this amazing cake. Add in rum and flour mix. The butter overwhelmed the apples. Beat till mixed. Let cake … In a bowl, add and combine to a smooth batter the all-purpose sieved flour, sugar, butter, eggs, … I like it the way it was but people that like really sweet desserts may want to make a vanilla or Caramel sauce to drizzle over it before serving. You can replace egg with ripe mashed banana, I added 2 small bananas for 2 eggs, and it came out amazing. Making it again today, I think I will add a little bit more apple and see how it comes out. It’s called invisible as the apples disappear once the cake is cooked, I think it’s a silly name as the apples are quite visible and that’s part of the beauty. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook,Pinterest ,Youtube and Twitter for more Yummy Tummy inspiration. It is not a very sweet dessert. Recipe is from Dorie Greenspan's newest cookbook, Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes From My Home to Yours where it's called Marie-Hélène's Apple Cake. This easy apple cinnamon cake will become your favorite fall cake and your house will smell like Cinnabon. I baked this recipe twice too. It is very good!!! I did not use resume, but I did put a tsp of almond extract in, in addition to the vanilla. A French apple cake that can be prepared in under 20 minutes and ready under 60 minutes. I am excited to try this.,, Oats Cheela Recipe – Healthy Oats Chilla Recipe, Whole Wheat Oats & Chocolate Cake Recipe – Eggless Oats & Chocolate Cake Recipe, Banana & Oat Bran Muffins Recipe – Eggless & Gluten Free Muffin Recipe. I thought the French Apple Cake is wonderful. Aarthi can v bake dis cake without eggs It luks so temptingThanks dearAvni. Thank you for a great recipe. Cream together butter, sugar and vanilla extract. In a large bowl, toss together apple slices, 2 tablespoons (24 grams) granulated sugar, 3 teaspoons (15 grams) rum, and lemon juice. Pour batter into pan. I love this cake it is easy to make and it tastes wonderful.. This cake is delicious and is very European tasting– not too sweet, just right. Can I use Jaggery instead of Sugar ?.. Will be making this again. I didn’t get the sugar on til after it baked a while so top never got browned. Made it today with my granddaughters. This French Apple Cake recipe is one of my favorite autumn cakes to make during the apple picking season. I used a 9 inch or 23cm cake pan. I made this today and it is DELICIOUS! Your email address will not be published. @Monimay the the tin is placed too close to the top coil. The cake is a light texture and not too sweet. I dont think 180 is the right oven temperature. Thank you for the recipe. Only thing wrong I found is that it is too small and I didn’t have ice cream to put on the warm cake. Melt the butter in microwave or a saucepan. Thank you!!!!! My first baked apple cake. Super moist and easy to make! Steps to Prepare & Bake. Will definitely make this again. 1)Cream butter and sugar till fluffy and creamy which makes the cake light and fluffy. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I had to scrape it off before eating. 180 degrees centigrade is 356 degrees Fahrenheit – so 350 degrees would be right. Being a single person, I do not wish to eat this cake in one sitting. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cake is now upside down. Add the brandy and cook until evaporated, 30 to 60 seconds. Get out the real vanilla extract, … Using cups for baking is not recommended, for accuracy use a scale: Spoon this into the pan and smooth the top. Place a serving plate upside down on top of cake and flip back the right way up. Have you tried my French Apple Cake yet? I am making this right now, and it smells yummy. This cake was very easy to make, and it turned out to have great flavor and texture. Required fields are marked *. Butter 9-inch-diameter cake pan with 2-inch-high sides. Preheat oven to 350°F. Making delicious apple cake is super easy to make and taste absolutely soft and fruity. Layered apple cake is a French recipe also known as invisible cake. We all love a simple recipe that yields incredible results. Take butter, sugar, vanilla in a bowl and use a beater to whip till it gets creamy. Hope the cake is as good! This cake is full of apples and rich cinnamon flavor which all together creates a wonderfully moist cake. This cake is reminiscent of the Sharlotka, a Russian Apple dessert made in a similar fashion- with loads of apples and just a little bit of pastry. I also used stevia in place of sugar. When I walk into the grocery store in the middle of September and see bushels upon bushels of every type of apple you can imagine, I’m inspired to go through my huge stack of recipes … I want to know if you can freeze this cake. Thanks for the nice. ); Core the apples and slice into ⅛ thick slices. To make this apple cake, you will only need a few basic ingredients (scroll down to recipe card for all quantities):. This was an absolute disaster,first time I tried without baking soda like the above recipe n it was real hard inspite of the eggs used,total waste of ingredients and time,pl excuse for being direct. Our family has had a family handed down recipe called “Raw Apple Cake”. Melt 1/4 cup butter in … Love your recipe. 1 cup flour = 5¼oz Super yummy cake made using a buttery rum flavoured cake batter and fresh apples. Preheat the oven to 350ºF (180ºC). @akanksha sharmacheck this This cake was very delicious, I used a loaf pan in which was perfect . French Apple Cake Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Keep it going. Thanks. Thanks for providing such awesome recipes. The outcome was so yum, it tasted just divine and guess what the cake is over by now. Cool cake in pan to about 140°F (60°C), about 2 hours. This is optional. I used unsalted soft butter. In another mixing bowl, add the sugar, and egg. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours! i made mine in a springform pan 8×8 and it came out so easy also made a rum sauce.= to put over it. Add in the chopped apples and fold gently. You can skip this step as well. use a 18 cm round cake pan. Found I had to cook it slightly longer than the recipe stated (for about 50 mins) and it was perfect. Thanks for the recipe! Spray springform pan or 9-inch cake pan with non-stick cooking spray. Cake. Grate the zest of one whole lemon. Set aside. It really is an easy (and fast) apple cake to make. Cook, stirring occasionally, until all moisture released by the apples has evaporated and the slices are beginning to brown, 12 to 15 minutes. That being said, I will be making this cake for the rest of my life. Each time, the top layer cracked. You can skip it completely. This looks like a tasty recipe but your website has entirely too many ads-really slows things down. Remove cake from oven, (cake should be cooked in centre, check with a skewer first) pour the frosting (icing) mixture over the cake, ensure it covers all then replace in oven and bake for another 12 minutes. Preparation. 17)Now cream this using a beater till fluffy. Remove cake pan. Hubby is allergic to cinnamon so I was pretty excited to finally find an apple recipe with a moderate amount of sugar and no cinnamon!! This recipe is definitely a keeper…I plan on making this many more times. The flavour is divine, Did u use maavu apples for this recipe ?