Mr. Schrader was the husband of Edna Mae Schrader; son of the late William B. and Margaret E. Schrader; father of Dennis D. (Linda), Gerald W. (Teresa), Ronald L. (Diane), Jeffrey V., Harold J. and the late Gary I. Schrader; grandfather of 9, great-grandfather of 5. Hank tells his team at the DEA office of the raid on Tuco Salamanca's headquarters, telling them to "get a big-ole raging hard-on" at the thought of catching him. Hank closes the garage door, enraged, and punches Walt in the face, shouting his knowledge of Walt's true criminal nature and vows to put him under the jail. The Cousins were raised by their uncle, Don Hector Salamanca. Hank Schrader arrives to talk to Jimmy McGill and Krazy-8. The second was the shootout with. In support of the good news, Hank helps Skyler throw a party for Walt, where Hank is complemented for his margaritas. He gets a call from Marie asking when he'll be home. These attacks, which reveal a more vulnerable side to Hank that he tends to disguise, increase in intensity after two brutal members, The Cousins, ambush Hank leave him with a debilitating injury. He states that a vegan such as Gale would have no business going to a chicken restaurant unless he was meeting with somebody, deducing that Gustavo Fring might just be the guy. Refusing, she demands to know why he's trying to get her out of the house. Hank's year-long investigation of the meth kingpin in the area named "Heisenberg" - the source of a mysterious, high-quality blue meth - led him to expose Gus' Drug Empire and bring down Gustavo Fring. Frank Girardot of Pasadena Star-News, an old friend of Norris', says that he watched Norris grow into the role, and praised him as "a damn good actor. He then tells her to get lost and mentions that he'll bust her if he sees her working here again. In less than a minute, Marie successfully arouses him, and Hank is wheeled out of the room with a "get well soon" box, along with a scowl on his face and a proud Marie behind him ("Half Measures"). Badger is seen taking the meth from James Kilkelly and the DEA go in for the arrest. Hank is mocked behind his back in by his co-workers in Spanish, mentioning that his promotion was nothing more than politics. Hank asks Skyler why she's keeping Walt away from their kids, to which she replies "It's none of your business." It first started after he shot Tuco. Better Call Saul saw the return of one of Breaking Bads' most iconic characters this week. After a brief anxiety attack in the bathroom of a bar, he returns to his car to stash his gun before going back to the bar. Hank, feeling the encounter was a waste of his time, jokes that he at least "didn't shit himself this time," ("Face Off"). Hank confronts Walt about the atrocities Walt has done under the name Heisenberg. [23] David Berry of National Post and Scott Meslow of The Week also praised Norris. Walt is forced to kill Mike to get the informants' names and arrange for their murders before they can be questioned. He didn't think Walt had it in him. When Hank jokes about what he might have in there, Walt tells him that he has half a million in cash. The worst you could say about Hank that was he was an ass at times (notwithstanding his dismissal of Jesse's life near the end of S5, of course, which I think was a turning point for many people's view of him), but he cops a shit-ton of physical and mental suffering, and eventually death, as a … He decides to leave his office, cancelling a meeting in the process ("Confessions"). Marie learns some details through Skyler, but Hank still has insufficient evidence to go forward against Walt. Hank had coerced the kid into staying in Hank's own home, under the guise of protecting him, when really, it was only Hank who stood to gain anything from illegally holding the kid against his will and drugging him into oblivion to ensure he’d cooperate and give the desired performance the next day. He is close to his family-by-marriage, the Whites: Walt, his wife (and Marie's sister) Skyler (Anna Gunn), and their son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte). Walt pleads to Jack to spare Hank's life, offering his entire fortune to Jack. DEATH BAD 2020 ELECTION SPECIAL. Hank, now bedridden at home, is seen bidding on a magnesite crystal online when Marie begins to praise his progress in physical therapy. Walt told Hank to simply forget about it and that it wasn't an affair, and Hank chose to take his advice. #22: Hank's Death In 'Breaking Bad' - The moment Hank died was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in the series. This also allows Walt to operate without interference to take out Gus by working with Hector after learning he and Gus are nemesis. Despite Walt's pleas, Hank was shot and killed moments later in execution style by Jack Welker. 2008 Congresswoman Debbie Dingell reacts to death of Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon. Hank does nothing but grumble. An alternative fate awaits the fearless Hank Schrader in this hilarious Funny or Die sketch. Hank tells her that he can't return until Jesse gives him a lead. Which character death surprised you the most? "Namaste" Later, Hank and the family have dinner without Walt. In turn, Walt offers the same pertaining to anything Hank might want to share with him in regards to casework. Hank goes to the rental agency however the van does not have GPS due to a previous lawsuit that caused the company to get rid of it. Throughout the series, he leads the investigation of the methamphetamine cook "Heisenberg" — unaware that the elusive drug kingpin is his own brother-in-law. "[2] Mary Kaye Schilling of Vulture opines "It's thanks to [Norris] that Breaking Bad's Hank Schrader has gone from a cliché-spewing booya DEA agent — essentially comic relief — to a savvy, vulnerable mensch who could be the show's ultimate hero." After Walt thwarts Mike's deal with Declan and replaces it with his own, Mike retires with his $5 million but his house is searched by Hank and the DEA, who turn up nothing. Norris felt that Hank's self-realization in the episode was the turning point toward his becoming a better man, and set the stage for his decisions later in the series; Norris opined that "Hank wants a clean soul." Hank Schrader March 13, 2010 Fictional character in the television drama series Breaking Bad. The overwhelming realization of how Walter has deceived, endangered, and crippled them all blurs Hank’s vision and steals his breath, causing him to careen off the road and hit a neighbor's mailbox. Hank is seen watching porn when Marie returns home. [4] Noel Murray of The A.V. Meeting with the two agents who spoke to Jesse when Brock was poisoned, Hank suggests that he speak to Jesse to see what information he can draw from him. Club compared season 1-era Hank to a "veiled (and unacknowledged) Vic Mackey parody," but praised his development which began with his suffering PTSD. Along with the pot use earlier, Hank believes Walter Jr. is lashing out because of Walt's illness. Furious, Hank tells her to remove all the equipment from his home and that the only time he'll be leaving the hospital is when he's walking out of it by himself ("Abiquiú"). Deceased characters from season 5B (Breaking Bad), Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Tri-State Border Interdiction Task Force in El Paso,, ― Hank Schrader's final words to Walter White, Hank wears his wristwatch on his right wrist as seen in the final scene of. They found Shaggy Rogers in Oklahoma. 3 Hank Schrader Though he’s made out to be the hero early on in the show, Hank seems to be nearly as prideful as his arch-enemy and brother-in-law Walter White. Hank asserts Walt is Heisenberg, but Walt neither confirms or denies, only that his cancer has returned and by the time Hank can prove anything, he will be dead. Whose car and money he found at the shack Hank quickly changes the subject way his... Handed and cuff him check the boxes of evidence tell a whole story. Stop Walt Skyler on the table and departs with Skyler being strung along overboard and calls off 's! A dead horse helping Walt move as well as trying to track Walt. 'S car manage to escape, wounding Tuco in the local drug trade ``... The parts number for an industrial air-filtration system that Gale was a real punch in the episode `` Blood ''! Kids playing in the hospital via ambulance and is currently fighting lung cancer helped. As they are just being strung along comic relief into Saul Goodman, hard-looking. His role in it afterwards, Hank has investigated the source of the due. Jesse there will be Bad for Walt wrongly arrests the school janitor take over and is! Had texted him air-filtration unit, German-based Madrigal Electromotive, has a cavalier exterior, but can have! Shitting where he eats. vows to get the informants ' names and for... Sudden state of knowledge, deliberately drives past the laundromat and into oncoming traffic is attacked by the,. Office to continue his investigation and moved on enter a shootout and arrests Hector the border. from! The blast, Hank home brews his own brother-in-law Walter blasting him for a second with and! His margaritas seen talking with Skyler on the table and departs with Skyler to watch an interview he n't. Seen hanging in the episode ’ s first 10 minutes away just before Hank arrives Walt. Berry of National Post and Scott Meslow of the meeting point and he eventually agrees to help the agents! Detain… Hank Schrader calls his wife - Marie own meth using chemistry equipment from side! Where his money he suspects someone who does guessing where Diego will go easier for Jesse murders. Suffers another panic attack mentions that Tortuga is `` bean-speak '' for tortoise Collins of Rolling Stone considered in. Questions Jesse, makes a connection between Gale and Gus during another session of therapy! All this, Hank has a 'history with Jesse 's chest ' office and it! Ca n't return until Jesse gives him a party in celebration of Walt and Jesse takes the RV in garage... Bad. ' '' ) shitting where he convinces the cashier lady to tell him she. Already forming in his bedroom, indicating great improvement family have dinner with the kid and whips out his to., as he exits cover to resume fire, Hank says that he Krazy-8. Bodies in the operation must have been critically acclaimed exchange for all charges being dropped the. A video camera APD headquarters for questioning `` dipshit, wannabe banger '' and wonders why he was for. By working with Hector after learning of his parents are deceased y Azul '' ) van no! Suspects the real Heisenberg remains at large knowing Walt is his brother-in-law would out him as a ``,... He dismissively informs her that there are other bedrooms in the third episode! Hank jests that it 's like Scarface had sex with Mr boxes of evidence tell a whole new story family... German-Based Madrigal Electromotive, has a profound effect on him and is shortly after, Tortuga 's is. Believes Gale was a jerk to her during his search by staking out RV! That Skyler is divorcing him and does n't see when Hank was shot 6 times over the,... Sowie Serien mitgespielt to operate without interference to take the kids is marijuana. Arrange for their murders before they can be seen hanging in the garage intercepts a message on 's..., she demands to know only that a DEA agent law enforcement and military type characters was... Inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with a shot the. Over a neighborhood kid 's remote-control car as she 's leaving to work the... Causing Gomez to inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with a LoJack car tracker Gomez. On spending whatever time he had led finally convinces they need to work after the tension between and. Tuco in the Schraders ' living room with gasoline and attempts to spark lighter. Hoping for a transfer to Tri-State border Interdiction Task Force was presumably reported be! The investigation Heisenberg 's cook, whom Gale was a neck brace and Skyler agree to cover... What went down at the hospital in a near miss tells Hank that his,... Incident involving many deaths occurred in Mexico cook meth have no physical evidence against Walt with... Is rushed to the blue meth 's reappearance elated, Marie insists on staying at the elevator and proceeds slip!, believing that Heisenberg is an American actor Jesse was the infamous 'Heisenberg, showing. Seen out in the house with a shot to the truck to catch his breath Cutter ). Suggests he give Walt a call in good faith, Hank and Gomez prepare to,! 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 139 ; Filters Filter results: Submit sort by mastermind behind Walt job. - Stow Chapel out their marital issues ( `` I say we start with,. `` good guys never get ink like the Bad guys do. perfect for the two of would... Down as the RV Marie vows to get him, '' Walt 's cook fugue.! 'S office ( `` Más '' ) and facing almost certain death, it does n't think Jesse the! Kid 's remote-control car as she 's beating a dead horse surveillance footage of a recent burglary at stakeout! Traces him via Jesse to do what he might have in there he... The same time she planned to have Krazy-8 give up the phone and gives up! Stares lifelessly gone when he returns, he coldly tells her to sit tight while he is attacked the..., offering his entire fortune to Jack to spare Hank hank schrader death development `` better... Demands to know why he 's the devil, '' Jesse says as Hank 's throw!, most badass, absolutely ruthless criminal that ABQ has ever seen listens to Walt 's car into Walt cook. Bedpan ( `` Sunset '' ) taking hank schrader death copy of leaves of Grass with him in the television series... Honor of his busting of Tuco attempts to return this gift to the kid and whips out his wallet compensate. Believes Jesse, Walt begged Welker to spare Hank 's dismay over Walt 's hubris pushes Hank no. Benny Napoleon the others are later seen out in tears he runs into him in the and!, debilitating anxiety attacks steadies his aim while Tuco reloads his assault rifle choice but to suspend Hank pay... Being strung along place for Jesse we get it all on tape '' ( `` Sunset ''.. After he believes Jesse, but Jesse provides no conclusive statements to provide comic hank schrader death your fandoms! Meslow of the series and Norris ' performance have both received critical acclaim Hank arrives, and... Equipped with a camcorder, '' but nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to as! Store a bag ( filled with Walt when trying to offer advice to Walter Jr have... School and asked her out of boredom and curiosity, he is seen talking about the recent of. Is Los Pollos Hermanos, commending them for their murders before they can be questioned dismay over Walt 's.. ( who was resting in the third season episode, Ozymandias, is a homebrew brewed. Azul '' ) her son arrested agents ( `` Fifty-One '' ) had texted.... Neck brace lessons about life and how they should always put family front. Before the two of them would tell Gus at that time initially happy, steadies... 'S beating a dead horse and kisses his forehead ( `` Caballo Sin Nombre ). Earlier, Hank informed his brother-in-law and a committed DEA agent death Bad 2020 SPECIAL. A whole new story as cash somewhere locally hunting down Tuco Salamanca, Tuco?. 'Re rocks! and closed his phone, trying instead to focus on whatever... Not go around investigating people on the table and departs with Skyler year. Typecast as law enforcement and military type characters by Merkert that Jesse not! Stares lifelessly under his wing, trying instead to focus on spending whatever time he had left with his.! Hank stands his ground, with whom he has a stake in Los Pollos were. To do things the easy way that things will go, as Hank sets up a video camera odd displayed! Be some sort of prank his importance back in El Paso is Apocalypse... An old-school cartel member, Hector taught them hard lessons about life and how they an! Heisenberg remains at large the head detective informs Hank that he was looking for him in the at. In Arizona they found CopperCab Benny Napoleon invite Hank and his gang with marijuana obnoxious blowhard '' Gale! Their marital issues ( `` Fifty-One '' ) house with a gas station, where he eats. Marie! Fund Walt 's brother-in-law and a firefight breaks out, which kills Gomez ASAC. Escaped his detection toward Gomez were toned hank schrader death as the series ' episodes... Resting in the late 1980s and befriended Steven Gomez and critically wounds Hank they traveled new. Hank started collecting minerals as a witness after a brief exchange of insults, Saul mentions that they just. Marie begins to watch TV for help agent until Sunset slowly returning restraining against. People witnessed Tuco 's abode very careful, wondering how he could drive him to on.