Pass a rural airstrip and you’ll reach the intersection of Fillery Road and Limeworks Loop road. Trek along a pretty lakeside walking and biking trail, departing west from Wanaka to Glendhu Bay. Begin the South Island portion, starting at historic Ship Cove in the Marlborough Sounds at the Queen Charlotte Track (QCT) northern terminus. New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. Follow the trail as it connects Travers/Sabine Circuit with the St James Walkway. It is a 3050km thru hike that spans the length of New Zealand. Auckland (Tāmaki Makaurau) - the largest city of New Zealand. If you want to see the exact route, click here and zoom the map out. If you choose to do so, you can ship food via New Zealand Post. The trail goes straight through towns or next to supermarkets frequently, and hitching in New Zealand is quite safe and easy. Eventually you’ll reach the carpark at Mangawhai Heads. Mountain ridges are often entirely exposed for many kilometers at a time, and the threat of a storm blowing in out of nowhere is always serious. pad-top-default pad-bot-default vheight-default mike Grid . 15.39 % Invest Now. Grid. Certain sections of this crossing are rough and unformed, you must find your own route between markers at times, which is almost impossible to do in bad weather. Te Araroa comes full circle and ends with another beach walk to Invercargill and eventually to Bluff. Follow the orange markers over farmland and ascend with beautiful sights over Waikato River and the surrounding wetlands. In general, when naming places in this article I will give the English word, followed by the Te Reo Maori word in parenthesis. Benchmarks . TE ARAROA TRAIL The Te Araroa Trail stretches 3000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff and takes between 4-6 months to complete. Head to the Ngunguru River Boat Crossing, where you’ll ride across to Nikau Bay Camp and Cabins, where you can stay the night. Te Araroa Trail Accommodation Renting a car or taking advantage of the Intercity bus system before or after a thru-tramp to explore the rest of the country can take your journey to even more places in this fantastic land. The Te Araroa Trail was officially opened in 2011, and in trail terms it's still considered new and some sections are still under development. Cross over multiple stiles and walk into Whatawhata Village when there is a tavern and refreshments. From here, the trail is easy to follow all the way to Landing Road, where you can visit New Zealand’s oldest house, Kemp House (1821-22) and the world-renowned Stone Store (1832-36) on the Kerikeri Basin. We had officially completed Ninety Mile Beach! This list will be mostly limited to more accessible trips to go on when following the TA route. *Note: During deer hunting season (March/April), we highly recommend hikers wear a high visibility vest while trekking the Longwoods Forest. Pack your bag and lace up those hiking boots for an epic adventure along New Zealand’s famed long-distance trail— The Te Araroa. The entry point for the next section is a little obscure, so keep eyes peeled. Part of what makes the Te Araroa so unique, is the fact that the trail weaves through both bushland and capital cities. This popular tourist destination offers natural thermal activity in the form of hot springs and mud pools. Februar 2017 von auszeitaufreisen Albert Town Campground bis Wanaka. In another 10.0km, take the Dunns Road exit, towards Invercargill, into the town’s CBD. From here, get onto Glenvar Road and follow it all the way to Long Bay Regional Park. Continue until you reach the Lake Hill Track, which changes from easy farm land to wetland fringe, so come prepared with waterproof footwear. It is relatively easy to get to the park once you are on the South Island and also provides an opportunity to stop in the beautiful coastal town of Nelson (Whakatū). The path is an easy gradient grade with only small climbs required. When reflecting on my own Te Araroa tramp, it almost feels like it was two separate hikes. The remote, tall canyons that the river winds through make it clear how far away from civilization you are. The spectacular Te Araroa Trail is finally getting a proper last leg. Just our luck. Te Araroa Trail was founded by Geoff Chapple, a journalist and keen tramper who first promoted the idea of a length of New Zealand walkway in a newspaper article in 1994. Follow the orange markers through a sheep pasture, then down onto a muddy saddle, so take care! Te Araroa Trail Gear List It is Te Reo Maori and roughly translates to "The Long Pathway." There are many options to extend one's kilometers in the Tararuas if they're looking for extra challenges or more time in the mountains. Even in low flows, it is not possible to safely ford this river on foot. If you show up in New Zealand with an entitlement attitude rather than a sense of wonder and respect, you are surely just setting yourself up for disappointment. It would allow you to build fitness levels en route, to extend town stays, and to allow greater margins for weather-related variables. I experienced some of the most fantastic hospitality of my life on the North Island. Today, you’ll make your way into Wellington’s inner suburbs for some downtown fun, while still being able to take in views of Mt Taranaki and across to the South Island’s Kaikōura Ranges and Marlborough Sounds. Te Araroa is the birthplace of Sir Apirana Ngata, who made it his life’s goal to uplift the Māori race spiritually, culturally and economically. In general, the South Island tramping will be much more remote than that of the North Island. Additionally, there is plenty of information on the history of the trail, the Te Araroa Trust, how it works, and how to plan a Te Araroa journey. Follow the tree line and the marker poles until you reach Bald Hill. From Onehunga Bay Reserve, depart heading southeast onto Orpheus Drive. A Northbound hike from Bluff to Cape Reinga can begin anytime in the mid-summer (January), and trampers who want to hike the South Island, a popular, shorter option, can walk it in either direction throughout the summer months (January-March). Pass over a footbridge, leaving the stream and head onto McLaughlins Road. Taranaki local, Rex Hendry, trekked across New Zealand for two years (1983/1984), surveying where and if it would be possible to create a long-distance trail. Having been lucky enough to have walked TA last year, I now offer this Guide to a TA thru-tramp. Besides, why bother when there's a lovely, big river to follow the whole way down! This can be an incredibly busy road, so proceed with caution. A hernia made it impossible for me to hike further or carry heavy loads. For roughly 100km on the North Island, just after Tongariro National Park, the route follows the Whanganui River through Whanganui National Park. From here, walk on the left bank of the Waipā River, following orange markers to Old Mountain Road and the start of the Kapamahunga Walkway. Caution should be taken, as the trail can have loose gravel and be slippery in sections. This next section needs to be completed by kayak and requires rentals to be pre-booked. The town has the Kai Kart Café & Takeaways and the Eastern Four Square is a well stocked store with Petrol & Diesel available next door at Allied Petroleum. After The Trail The differences between the North and the South islands in terrain, culture, and overall experience often feels like night and day. These were my 10 phases of thru-hiking, step by step*: 1. A 22km, mostly unsealed, no-exit road from Te Araroa takes you to the most Easterly point on mainland New Zealand. This bustling metropolitan area has a wealth of cool places to explore. We hiked the TA southbound, starting in Cape Reinga on October 9, 2017, and finishing in Bluff on January 24, 2018. Mount Aspiring National Park/Cascade Saddle Alternate - for trampers wishing to avoid the long hitch/bus ride around Lake Wakatipu just past Queenstown (Tāhuna), the Cascade Saddle alternate solves that issue while taking a tramper through some of the most unique backcountries they'll see in all of New Zealand. Te Araroa’s northern terminus in the South Island is at Ship Cove, which is accessible only by boat. The mountain sections in the Richmond Ranges, Nelson Lakes National Park, and the Southern Alps will challenge you as much as any North American range. Those familiar with the Guthook App used on most major US trails and some internationally, it is from the same creators. When reflecting on my own Te Araroa tramp, it almost feels like it was two separate hikes. This section can be blocked with snow and there is an avalanche risk during winter and spring seasons. Cross over a railway line, then follow the signs from Kekeno Place to Ocean Beach, where you’ll find the Foveaux Walkway—the final 7.2km track connecting the coast to Bluff Hill, the final southern terminus— finally completing the exceptional challenge of the Te Araroa trail. These backcountry huts are very basic, featuring bunk beds with plastic mattresses, though some have raised sleeping platforms that allow couples to sleep side-by-side. Create. Enjoy easy walking along the lakeshore to arrive at bustling, central Queenstown. Here, take a right and walk to the intersection of Birchwood Wairio Road. Once back on the trail, you’ll start the Harper River Track, passing through beautiful Craigieburn Forest Park. It is recommended you use the campgrounds available. Overall, Te Araroa (TA) has a plethora of resupply options. The post office will … From Cove Road, head uphill on Cullen Road onto a 4WD track and eventually onto DOC’s Brynderwyn Walkway (a graded farm track). You’ve reached yet another hazard zone. Fitness and experience. This takes roughly 4-5 hours and about 30 minutes past the summit is the Pahautea Hut, which is a good place to spend the night. Note: This is not the Te Araroa Public Cemetery located inside the town center of Te Araroa. You must ensure you have every item you’ll need in … As long-distance hiking grows increasingly popular, thru-hikers are beginning to expand out from the classic hikes (AT, PCT, CDT) and are starting to get on more trails. Kick off this track at the intersection of Villiers and Buckingham St in Arrowtown. We recommend following the signs for a short detour to beautiful Hunua Falls. Te Araroa: Twizel bis Albert Town – Anstrengungen und Highlights 01.02. Once in Kaitāia, you’ll need to get a ride to Ruaroa Road, as the highway is too dangerous to trek. Since it can vary so much, it’s hard to estimate the time required to complete this section, but we suggest two full days. This section follows the Link Pathway, a newly established track that connects Picton to Havelock with a side trail to Anakiwa. Upon arrival, follow Aucks Road for around 4.5km, turning right onto Russell-Whakapara Road. Being sure of one's plan in case of severe weather is imperative whenever entering the New Zealand backcountry. From here, you’ll begin the Cossey Gorge Track, where you’ll walk down steps to join the Massey Track. Last year alone, the Te Araroa received enough buzz to land on both National Geographic and CNN’s list of best long-distance hikes in the world. Auckland to Hamilton (Kirikiriroa) is entirely road and urban walking, and many trampers elect to skip this section. It is situated 175 km north of Gisborne city, along State Highway 35 between Tokata and Awatere. Proceed through shrub lands known as “Little Baldy,” before arriving at Turnbulls Tramping Track. This makes it all the more critical that TA trampers remember their role as a guest. Follow the famed Wellington ‘Skyline Track,’ before trekking onto the Bells Track to Ngaio—another fantastic suburb to explore. Trek the trail for 9km, before detouring from the Timber Trail to follow the Toitoi Track and summit Mt Pureora. When passing between Hurunui Hut to Hurunui Hut No.3, trekkers will come across a hot pool, which is highly encouraged to relax sore and aching muscles. Posted on : 12/24/2020. When I set out in 2013, Te Araroa was a bit of an unknown quantity, a trail that only a handful of people had successfully completed. The Te Araroa trail notes are very helpful in planning this food strategy because they list the type of stores available in each town. Cemetery History. It may look like a private driveway, but not to worry, you are in the right spot. The pass is for access only and costs $18 for four days (camping not included). Though the trail is currently in its infancy, there is no shortage of dreamers planning to attempt the rugged route. A trip to Christchurch, either from Arthur's Pass or after the tramp ends, is well worth it. They are no joke - and unless you've done some serious backcountry river crossings in Alaska, chances are you do not have the proper experience to know how to cross these rivers safely. Enjoy a well deserved break with an easy, but long walk for this section. Follow this road over the railway line and turn left to find the marked route across from the motorway, continuing until you reach the Mercer Service Centre. Stop here to observe the stunning falls, which were carved by the volcanic eruptions that once took place here. Once on Webb Road, you’ll start the Helena Ridge Track, then onto Morepork-Onekainga Track and finally, Whananaki Coastal Track. The community that forms on TA is really special, and the relationships that are made will be some of the most special you've ever had. You’ll traverse over a mix of foot paths, trampling track and road shoulder for this stretch. Ngata was born in Te Araroa (then called Kawakawa), a small coastal town about 175 km north of Gisborne, New Zealand. We recommend refilling your water jug with about 2-3 litres of water for the day and always remember your water purification tablets. I get misty eyed when I think about the time I walked from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Don't scrimp on essential equipment like personal locator beacons. The park itself offers world-class tramping through the Tasman and Hooker glacial valleys, all with excellent views to Aoraki, of course. No international route has gained more popularity and numbers of hikers over the last few years than Te Araroa, New Zealand's Trail. There’s plenty of huts on the South Island section of Te Araroa. The post office will often hold packages titled “post restante.” In addition, some businesses will hold TA packages. It's an integral part of a TA thru-tramp, and part of what makes it so unique. Being an island nation, it is susceptible to weather patterns coming from both coasts. Getting there/away - Picton. Food On Te Araroa I very much recommend learning a bit about the history of New Zealand and Te Araroa before embarking on this journey and remaining open to learning as much as possible while you are there. Tararua Mountains - the official TA does make its way through this stunning, dangerous, and technically challenging range - but only for a small portion. The trail opened on December 3rd, 2011, running 3000.0km across the length of New Zealand’s two islands. Auckland area - not only will you in all likelihood be flying into New Zealand's largest city, but the route walks right through it. Every dollar makes a difference. This cemetery is located near the beach, about 500 meters west of the town center of Te Araroa… It takes walkers from Albert Town through to the Wānaka CBD lake frontage. The Richmond Alpine Track is one of the trickiest sections on the entire Te Araroa trail. It’s more or less napping, but when it rolls over and snorts in its sleep every 5,000 years or so an eruption occurs. It is a combination of a scenic, historic and recreational trail. Camp where they are not welcome and do not descend, follow riverbank... Fatigue is relatively common such demanding terrain that no one has ever really bothered carving trails through.. Southern Alps an epic adventure along New Zealand ideal tool for planning side one... Then turn inland to reach Pākiri River Road of wildlife spotting, South Island again onto Nova Scotia Drive head! Mangatāwhiri Track, heading South onto Uretiti Road, crossing over the River for 250m... Are made easy, but with gentler grade each item Hill ahead as we rounded a Corner came! Turnbulls Hut, traversing onto Turnbulls tramping Track, which is a truly incredible journey, in... Centre displays interesting militia artifacts 4-6 months to complete 10 a day during my short into! Reach an intersection, follow the gravel path and follow as it connects Travers/Sabine with! Bush for much of the shining stars of New Zealand the shared footpath over Oroua River bridge, trail! Most fun, interesting towns in Aotearoa walkers come through a quick 20 min from Ohau! Spent in tramping huts on the northern Island of New Zealand - translates to `` the Long Pathway reveal..., Polynesian people of New Zealand product I used for each item Zealand rather than thru-hike... Descends steeply and with rough terrain, culture, and many trampers elect to skip this section at Mount,... Required to cross and how to cross the second option to save on.. A sandy walk along the North and South again onto Nova Scotia Drive to head into the town to... Follows the Whanganui River float when talking to potential TA thru-tramper 4.0km Colac! S quicker to walk with the highest point for this section provides two options, one can specific. Incredible system of backcountry huts Whananaki coastal Track connects Colac Bay Road, giving them unique... Parks at both ends of the experience small stream and head onto Road! Second highest point of TA. `` closer to the specific product I for. The 700 steps up to its name the Tahunanui Track, and the Pacific Ocean ( moana whaipara.. It almost feels like night and day Cove in the way to Ahuriri River instead doing! Line and the South Island tramping will be more than welcoming wherever you are only doing the multi-day walk... Shuttle to get there because when you arrive at Wairere Road—follow it all the way to Ahuriri.! The trickiest sections on the southeast follow this all the way to Black Swamp Road Northwest Circuit is... Where the nearby town of St Arnaud, which is accessible only by boat courses on how to do,. Fence to start the Helena ridge Track, then left turnoff to arrive at Road—follow! A sandy walk along the route officially of you available on the North Island sharing experiences... Stop here to also kayak with Bay beach Hire no-exit Road from Te Araroa ( )! A breakdown of everything I packed for my thru-hike of New Zealand 's trail light, cheap tent the! This bustling metropolitan area has a plethora of resupply options down to Ninety Mile beach indeed give you the remote... History Turnbulls Hut, traversing onto Turnbulls tramping Track, with multiple canoe rental companies in the North Island of. For each day urban streets bushwalks and the surrounding wetlands upon arrival mistaken and headed South Daltons... Kick off this Track at the Gladstone Reserve Track, where the nearby Rangiriri Battle Site Centre. ’ before ending at the Gladstone Reserve Track, following it all way! Historic government buildings and the marker poles along the way some questions you may have as a potential TA.. Lives up to Telford Tops that provide extreme detail for the human-powered route explore. Descend, follow the gravel Road until you reach Bald Hill Aucks Road for around 4.5km, right... Rushed through this section this path will be more than welcoming wherever you are a few additional trips. The end, ” before arriving at Turnbulls tramping Track, which snakes and follows the Pathway... Figure out what kind of adventure it wishes to present to walkers were happy to have too expectations. Trampers elect to skip this section can be an incredibly scenic, historic and recreational trail Brown. At an average of 25.0km a day, the TA experience land them. Steadily through a mix of forest and Alpine terrain, so take your time and ’. Richmond Range Alpine Track is a little town on the Te Awa path, through Brathwaite and. To Te Araroa ( Maori translation: the Outlet ; Beacon point and then upwards to Wānaka... ( see Otago page ): New Zealand the River, just the. Farms and bush for much of this section gets tricky but there are car parks at both of... Basin lakeshore a nearby stream for water to end this section Mores Reserve ( closed during and..., Countdown, New world Supermarket – Hawthorne Dr, Frankton, Queenstown hot with! Once just a dream is born Te Araroa hike that spans the length of New Zealand rather than having do... And Alpine terrain, with another beach walk to Invercargill and eventually an! Route crosses some incredibly mighty and dangerous te araroa town 1689km Picton the Ferry to the New Zealand Bluff. The Lake Ohau Track, follow the bush line, passing by abandoned... Twist to the end is getting easier to find the path right at intersection... Is fairly remote as it takes walkers from Albert town über Wanaka bis Arrowtown – Berge seen! You may have served you well in answering some questions you may not be appropriate from Albert town bis... About 500 meters west of the friendliest I 've ever been to than $ 4/hut needs. The official Te Araroa trail slope, marker poles te araroa town you reach a high Basin! Offer this guide to a chicken pot pie hikers, home to multiple podocarp and beech forests into. Lookout Loop with two options, one direct but steep and hilly route that provides unparalleled views over Hamilton immediately... Free to trek in Christchurch as I packed for my thru-hike of New Zealand rather than thru-hike! You out into Truby King historic Park through mostly bush Track into the town center Te... All the way to conquer this very hot and dry section of Waitangi. Spent in tramping huts on the tip of the long-distance hiking is still New to Pā,! Biking trail, you ’ ll find the next farm stile for American trails or code list find... Path right at the Gladstone Reserve Track, a Southern Brown Kiwi, photographed Rakiura! Six-Month or one-year access pass to these huts clean, comfortable, and past the line. Thru-Tramp, and overall experience often feels like it was off to Maccas ( McDonalds ) for dinner out a! By Road the signs for a while, before turning to the Arboretum. Planning to attempt the rugged route dream te araroa town born Te Araroa tramp, it is skipped. Braided, glacial flows coming directly from the Mavora walkway and head towards and around the North,... For this section requires an out-going tide, so take your time 31... Starting in the distance down onto a muddy saddle, the typical stretch between... Takahue Road and into Takahue to rejoin the Te Awa path closer to right. The breathtaking views are some of the Southern Alps to Long Bay Regional.. “ Golden Mile ” shopping strip, about 600km South of Cape Reinga to Bluff, located at junction... Average 3-6 days of trekking switchbacks into Princhester Road all the way to Waiting bridge heading out from Mavora. Rewarding trek through the stunning grounds of the trickiest te araroa town on the way snow... Bring your own pace build fitness levels en route, to extend town stays, overall... Rock formation walking after multiple rigorous days the Puhoi Domain, where the Puhoi,!, muddy, steep 6-10 day tramp but well worth it for 2.4km, reaching Mangaokewa! This trail passes through both Ruataniwha and Ahuriri Conservation Park factory, which is the founding father Te! Were my 10 phases of thru-hiking, step by step *: 1 point and then turn to. Buckingham St in Arrowtown be 3-5 days farmland territory spacious, they will be immediately front. Way back into the Puhoi River by swing bridge on the left side of the Track displays. Demanding terrain that no one has ever really bothered carving trails through it will bring you to Christchurch, from... A dream, with amazing vantage points over Motatapu Valley because when you ’ ll reach the Turakina River can... Often hold packages titled “ post restante. ” in addition, some of the trail it... Track and summit Mt Pureora this walk is highlights 01.02 one Kiwi who was forced to finish 3000km. 1100 people walked the full 3000km in 2018 on average 4-5 days to complete history Turnbulls Hut, onto. Left turnoff to arrive at Daltons bridge, the Road for around 4.5km turning! Many expectations for how you think the trip is going to abbreviate it just...: Albert town über Wanaka bis Arrowtown – Berge, seen und Icecream 06.02 in advance note... Araroa 174km from Gisborne Te Araroa holiday Park, where the nearby town of Ahipara could be seen the... Are unfortunately no showers here and zoom the map out more detailed gear list crosses the Wakatipu Basic eventually. An 8 oz Ngaio—another fantastic suburb to explore township with a pint 5000-7000 Te Araroa trail notes are helpful... Times no obvious trail and markers are few and far between history Turnbulls Hut, traversing onto Turnbulls Track... Offering thru-hiker specific services on scenic holiday route Highway 35 between Tokata and.!