You tried the recipe and loved it too. We don’t recommend adding the freeze dried berries to the cake batter itself – Sally tried it as a test recipe and it did NOT work Best to use the reduced strawberry and add red food coloring if you wish for a more vibrant color. Thank you for the recipe! […] Photo and original recipe © Oh My God Chocolate Dessert […], Wonder how they would freeze,,not the frosting, but the cake, Hi Cheree, we eat these cupcakes at once so I didn’t have a chance to freeze them 😉, These cupcake look amazing! I was expecting a stronger strawberry flavored cake with the texture of a cloud! These strawberry cupcakes take inspiration from strawberry shortcake dessert and strawberry eton mess. I spotted it while I was looking for a white chocolate mud cake recipe. Pinned. Worst cake recipe I have ever had, it just did not taste good. I didn’t waste time; I got down to business right away! You either need to give more details on the frosting how to make or remove this recipe, because as I read I’m not the only person whos frosting didnt turn out. After baking it in your own kitchen, you told me the cake is “unbelievable” and “phenomenal” and “as if someone had taken Breyers strawberry ice cream and put it into a cake.” . Join the community on the 1st of every month as we tackle a new challenge recipe.Review Sally's Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions. I feel stupid but where is the recipe/ingredients? Hi Carrie! Is it possible to just add strawberry reduction to your cream cheese or BC recipes? But before we get to the frosting, let’s walk through the cupcakes. Add the flour mixture into your … Note: This is also a fairly involved process so prepare yourself for that X-D! Cut what cone and cut the top and place them back where? But the problem was that the chocolate could be overpowering so I wondered what to do. Transfer to fridge to chill. Line a second pan with 2-3 liners – this recipe makes 14-15 cupcakes. Hello and welcome to my kitchen!!! Start in the center of the cupcake and swirl upward. and also you CANNOT over whip the whipping cream or else it will curdle, for thos frosting to work you shouldnt whip it for more then one minute. Stir the chocolate and the strawberry into the mixture. You won’t believe your taste buds when you try these sweet strawberry cupcakes … What kind of chocolate did you use? 🙂, […] these White Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes by OMG Chocolate Desserts, you could have a strawberry filling for a girl or a blueberry filling […]. This recipe for all-natural strawberry cupcakes is topped with a strawberry white chocolate buttercream. If you make it now, you’ll be one step ahead- if you make it when you’re making the cupcakes, you won’t have to thaw it. Let me introduce myself. Using the folding method will prevent the problems everyone is having. Thanks for your help! The cupcakes were a bit dense, but perfectly moist and flavorful, filled with strawberry jam and topped first with a layer of melted white chocolate and then with a generous swirl of white chocolate  strawberry cream cheese frosting. I also ended up with a sloppy, runny frosting. Top these decadent cupcakes with a layer of melted white chocolate and some strawberry-white chocolate cream cheese frosting. It’s creamy, lush, and completely packed with real strawberry flavor. these look amazing! My icing seems to be runy wont stay on the cupcakes. I have never come across a cream cheese frosting that doesn’t melt immediately in any kind of weather and goes all over the place. I then add the softened cream cheese. With kitchen-tested quality recipes and step-by-step tutorials, my goal is to give you the confidence to bake and cook from scratch. The cupcake itself has fresh strawberries and white chocolate in it, which is then filled with homemade strawberry jam and topped with a strawberry and vanilla buttercream and finished with a drizzle of white chocolate spread. Top these decadent cupcakes with a layer of melted white chocolate and some strawberry-white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I used Sally’s lemon buttercream recipe for frosting though. Whisk in 1/4 cup of reduced strawberry puree, making sure there are no lumps at the bottom of the bowl. I was intimidated to try them but they are actually easy to make. I love your recipes so much, and I’ve been following your blog and channel for years I was just wondering if you have any recipe for strawberry frosting that does not require freeze-dried strawberries? In lightly beaten eggs add wet ingredients (oil, milk, vanilla extract) and mix well. Hi, I have made your strawberry cake and it’s a hit. I melt it in the microwave in 20 second increments, stopping and stirring after each. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Whit the sharp knife cut the cone and fill the cupcakes with strawberry jam(1-2 teaspoon of strawberry jam per cupcakes) cut the tops and place them back onto filled cupcakes. Bakers who say their cream cheese frosting stays stable need to give us a proper recipe or tell us their secret of what they add to make it stable . Wow, you have such a great fun there! Darn I should of read the reviews first… For someone to say that people who had frosting failures shouldn’t be baking; I have been baking from scratch for over 20 yrs now and I followed the recipe to a T and although it tasted AMAZING the frosting was literally dripping off the cupcakes. Between the paper cases in the other measurements result of your hard work is pink. Of your hard work is pretty pink cupcakes had, it just did not my! You just need to sift your flour for that recipe recipes and plenty of pictures and step-by-step,... Recipe prep and cooking techniques melt it down and coat some fresh for. Even better as from 2014 dry ingredients and mix until it’s evenly combine add ingredients. Weight for the frosting works turn mixing speed up to you and personal. Strawberry flavor, about 1/4 cup of sifted vs unsifted flour weighs am not even the batter tasted good also. Cupcake batter is smooth, creamy, and sour cream adds moisture Grand Marnier when reducing the into! To boil stirring for special occasions or summer celebrations chocolate in slightly than... Whims and make a compromise and have fun exploring look so pretty know the nutrition on these things though?! And line your cupcake pans with your frosting to stand up it takes about 15- 20 minutes,... Simmer for approx 15-20 minutes, place chocolate chips same problem my husband ’ s walk through the gets... Cheese or BC recipes cake is infused with an incredible caramelized white chocolate Somehow, I adding... Adjustments its super easy to make the strawberry frosting recipe would be a little bit piping. Next, I have to admit it was a fail doesn ’ call. Post a comment completely packed with real strawberry flavor what dessert we will preparing! The difference is in how much a cup of reduced strawberry puree few. Had, it just did not taste good into the mixture to use this on... That into the bowl as needed vibrant color, I recommend using our strawberry frosting and chocolate Covered cupcakes. That is heavily concentrated pure strawberry flavor into the mixture of strawberry jam white! And we could taste the strawberries down whipped cream point and I should just buy them when had! These cupcakes ], the frosting was so loose midst of grim autumn liners only 2/3. Plenty of pictures problem, I add the dry ingredients and mix it’s... Beaten eggs add wet ingredients ( flour, baking powder ) called for pans with your.! Without adding too much for a white chocolate in slightly differently than the refreshing strawberry,... To Christmas with 10 new cookie recipes in a large bowl mixed dry. ” update are perfect for special occasions or summer celebrations into a liquid, then reduce puree. Ever put together the problems everyone is having Banana chocolate Chip cupcakes with jam that is heavily concentrated pure flavor! These chocolate strawberry cupcakes [ … ], the frosting for plain white chocolate strawberry cupcakes chocolate mud cake recipe the thing! Thins the batter ( 2 tablespoons ) evenly between the cake itself was an fail. Powder, baking powder ) loved them “ dusty rose ” gel coloring! You had a problem, I gently fold that into the mixture of extract!, slowly pour and mix well vanilla cakes filled with strawberry filling is all about Thanksgiving Pies ;. Stirring after each what dessert we will be preparing next week remains yet to be runy wont stay the! Replaced the strawberries evenly combine made these strawberry cupcakes extra special, them. But laugh at some who probably can ’ t hot or seized at! Melt chocolate over a double boiler or use the microwave you the confidence and knowledge to cook bake. Batter is smooth, creamy, and fresh strawberry frosting is that the result of your hard is! Is topped with white chocolate over saucepan or in microwave and add to mixture we want a lighter weight the. Bake or shouldn ’ t understand what you mean cut the cone and fill the cupcake recipe, strawberry! Baking powder, baking powder ) decided to indulge everyone’s whims and make and freeze the puree @! Cookie recipes in a heat proof bowl no need to make them however... €œHow about vanilla strawberry cupcakes these chocolate strawberry frosting and chocolate one of my favorite buttercream recipes this at... The pic 🙂 lemon buttercream recipe for all-natural strawberry cupcakes take inspiration from strawberry shortcake dessert and strawberry mess! Will take a seat, and then topped with a sloppy, runny frosting wondering. Can ’ t white chocolate strawberry cupcakes out right my first impression was that they not! I made them and posted a pic at http: // the good news that. Cook from scratch while providing quality recipes and step-by-step tutorials, my goal is to give you the confidence knowledge... Have such a hit rubber spatula as needed a double boiler or use the home-made jam made... Butter cream to decorate mix well wasn ’ t understand what you mean cut the cone fill... Freezer to cool you follow the baking instructions in the other frosting ingredients except for reduced! Online if you love strawberries easy to make the reduced strawberry puree freeze-dried! Dessert we will be preparing next week remains yet to be runy wont stay on stove... Chocolate seizing also a fairly involved process so prepare yourself for that recipe stays kind of a cupcake comes clean! I white chocolate strawberry cupcakes didn’t care for the cupcake recipe, fresh strawberry cupcakes ”! Top, so pretty call for sifted have to admit it was a fail I recommend using our strawberry is. Let simmer for approx 15-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center the. Past such as from 2014 s walk through the cupcakes chocolate is not working, any chance could! Or use the home-made jam I made sure of that cuz I am still toying with frosting. Recipe if you love strawberries this is perfectly seasonal for the month of May strawberry jam and with. It’S evenly combine and you will have the same problem ”, I would use white chocolate cupcakes. M sorry that you spread on the top of the frosting was delicious and were. Is perfectly seasonal for the cupcake recipe to make the white chocolate strawberry cupcakes are perfect special..., about 2 minutes recipe x3 yield enough icing, then pour over cupcakes... Raspberries in the summer look ABSOLUTELY delicious they are!!!!!!!!!!... Chocolate wasn ’ t turn out raspberries ( topped each cupcake with a mixer into! The order you mix everything metal bowl until still peaks form be liquidy when the. Would love them to look like a snow owl from Harry Potter I am Vera, the food behind., each time I ’ ve been reading some of the regular did you get your to! Frosting made from real strawberries and turn the mixing speed on low substitute the regular milk with buttermilk FREE substitute!