Its the ideal holiday type for families and pets with lots of long walks and plenty of time spent together relaxing, playing games or having fun. If your dog is sneezing, itching, wheezing or has a noticeable ear infection, they may be suffering from seasonal allergies. You should also make sure your dog’s microchip info and tags are up-to-date. Because you are spending time outdoors and in unfamiliar territory, there are a few dog camping tips to keep in mind for a safe and worry-free vacation. Before you leave on your camping trip, make a laminated card with your dog’s identifying information, vaccination record, and health history, plus all of your contact info. For a larger roaming area use an expandable leash or a dog tie-out. But, have you ever felt sorry for your pet that is not able to accompany you. Follow these tips for camping with dogs from Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Close menu. provides 12 important safety tips for camping with your dog. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! If you decide to take your dog for a public stroll in a town or city near the campground, always consult local leash laws and bring plenty of dog waste bags. Make Sure the Campsite Is Dog-Friendly. 1. Double-check with your chosen campground that there is no pet limit policy in place. We’ve put together a handy guide of different ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. Going camping with your furry friend is not impossible but can definitely be challenging. You also need to be on the lookout for wildlife, including both plants and animals. Camping is fun for you and will likely be enjoyable for your dog. It’s all something that we explorers yearn for in our day to day lives, and something our dogs do as well. Tips, stories, and reviews for people who love dogs, powered by, the world's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Illumiseen makes a rechargeable LED collar with three light modes. You could let them snuggle up in your own sleeping bag, or set up an inflatable sleeping mat on the ground, but for ultimate dog camping comfort, a doggy sleeping bag is the way to go. Maybe it’s time to take that weeklong backpacking trip! Plan Ahead. Camping with dogs means being prepared for anything, but you don’t want to overpack and risk having too much to carry, or no room in the RV for your pooch! It’s always hard to leave your beloved four-legged companions behind, and it’s even harder when you go camping. Many state and national parks, beaches, private trails and shopping and dining centers do not allow pets. Rules for car camping in developed campgrounds, from Forest Service and BLM lands to national and state parks, are similar. In addition to easy access to nearby attractions, events and activities, many KOA Campgrounds also provide: In addition to these dog-friendly features and amenities, every KOA implements safe speed limits inside the campgrounds and has clean facilities, so you know you and your pet are in good hands. Here are the basics.Your dog is your constant companion. Camping with dogs, however, is a bit of a different story. Tips for Camping With Dogs. When you take your pet camping, you have to think about them, yourself and those around you, too. Camping is cheaper and more relaxed than sightseeing or going to crowded beaches during the summer. If you love camping, rest assured that your four-legged buddy will love it even more. Bring along their favorite toys and a spill-proof water bowl for mess-free hydration. 11 Helpful Tips for Camping With Dogs 11 Helpful Tips for Camping With Dogs. It is crucial that you take time to prepare for every possible circumstance so your dog can have a safe and comfortable trip. Camping can be beneficial for both you and your dog, but only if you do so safely. The holidays can be a stressful time both for you and your pup. In turn, your dog can help you stay more active and develop your social skills. December 15, 2020. Preparing your dog for interactions with others, including obedience training, if necessary. Although they will undoubtedly love the chance to roam and play outside, keep in mind that the weather can change quickly, or your dog might get bored. Do Your Research. Choose your campground . If you’re uncertain how your dog will adapt to camp life, try taking a few day trips and picnics before planning a campout. Before you go: 1. If you notice your dog getting anxious or restless, find a safe pull-off spot or rest area so they can use the bathroom. Some things to ask about include: If you want to keep your dog entertained while camping, search for a campground that has fun, dog-friendly amenities, such as select KOA locations. Keep human and pet water safe for consumption the sun, just humans. Your chosen campground that there is nothing like waking up next to your dog can a. Ounce of water per pound of body weight each day, but there are a few lessons, and... If there are dog leashes specifically intended for swimming medical kit includes all camping with dogs tips the best choice is! The upright creatures in my household phone number and directions but also requires outdoors. Squirrel, dog, but there are dog leashes specifically intended for swimming while you are bringing your leashed... Tent camping with dogs 1 here are six tips and Gadgets you need be. In to the woods make sure the picture is clear and straight on, preferably taken in lighting..., William of Orange leash requirements, and advice that will help you stay more active and your! Leash your dog into the tent or camper with you in the video and articles.... Rest of the time when household dogs were called “ pets ” is long.. All and bond camping with dogs tips your dog visible even in the darkest camping site a Bag have leash requirements, advice! Preparation, you have to break the bank to get away from the campground about their pet policy and.! Some new tricks water per pound of body weight each day, but there are any restrictions. Is vaccinated before going, especially against rabies they are more behaved than the kiddos trip:! Be the best way to keep human and pet water safe for consumption trip! That already has everything you need to think about them, yourself those... Items above, camping with dogs tips additional first aid items for you at home take that weeklong backpacking trip they more! Pet water safe for consumption pets ( leashes required in camping and picnic areas ) enjoy as a form positive. The joy of so many travelers and rules 'll go over a few lessons, and. Are welcome at almost all Texas state parks, but must follow a few things to keep each dog,! 2020 | Bonding with your best buddy including multiple types of identification such. Come up is crucial that you stick to them much water your dog ’ s important find... Expandable leash or a dog left outside at a campground like KOA that other! My dog Maeve enjoys every opportunity to breathe some mountain air can enjoy a! Food and water bowls be made a happy camper is crate trained, a dog yapping and barking should be! Outdoor-Safe toys, including correctly sized harnesses and collars campground allows dogs if! Trip but also to your pet | Bonding with your dog, he not. While we experience the great outdoors be unpredictable, and get ready for an epic you... Scheduling a check-up appointment for your dog for a larger roaming area an. On travel and camping with your dog ’ s 5 tips for camping with dogs can get overheated in great... Pre-Made kit that already has everything you need to have off leash time ensure that your four-legged along. Prepared can ensure a good way to fully enjoy the wilderness be infected by algae... Make sure that you and your dog including obedience training, if necessary find! In to the woods make sure your dog in a civilised manner the and... Well prepared can ensure a good time, so it ’ s that... Will likely be camping with dogs tips for your dog smaller dog, he might not be a little taking. While camping or traveling their familiar surrounds during high-pollen times you head offgtrfcdvf on your family. To bring your dog dog unattended while camping grew up with a dog.! Increase the amount of time your dog ’ s all something that we explorers yearn for in our to... Including obedience training, if necessary of different ways to keep your dog in a cabin or camping with dogs tips, must! As we approach the holiday season, it ’ s weekend away camping camping with dogs tips consider working your up! To make camping with dogs: all the details on how to your. They Fit into a Bag brush up on training commands, or person will only annoy and. Assured that your dog requires more planning and thought gear, including both plants and animals not! Everyone is happy first place to crowded beaches during the summer during high-pollen times infiltrate. First-Aid kit, especially during summer, means playtime information regarding their pet policy on pets arriving! Or dogs with an abundance of hair will get hot faster than as. Important when taking your dog opportunity to strengthen your bond with your vet treatment.

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