After the first wave, Sully will inform you more are coming from the right. He's by himself, so take him out however you see fit. Continue to use the table for cover, but it's time to use guns. Follow the walkway and proceed up the stairs--immediately seek cover at the top, either behind the nearby box or low wall ahead, and take down the attacking enemies (ignore the central gunner for now). Now the second and third cylinders have a few obstructions on them--just work your way around them, making sure to leap to the next cylinder in a location not obstructed. PS3 Uncharted 2 gameGame difficulty - Hard modeTweaks Enabled - One shot kills / Infinite ammoAnyone see this happen in this game before? Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire. Simply sneak up on the guard and tap Attack button when behind him to silently take him down! Great, so not only is the 'treasure' not quite what Nate was expecting, but Elena was shot too! Follow the bricks around to the left, then up, and back to the right. Wait for the gap in its spokes, then jump through. Oh crap, you'd better run fast to get away from the truck! Barring that, a quick trip to ground-level will yield much more from the fallen enemies. Quickly clamber outside a window on either side, then climb the ladder to the roof. Follow-up game to 2007's critically acclaimed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a continuation of the adventures of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past. Even worse, it'll systematically destroy the train cars as you move along them (you can tell missiles are inbound when you hear the whirring noise--that indicates it's time to get moving! Grab the nearby grenade launcher and stock up on nearby ammo. Oh, and you can't take cover either! Following the flashback, press any button to have Nate regain his composure. Follow them, swinging when necessary, around the building to a ledge just below an enemy--pull him off before pulling yourself up. Once inside the old temple, take cover by the left side of the wall and remain here to stay out of sight while the hunters and soldiers battle it out below. Oh crap, as if the roof caving weren't bad enough, you now have a chopper gunning for you. Just stay back, use the corners for cover, and take them down from a distance (and don't sweat it when Chloe gets grabbed--she can handle herself). Use your pistol to pick 'em off while hanging behind the sign for cover (if you do drop down, use the box for cover). As you step outside, you'll spot some guards below. After crossing, make haste for a doorway on the right--even if the tank almost runs you over! Instead, look for a traffic light pole you can climb, near the destroyed VW Bug, on the left side of the street (assuming you're facing the bus). Now use it to target the remaining hunter, but be ready for more to appear via the upper doorway, including one who lobs grenades. Any normal person would have called it quits after their last treasure hunt lead them to an encounter with mutated humans and countless near death experiences. Now follow the wooden boards to a rope you can climb. With the bridge destroyed, run toward the camera and hop through the opening into the house. You should be able to take down most of the enemies from this location, though you will want to move up to the fallen pillar on the left to target the remaining enemies on the far left (there's also a gun nearby, if you need ammo). You may want to relocate to a second wall on the left to better target the enemies on the right left. And if they see you climbing a ledge or jumping over something, they'll do the same thing, meaning combat is going to be a lot more "3D" than the first game. When it pulls ahead, wait until the vehicles bump into one another, leap leap to that one. After crash landing, follow the path down to a broken structure. After some stuff happens, continue along the ledge to the right, then up to a red one, just above the statue's ear. After crossing the bridge, take cover by the left railing to target the enemies on a rooftop below. Luckily, they take forever to aim, so as long as you stay on the move, they won't be able to target you! Now clamber inside and work your way to a staircase. Once you reach the lowest red grip-point of the jutting wall, leap to another series on the left, which you can descend to the lowest level. With the room cleared, clamber up the back wall to an opening above and drop through the hole inside. Once there, peer over the right ledge to take down a sniper below, then look for a rocket-launching baddie on a lower section, toward the way you came--grab his launcher and use it on the tank. To exit, climb up the boxes in the middle and hop out through the broken skylight to the roof. They are heavily-armed and a pain to bring down without explosives. The first game is by the far the weakest in terms of gameplay, b… Now you're going to have to turn the cylinders to that their pattern matches those displayed in your book (as shown in the picture below)--easy stuff. Uh oh! The second can be found in the opposite corner of that same shack. If you have a grenade, we suggest tossing it at the group for a quick victory. Rifles require Nate to take a certain position and put a bit of weight upon himself to fire. Dart across the platform, but take cover as soon as some enemies drop in and focus on them first. Remember, you don't have a gun yet, so that should be your first priority. At the top, sidle along a couple more to the left and leap to the nearby sign post--descend it to ground level. With the area cleared, Elena will join you on that same platform--toss her to a ladder above and follow her up when she kicks down the remainder. Up ahead are a ton of soldiers, as well as a machine gunner. Keep in mind that the red generator in the center can be detonated with a few shots, taking down several enemies at once. Keep an eye out for a couple of scattered bright-red generators--shooting these causes a massive explosion, taking out any nearby baddies. Climb up and move up a couple of boxes, then take aim at the one on the left--again, your partner will take out the other. Now take cover behind either of the nearby walls and shoot the visible enemies, such as in the house to the lower-right, as well as to the left. Climb up it and grab hold of the yellow ridges to the right, and follow them up to another junction box you can interact with to disable the security (don't worry about the guard on the nearby balcony). Now just ahead is a stationed machine gunner that you'll want to sneak up on from behind. Climb down the stairs to a mirror--grab hold and reflect the light into the forehead of the statue ahead. If you're having trouble, just run up to him and cap him from behind. A guard's just ahead. Wait for things to cool down, then target the remaining enemies. Quickly duck into another building on the right. Pull yourself up and follow the roof to a utility box you can climb onto for a wonderful view of the city. To … What? After dropping to the slow, rotating platform, leap to a rope hanging toward the center of the room--use it to swing to a walkway on the far side. Now follow your partner across a few gaps to a balcony with a guard. Clamber up the signs, vaulting over the top one to a series of yellow pegs you can climb to a power line. Trail her up the street to a ladder you can fling her too, which she'll subsequently lower. After climbing the cliff wall (where you'll spot a strange creature), drop to the ground ahead and follow a corridor on the left. Beyond the gate is another guard-filled room, and you'll have to clear most of them out in order to proceed. A cannister on the ground, if shot early, can take most of them down. UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection™ includes the single-player campaigns only for UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, and UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. A short ways into the train car, a floor panel will fall loose, causing Nate to face plant outside. After riding the wheel down to the walkway, jump the gap to another and ride the other side of the wheel up to a second wheel you should grab hold to. Take cover along its thin side, as a guard lurks just around the corner. Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. If you're quick, try climbing up the right side of the central structure, providing a fantastic vantage point for picking them off (including the machine gunner) as they exit the truck--a grenade can work wonders. Once you've finished, turn the the wheel that appears in the room's center. Otherwise, aim for any visible segments of his body (such as his legs, or shooting hand) and follow-up with some finishing shots when he cowers from the blast. Once you have, wait for him to pause between reloads, then push forward to the box just below the tower for cover. Oh no, the chopper's back! You may also want to consider grabbing the dropped grenade launcher to help clear out the remainders. Just continue forward to complete the chapter. Now one of them is equipped with body armor, so go for his head--once you blow off his helmet, a single head shot will take him down. That is, as you exit the small room where you found it, head dead-ahead into a second room--there the blood leads to a dead-end. Leap off the top of that area to wind up just behind a guard you can easily take down. As you approach the crate ahead, an enemy will storm around the corner. Follow the path--taking down a few enemies along the way--up to a split path. Now if the creature grabs you at any point, one of two things will happen: Either you'll be able to take aim and fire a few shots until he frees you (aim for the head), or you'll have to tap the buttons displayed on-screen to escape (it's always "Triangle" followed by "Square"). Continue through the door at the top of the stairs to find a room with a puzzle. Periodically, after inflicting enough damage, Lazarevic will wince in pain and grow more aggravated. Before long though, a rocket launcher on the right will begin giving you some trouble--we suggest moving up to the partially destroyed brick wall ahead, and leaning out from the right to pick off the rocket launcher. Look for the first on the left side of the first shack, facing the path you entered the area from. Back outside, run for the open manhole just ahead and jump inside. To get there, simply jump across a pair of wooden beams! Once he's visible, lay into him with everything you've got. Follow the lengthy corridor down some stairs, then over a "short drop." Sidle right to another yellow pole that you can climb. Walk across the log to a large boulder you can push, providing Sully with a way up. Once he turns away, leap over to him via the signpost and platform on the left and perform a stealth kill. Anyway, work your way across the train car and get ready to tackle a few enemies at the far end. Now drop down and follow the path across a second log. Head left and take a zipline down to the train yard. Follow the walkway to another handrail-less section ahead you can leap over to an awning below. After grabbing hold of it, run back and forth along the wall to build momentum, then leap to the grated-fans on the right. All refreshed? In this room, you'll find three raised cylinders on either side--climb up the grates just below to reach them. This page of the guide has a walkthrough for chapter 19 of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves called Siege. In the next room, step out onto the large concrete slab and grab hold of the beams overhead and swing your way to the far window. 4 is kind of weird in that Shoreline doesn't really do anything evil or have evil intentions, it's heavily implied they do shady stuff but nothing on the level of any enemies from the past franchises. Players control Chloe Frazer—a treasure hunter who is physically adept and is able to jump, sprint, climb, swim, swing and perform other acrobatic actions. For this first area, don't bother trying to find the enemies. After dropping down, take down the few enemies here. Chock full of all the action, adventure, cinematic story elements and beautiful graphics that set the first game apart, Uncharted 2: … Instead, simply run along the main path, sticking to the left side whenever the path seemingly branches. In the first game on say Crushing, you were as brittle as glass and the enemies had a 100% shot accuracy. After dropping down the statue's throat, approach a small structure just ahead and interact with it, causing a sweet-looking map to appear, as well as the next chapter. However, if the enemies do notice your presence, use the logs for cover as you take them down. Now clamber to the top of the train, then to the train car above. Once inside that carriage, you'll begin taking fire from a machine gunner station in the next car. Follow the corridor down to a switch on the ground--activating it causes several pillars to rise. As soon as you've killed the machine gunner, take control if it asap, as a ton of enemies are inbound from the other side of the river. Jump to grab hold of the door frame and climb up to through the hole to the rooftop. ), leaving just three left. After climbing the ladder to the roof of the next train car, immediately seek cover behind the low wall to target a few enemies beyond, before leaping to the next train car. Here's your chance to become more acquainted with your combat abilities. Leap from the last brick to a platform on the right, adjacent to a door. Now jump the gap and climb up some platforms on the left to a thin passage Nate can narrowly fit through. Once there, push the cart blocking the door aside and head inside. As such, you want to stay as far away as you can, while staying close enough to lure him to the sacs. After landing on the lower roof, you'll spot some enemies shooting at something--if you have a grenade, toss it between them to quickly murder them all. Once at the ledge, follow it right to a series of poles you can swing from. Another truck? Great, another security system's protecting the gate. Leap from the concrete beam extending outward to a series of flag poles you start swinging from. Before jumping to the roof of the next train car, take down an enemy there, as well as another below, just inside the carriage. Watch out for an impending shield guy--remember to aim for exposed limbs, such as the legs, or the arm he shoots with. Once through, climb up a couple of furniture pieces inside to an awning, then climb up to another section via the large crack in the wall. Try to avoid running too close to them and especially avoid lingering next to one. Continue to hold onto the top of the ladder and target a few more enemies, further up the train. Grab his ammo then continue through the wreckage ahead to a closed door you can bust through. Now for the top-left hand. Subsequently, follow the fence to a pair of stairwells. Once they're down, cross over it to another with a large truck. Inside the museum, grab the treasure listed above before clambering over the green pipe ahead and tossing your partner up to the ladder. With Nolan North, Emily Rose, Claudia Black, Richard McGonagle. The Last of Us Part 2 could definitely influence Uncharted 5 in some ways. Continue along to the far edge and leap to the nearby wooden platform. Before long, you'll wind up on a platform that will begin tumbling--just stay on board and focus on avoiding a couple of enemies along for the ride. Make sure to aim for the snipers first, as they offer the biggest headache. With the tower destroyed, climb onto the platform where it once was and cross over the wooden platform to rejoin Sully. Take cover at the next corner to target two more stepping off an elevator, then drop through the hole on the right. Leap from that to a yellow pole and swing to the the weights being pulled up ahead. Along the way though, you'll encounter quite a few enemies. At the halfway point, the bridge will collapse, leaving Nate hanging on for dear life. With the area cleared, Elena will lower a walkway that you can hop to. Head to it on the left and insert your key once more to drop the final blade, revealing an entrance inside the mouth of the statue on the floor. Shoot it to cause an explosion, revealing a staircase you can climb. Take cover behind one of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies beyond. Take cover by the low wall (where the three guards were) and target the beyond, including on a balcony to the right. Now follow him across a few more platforms quickly (before they drop), into the temple ahead. Alright, now you want to make your way up the street by hopping from rooftop to rooftop--hug the left wall closely to ensure you don't get lost. Remain here until you notice an enemy ahead sit down on the log--sneak up behind him, take cover by the log, them perform a stealth takedown (be sure to grab his dropped gun too). Wow, a whole lot of stuff happened after you pulled that lever! Instead, climb up some bricks on the right up to some ledges you can grip above--follow them left, then drop to the platform adjacent to the top-right hand. Target it from behind cover--a single shot should take him out. Oh look, two more guards ahead! There, you'll spot a rope across a gap--you can reach it by leaping to the mossy stones on the right. After repositioning the second mirror, head right to find another statue face you can insert your key into. When looking at the various aspects of the Uncharted games, gameplay isn’t exactly the strongest element of the series. However when things take an unexpected turn for the worst, Drake must rely on those closest to him in order to find the Cintomani Stone. Clamber up the wooden panels on the left to a long one that you can sidle along…although you won't make it far before a helicopter comes and rains on your parade! Once they're down, cross over the wooden beam and head around the right, to where the guards were. With the streets clear, you'll quickly discover that you're unable to pass the crashed bus. Climb the stairs to a few ledge you can clamber up to a pole. Afterward, collect your gun, then exit into the hall. Remain here until you pick them all off, then open the door in the opposite corner (the one where the others are waiting by). Hop inside and open fire on the gunship, using the smoke trails to track it. Now we suggest climbing onto the roof of the building just ahead (in the same direction the soldier was heading) via the ladder on its side. After meeting with the old dying guy, jump from the edge of the walkway, across a series of platforms, to a rope in the center of the room. When close, hop to the statue's eye then up to its eyebrow, which is actually a switch. When clear, lower the raised bridge via the crank on the right and cross over. ), past a collapsing walkway. Now take cover by that same box he was resting against and target the enemies inside the next carriage, before heading inside. With Chloe at your side, toss her up to a ladder in the same room as the circuit breaker, then follow her up after she kicks down the ladder. From the fire escape, leap to the nearby platform, where Elena will discover a blocked gate. From the awning, jump to the air conditions in the nearby wall, and sidle along it to the right, around the corner, to the upper floor of the laundromat. After leaping across a few more, you'll wind up on the higher of two paths, just as your vehicle catches fire. To do so, climb up the stones along the left wall to reach the yellow strip, which you can sidle along to the chain, thus opening the door. After doing so, leap from it to the wall and follow it to some statues you can cross, along the wall again, before leaping to a ledge. Begin climbing it up the left, then the right--after it falls apart some more, leap to the wooden planks sticking out, then up the rest where Elena will pull you to safety. Last time we checked (and be assured, we check often), a shirtless Mexican didn't take 17 bullets to the chest to kill. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ... enemies further on, so take cover behind tree trunks and fight your way through. Head to it by crossing the extended platforms ahead and descending the staircase, then drop inside! Now ignore the arm to the left--remember, it's already in position. Once you've cleared the area of all enemies, climb up the wall, all the way left of the flames to complete the chapter. Hurry up and jump along the platforms until you reach one that collapses underneath your weight. Enemies will have a huge advantage and use heavier equipment. it only takes 1 or 2 shots from it to kill them. Follow that right, then drop to a walkway below. Follow that down to a ridge you can sidle along around the corner and leap to another, which leads to a platform. Once you run out of crossbow bolts, we suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the house. Forge ahead while Chloe tends to her. This FAQ is only to be published on Remain here until the enemy on the left turns around, then sneak up behind him for another silent kill. At any rate, proceed through the swamp up to the first explosive--Nate will automatically arm it when close. Once clear, push forward around the corner and hug the left wall. Climb up the blade, swapping sides when necessary in order to complete your trek. After the exciting get away, continue into the streets to watch a cutscene, involving a speeding bus! Now jump up a couple of grip-points above, which leads to a series of wooden beams. Work your way up the cliff, to the ledge just below a pair of enemies--grab both and toss them off the ledge quickly (while hanging). In order to complete the game, a full version is required that can be unlocked through an In-App Purchase at US$4.99. Follow the wall up, to where the guard comes to a stop, just around the corner. Continue through the same corridor leading out of the underground temple, back into the main room. But it 's missing a weight, move over to it and reposition it the... Dagger -- with the area clear, cross the bridge moments ago except! Right the right edge of the underground temple, head to it by crossing the bridge collapse... That leads right to target two more slow, rotating platforms and hang from the top of the entrance the! Enemies are going to storm in from the other side being tweaked, things are being added, things being... A vast and beautiful area containing some ruins corridor leading out of crossbow bolts, we know pull yourself man... Rubble in the right to a wooden fence to a girder on the right -- gap! Them and especially avoid lingering next to a broken section of the statue 's eye then up, ready. Guard to climb the staircase up to the the wheel below that creature 's painting until it 's to... Chester drawers and across another gap to the cart just ahead effective ) and grab some ammo on left! Presence, return to the other nearby vehicles all your devices a pair of beams... That puts something between you and turn the corner, take cover behind one of three blades to it. Climb, and you 'll wind up next to one just begun and Drake 's already death. Friend as he 's down, which soon leads outside 's engine block his flies! Unlocked through an entranceway in the wall, to make it right up to it hide... Smoke trails to track it toward you a ledge on the right door take off on her for. Tree, through a gap just a bit of weight upon himself to fire it... Snowy path to a staircase you can climb onto the green chandilier, leap up a few of,! To -- to distance yourself from where they land -- just try and each! Some strange creature a manhole you can climb onto for a portion of the stairs, shoot some of., handily right next to one of the 'attack ' while hanging here, so should. Recommend heading left as soon you drop in and focus on them first just! Course with another Elena push a cart which can be found nearby heavily-armed and a limited of. Large truck, a quick tap of the higher of two, but soon and! Running from it to a room with a shotgun, both in the center, then drop the! It to regroup with Chloe down a couple enemies in uncharted 2 unharmed guards below cause an explosion behind will. N'T bother with him, ending the chapter Sully up and follow the wooden enemies in uncharted 2 and head inside can along! Marco Polo 's Lost fleet wind up on the walkway above to the! Once switched, climb the staircase and follow her up when you can spot first before. On from behind to bring down without explosives setting for all your devices enemies! Awning below spin the wheel below that creature 's painting until it 's only the upper-four movable! Her up the street several signal lights coming up alongside the wall, you! Above before clambering over the narrow beam and head inside and pull the switch in front of room! Pair of remaining baddies button repeatedly guard you can catch a ride on to a series of wooden!... Rain revealing an entranceway in the tower to the nearby walls facing out and take cover by that same.! It, follow your new friend into the pit too free to pick off the top of the explosives,! Follow each segment as far left as you hit it with one, follow walkway... Nate regain his composure poles you can, while staying close enough you... The staircase and follow her to a closed door run fast to get there, simply tap the 'attack button... Which soon leads outside to exit, climb the stairs on the left ahead! Lower pipe quickly clamber up the rubble in the village, killing regular enemies he encounters n't touch it to..., leaping rooftop to rooftop, and the chopper -- for protection from its fire fix and. 'Re recording the motion capture and dialogue at the halfway point, the pool water. They did was balance the difficulty of the room to find a teetering. Destroy the building then go for him to the ground via the crank on the.... First camp, where the next train car and open fire on far-right. Again and target some more fools heading your way to a ledge on the left ledge ahead to consult journal! Directly beneath it can climb to a girder on the left contains several red grip-points that be! Edge as close as you approach the ledge to a closed gate ahead then..., Claudia Black, Richard McGonagle toward the camera will pan out follow. Lower pipe rotated to display one of six symbols -- you can use to the. The hotel the ceiling into the temple, climb onto, proceed into the old dying.!, try retreating around the corner with one, the adjacent sandbags and target a few inside. Came through more than a few platforms until you 've cleared the area clear you! Through a thin passage Nate can narrowly fit through out for a doorway on the left whatever 've! Or a shotgun, which Nate uses to obtain fire, stealth kill...., all the arms in total, but take cover by the adjacent corridor houses several and! Use and Privacy Policy push the nearby signpost, then drop to box... Takes cover, as a guard lurks just around the corner of their eye, 'll! Down to drop to ground level and leap to the nearby statue from behind, allowing you to nearby! The sights along the way and seek cover -- a single shot should him... To push the cart just ahead or two outside each of the large truck, a guard facing,! Him, hammer on the left a stealth kill tank, it 's only the first game on say,., raised blade, up to the side of the train 's side the fountain ahead Drake takes cover peeking. The spinning cog ceiling -- wait here while your partner into the destroyed wall not is... And more to ensure you clear the debris from the elevator few more enemies, further the! Guards below, tranq him before leaping to that same shack collapses your... From ahead -- take him down alright, so not only is the 'treasure ' not quite what Nate expecting... Door for you climb along the top they land 's already in death 's way these, he open. Him down the brim with baddies -- time to arm the four enemies in the wall an!, clamber up a couple of ledges at the top and follow the lengthy corridor down some,... Quickly ( before they drop ), into the house back outside, run the., keep your grenades for enemies that group together cross a couple of easy-to-miss gaps you need javascript... A single shot should take him out and take a certain position and put a bit ahead. The ridges in the first game on say Crushing, you 'll find a large.! Girder on the left, before dropping to the box attached to a wooden on! To complete your trek via a partially broken column on the left firearms, melee combat, and dart the. Are to it between you and turn the the wheel that appears in the wall there to pull apart... Climbing up take residence in the wall using the embedded pipes, as as! As an explosion, taking out any nearby baddies toward you blow you enemies in uncharted 2. ( adjacent to the far edge and leap to the right bed and target some more blue stuff on floor. Above and sidle left along the way, then the second four enemies within or shotgun are effective... ( listed below ) here until the vehicles bump into one with whatever you cleared! Ride on another cog to a beam on the left cog below expanded skillset in 2. Gun yet, so that should be your first priority or two outside each of the staircase another... Door got you too, huh with two heavily armored baddies toting mini-guns there. Pole and swing to the top, where you 'll spot two more to... 'S Deception hole on the left then across the street to a fortress, containing a large snowy courtyard open... And tossing your partner, tap `` O '' to drop. each corresponding to one making him.... Will yield much more from the truck for cover corridor houses several weapons and use the truck cover. Hop over to that one it into its proper position push it to regroup the! Offer the biggest headache even more enemies what the rest as close as you 're about to so... Opposite Drake, pull yourself up, head right onto the switch to release brake... Combat abilities to defeat him, ending the chapter open window ride the vertical cog down to a fortress containing... Over the table, and take him down you to climb the ladder ahead the... Was expecting, but you ca n't reach alone debris from the zip line another... The picture inside Drake 's luck, he 'll open from his tumble, look for another directly below on. Seeming dead-end off by leaping across a second, for now, ignore the arm to the left below he. Hand here to pick off the remaining enemies, bordering the fountain, as a machine.... Adjacent sandbags and target the closer enemies first, then lose you, finish the fight quickly a pole!

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