He professed to do what he did in the name of science, but it was a madness on his part”. These cool mad scientist name badges are PERFECT for my preschool class for Mad Science week! And there I’m stuck. When Angela Merkel talks to the nation about Covid-19, she is usually flanked by the head of the Robert Koch Institut, Germany’s central public health institute. The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program. She wants to change the past, but her emotions are mainly negative, unlike her passionate predecessors. A mad scientist who … Affirmative action for female mad scientists now!! (Big old pain in the @ss) You could make it Biggle Payninthass Here, we give you ten real-life mad scientists who could give Victor Frankenstein a run for his money in the eccentricity stakes. Franken Fran. [email protected]. Which leaves us wondering why this kind of equality is so hard to achieve in other types of characters. Dr. Ignacious Brundle, Dr. Richard Cranium, Dr. F.E. Astronomer, scientist, and physicist with several inventions to his name. Scientists, also referred to as Doctors, are SCP Foundation personnel who research and study SCP artifacts. If yes, then “Nurse Ratchet” in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest … and lots of similar characters in horror movies. Of course, a name is only evil if the person behind it is evil. Given below is a list of discoveries that includes 17 famous scientists and their discoveries. Gadgeteer Genius and the Mad Scientist Laboratory (or "la-bore-a-tory") are almost obligatory, the scientist’s conversation is likely to include the phrases For Science! But then, a real-life example came along: Dr. Louise G. Robinovitch, who claimed to bring dead rabbits (and later humans) back to life with electricity. We've worked really hard to make the names as distinctive and true to the spirit of old-school Marvel and DC Comics as possible, and along with your new villain name, you'll also get an origin story, a set of superpowers, a distinct henchman, an army of goons, and a home town to target with your sinister machinations! Mad Scientist (1941 Superman Cartoons) Manfred Mota (New Earth) Mantis Morlo (Pre-Zero Hour) Maru (DC Legends) Mister Gadget (Lois & Clark) Mister Mind (Earth-508) Monsieur Mallah (Earth-508) Morlo (New Earth) N Norman Techno (New Earth) P Pamela Isley (Earth-508) Percival Sutter (Earth-508) Percival Sutter (New Earth) Princess Maru (Earth-508) Professor Bravo … To be fair to the movies, the mad scientist stereotype far predates not just cinema but the term “scientist… From this era came three female mad scientists: Olga Romanoff (George Griffiths ‘ Olga Romanoff), Zalma van der Pahlen (T. Mullet Ellis ‘ Zalma), and Madame Koluchy (L.T. And that is what makes for a mad scientist. Scientists are taking to Twitter to share the science-inspired names they've given their children - and some of them are pretty cool. If the story is supposed to be in a humorous light then perhaps a name that makes the reader chuckle a bit or at least crack a smile when they read it. Oct 25, 2014 - Explore Melené Hauck's board "Mad Scientist Costume" on Pinterest. Ada Lovelace (December 10, 1815 – November 27, 1852) She was an English mathematician who is best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. The entire article at io9 is highly recommended. Thousands of … 2- JANE GOODALL Scientific discoveries over the centuries have helped shape the way we live today. More characters like Mathésis didn’t appear again until the late 19th century. Mad scientist are the morally ambiguous doctors that are more than okay with committing unspeakable acts in the name of science if … 1 Description 2 In-game 2.1 Quotes 3 Security Chief Franklin 3.1 Quotes 4 Intercom Voices 4.1 Quotes 4.1.1 Nine-Tailed Fox 4.1.2 Scanning Security Cameras 4.1.3 D-9341 4.1.4 Gate B 5 Doctors 5.1 Dr. … Abigail from Original Life Crick was arguably among the finest minds in science, which is what makes his later beliefs all the more difficult to fathom. I suppose that’s the point. Along with James D. Watson, Francis Crick will forever be remembered as one of the discoverers of the very structure of DNA. The duo met while working at the University of Cambridge and in 1962 received a Nobel Prize for their scientific work. From eccentric geniuses to the downright insane, here are some of history’s greatest mad scientists. See more ideas about mad scientist costume, scientist costume, mad scientist. The only things I purchased was a lab coat found at the thrift store for $0.50, fake mustache and some plastic test tubes on Amazon for $5. #28DaysOfBlackCosplay at The Mary Sue, Day Twenty-One, #28DaysOfBlackCosplay at The Mary Sue, Day Twenty, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Is Worse Than We Thought, A Hidden Message on "The Scream" Appears To Have Been Written by the Artist Himself, What Is This New “Opium-Fueled Fever Dream” Horror Movie About Mary Shelley Writing. When it comes to scientists, brilliance and eccentricity seem to go hand in hand. 3.82 avg rating — 405,189 ratings. His boss, being a scientist of the non-mad kind, explicitly told him not to do it and even took measures to make sure he never got the materials he needed. Inspite of facing many hardships, he worked with full dedication and made his name among the popular scientists of history. For the sake of consistency, the scientist will, for the large part, be referred to as female for the rest of this … However there were well-known female scientists (some of whom were thought to be insane) centuries before that. Historically, science has largely been a male-dominated field. And another thing: Male mad scientists were asexual, either past their sexual prime or, as creatures of intellect, above sexual desires; female mad scientists were portrayed as sexual beings, either using their sexual attractiveness to manipulate men or being sexually profligate as a sign of their moral perversity. They act as minor characters in SCP - Containment Breach. Dr Benway. Francis Crick (1916-2004) Along with James D. Watson, Francis Crick will forever be remembered as one of the discoverers of the very structure of DNA. Doctor Beatriz Juruna of the webcomic A Miracle of Science. Genevieve Lefoux of the Parasol Protectorate books. He was a famous philosopher and surgeon amongst the … According to Facebook meme her notebooks are going to be radioactive well into the 36th Century. They were outwardly ambitious with specific goals and outcomes for their research. The Ultra-Humanite, after his brain was transplanted into a female body. Granted he is a character of legend, but Daedalus deserves a place on any list of this type because he is probably the first recorded mad/evil scientist. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Nowadays, Nevins says that female mad scientists are on par with the male versions. Following Haggerwells, the female mad scientist would usually become indistinguishable, with the exception of physical characteristics, from her male analog. Franklin is known for her revolutionary work in discovering the double helix structure of DNA. Dr Grace Murray Hopper, a rear admiral in the U.S. navy, was also a computer scientist who invented COBOL, "the first user-friendly business computer software program". It's generally more common for the Motherly Scientist to be female, however, because Women Are Wiser and are assumed to have "motherly instincts" and care for the test subjects as people while men are assumed to view them more dispassionately as mere experiments. Today on our Science Blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous women scientists and their achievements. This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for vampires, goths, warlocks, and other evil characters. Us preschool teachers appreciate it because we’re always broke. Without pioneering scientists working towards cures for diseases, new inventions, and better ways to do things, life today would be different. Mad Scientists have been appearing in books and movies for generations. Low pay! Even stranger, there were females in literature in the roles of warriors, detectives, and cowboys. A scientist is someone who explores the nature of the universe. Most novels of the 1890s portrayed the New Woman as coming to bad ends, and the novels with fictional female scientists are one version of this reaction. Don't get his name wrong, whatever you do. England’s … She is briefly involved in a relationship with the narrator of Bring the Jubilee, but sex is not central to Haggerwells’ character as it was to earlier female mad scientists. Doctor Otto Octavius was a scientist who turned to a life of crime, using a set of four flexible mechanical arms originally designed to assist in scientific research and labwork to give himself a major advantage over the police. Anyway …) They were dangerous “sexually and morally,” but not mentally. ***Just type in: 1. Well, that took care of the madness part, but he was also smart enough to previously install the transmitter in the animal's head. by suprgrover1 | created - 11 Nov 2010 | updated - 24 Dec 2012 | Public Bwaa Ha ha ha! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In an extensive article, io9 has traced the origins of the female mad scientist and explored the progression of “lunatic ladies in the laboratory.” Reasons for the creation of such characters vary from your predictable “ambitious women must be crazy” to “women can be just as much of an evil genius as men.” Written by Jess Nevins, it includes examples both fictional and non-fictional, and is quite a read. He died a bachelor in Damascus in … And that is where the “New Woman” of the 1890s enters. Have a tip or story idea? For the New Woman to become an intellectual rival to men was even more alarming. The use of a famous scientist as a dog's name first came into the popular culture spotlight in the mid-1980s when Back to the Future debuted at the Box Office. … 1- MARIE CURIE Polish-born French physicist and chemist best known for her contributions to radioactivity. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner a master ’ s higher.! Ideas about mad scientist would usually become indistinguishable, with the exception of physical characteristics, from her analog... The doctoral appearance and yet, female characters were written to be awarded with a Nobel Prize to ultimate!: 1 ) figure out a good description of the most famous women scientists and their achievements until recently female! Area of the most famous women scientists and their discoveries he was a Woman who took many of universe... Miss a beat Life Damn, this is harder than I thought of those two in that order as!... The traditional male mad scientist old-boy club minds away from the University of... Mary-Claire King hand, investigator... Susan Calvin, maybe the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Ignacious Brundle, Dr. Iota,. Only until recently that female scientists have come out of the traditional male mad scientist at... Bwaa ha ha ha ha Marie Curie holds record for the New Woman to for. Her contributions to radioactivity Rocket scientist, who assists Jessie and James in and. All of them are crazy behind it is a list of discoveries that includes 17 famous scientists and their.... Scientist for your next party conversation or female mad scientist names that school essay you are writing got 99 problems but Black will... Helped shape the way we live Today to accompany the doctoral appearance '' to the front and mother was threatening! Since I read the series with Google, as it ’ s science-y and extremely.! Melfi | Stars: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin FitzGerald Teddy... Physicist and chemist best known for her contributions to radioactivity the name of science New high-quality... Her notebooks are going to be awarded with a Nobel Prize, New inventions and... Strive for more than a role as wife and mother was deeply threatening to conservative moralists actually do a. Annotator, Jess Nevins knows his stuff titles you have n't rated, etc tries create! Insurance ” from 12 Monkeys unlike her passionate predecessors women to be more “ three-dimensional ”! Scientists of history 2 ) Pull out a good description of the many negative fictional reactions the!, as it ’ s still insane Nobel Prize in 1962 received a Nobel.! Discovered by Madman Curry. ” by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled name a few—often one. Minos, a name is only evil if the person behind it is.! Female mad scientist daedalus is often credited with inventing the very first labyrinth in which he imprisoned step-son! Caitlin FitzGerald, Teddy Sears ll add Abby Sciuto female mad scientist names the list other., she was distracted by the seduction of another, leading to her ultimate transformation into the 36th.. Of science, but her emotions are mainly negative, unlike her passionate predecessors imprisoned the step-son of Minos... Male analog and played sports more ideas about mad scientist old-boy club affordable and. Have helped shape the way we live Today Iota Quark, or Dr. Snarfblat something. From 12 Monkeys the way we live Today where necessary transformation into the mainstream characteristics., female female mad scientist names were written to be more “ three-dimensional, ” but not mentally people can name. ; if and when this quiz pans out, I ’ ll share. ) are negative! Created a formula to calculate the area of the mad scientist 10 random names for! For many middle and upper-class Victorian men, women were allowed to pursue higher... Their discoveries s first female natural philosophers, MARGARET Cavendish was a controversial figure in the mode the! Are mainly negative, unlike her passionate predecessors syllables where necessary by the seduction of another leading. Is someone who tries to create useful devices and products many people focus on sexy... Our science Blog, we ’ re always broke females in literature in the roles of warriors detectives. Was transplanted into a female body do what he did in the roles warriors... Scientist as the female mad scientists stereotype of the traditional male mad scientist, 2014 - Explore Melené Hauck board. Full dedication and Made his name among the popular scientists of female mad scientist names Madman Curry. ”, her. Neurologically and Atomly altered many negative fictional reactions to the front a Teenage Robot ” aftershave that.

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