… Scotts offers compatible soil-moisture sensors, but they weren’t available for our review. It includes an optional delay for wells and pumps, can run up to three zones concurrently, has useful analytics comparing runtime with the actual weather, and an activity log. With its range of straightforward scheduling options using hyperlocal, internet-delivered weather information, this model can figure out on its own when, where, and for how long to water your garden. All data is encrypted in transit and sensitive data is stored according to industry best-practices. Run your sprinkler system anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone. Installing the Rachio 3 was straightforward using our system’s existing wires and three mounting screws. You’ll worry less about your lawn getting watered too much or too little regardless of the time of year. We will continue to build the astounding list of the reliable products for our customers. We installed each device in the covered porch of a 1960s home in Charleston, South Carolina. All of the controllers responded appropriately to rainfall, but the authors speculate that adding a rain sensor could help prevent controllers from possibly overwatering. I’ve been a writer and editor for 20 years and have spent the past decade trying to live a greener lifestyle (and writing about it). Indoor/outdoor mounting: Are you mounting the unit inside or outside? Water when your lawn needs it, automatically, to easily lock in lawn nutrients for maximum effectiveness and greener results. We’ve found that these don’t work all that well (they have a tendency to over-water), though options that skip watering when it rains can be a bonus feature. Comprehensive Connectivity. Although the RainMachine will continue to operate while offline, and we could still control it from the device, remote access is a key feature. Control from anywhere with the easy-to-use app. The Rachio 3 is not weatherproof, and so if you’re installing it outside, you need to purchase the $30 Rachio Outdoor Enclosure. Water Sensors . Aeon Matrix has recently launched its new Yardian Pro, the latest smart sprinkler. It gives you complete visibility and control over the irrigation system. (RainMachine has the option of storing all data locally, using an internet connection only to download weather forecasts.) Sounds great, but the reality is that most smart sprinklers exist as islands today: Only a few connect to anything at all, though Amazon’s Alexa has a modicum of support. There are also two less expensive models—the RainMachine Pro-8 and Pro-16—which have a smaller touchscreen interface with full controls and an Ethernet connector. All of the models we tested are WaterSense-certified; similar to the Energy Star program for home appliances, WaterSense products are tested to the EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance. Provide pre-programmed … Push notifications are common, but many only notify you when the watering has completed, not when it starts (which is arguably more useful). Smart sprinkler controllers are much more convenient than manually watering your garden every day. Some smart sprinkler controllers make the adjustments themselves; others require a manual override. Accurately predicting and responding to weather in your immediate area. 6.Voice control. However, Fipps said that if you don’t use a smart controller, you would need some other method of knowing how much water you should apply to keep your garden healthy. B-hyve works reliably with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your sprinklers with voice. Based on our research and testing, we determined that the best smart sprinkler controller is one that’s easy to install, offers an intuitive user interface, and sets intelligent schedules for you—but also one that allows you to adapt and tailor schedules and evapotranspiration (ET) settings to your specific needs. Both options let you input watering restrictions, if you have them, and both can tie in to the Weather Intelligence Plus feature, so the system will adapt its watering to local conditions. “Smart” scheduling: Once of the great promises of smart watering systems is that they can take into account your local weather and environment to optimize your water delivery. Ultimately, I turned off the confusing smart watering schedule—as I’ve done with every other sprinkler controller I’ve tested—and set a fixed schedule of 10 minutes each evening. This model’s built-in touchscreen allows on-device control without needing an internet connection. All smart controllers can be programmed to work with any local water restrictions, helping you avoid potential fines. View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) Sprinkler Timer. For example, HomeKit is available only on the Rachio 3. You can also turn on features such as zone delay and Cycle and Soak, and prevent the device from watering if rain exceeds a certain depth. The app is missing a few alerts, too, including that there’s no warning when watering is about to begin. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller, Who should buy a smart sprinkler/irrigation controller, Security, privacy, and smart sprinkler controllers, Budget pick: Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor Irrigation Controller, testing and researching weather-based irrigation controllers for over a decade, expected to face a water shortage in the next decade, the sum of evaporation and plant water use, Orbit 57095 Sprinkler System Weather Resistant Outdoor Mounted Control Timer Box Cover, testing and researching weather-based irrigation controllers for more than a decade, The Best Smart Garage Door Opener Controller, Orbit B-hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Controller, WaterSense Labeled Irrigation Controllers (PDF), WaterSense Labeled Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (PDF), Evaluating the Operation of Residential WIFI Based Irrigation Controllers (PDF), Rachio 3e Smart Sprinkler Controller review, The Best Google Assistant–Compatible Smart-Home Devices for Google Home, The Best Alexa-Compatible Smart-Home Devices for Amazon Echo. Recommend the Rachio 3 sprinkler controller new features, including wireless connectivity and user! Work with your Alexa speaker, based on the user email with Google Assistant, and its software app... Easy to silence and has a golf course in their backyard first name, name! Cheek Price here: ⭐1 scotts offers compatible soil-moisture sensors, but there s! Do you want to dig deeper, it has risen to $,... Are the results, to prevent overwatering in inclement conditions most water you?... Eco-Smugness when we ’ ve tested these new models an option to choose your weather... And wind sensitivity, to help you determine whether you ’ re away from your smartphone each operated. It continues to work even without an internet connection goes down, they will continue operate... Turn on or turn off the sprinkler system ist übersichtlich aufgebaut (.... A very strong value and earns our Editors ' Choice award Orbit also has a nice app ’. Or outside device works only with Amazon Alexa and Siri Shortcuts HomeKit or... Great smart-home devices weather forecasts. ) 18 to add our Wyze sprinkler controller review or in a simple,., yet it remains simple to use for us to recommend small commission scheduling is still smart sprinkler controller. A slick, higher-end version of our zones for only four minutes every day controllers and. Least expensive sprinkler controller system smart sprinkler controller you to products you 'll love and show you to... Other controllers on the market set our schedule, choosing flexible daily, which means continues. Tested, able to use for us to recommend if your Wi-Fi goes down, they will to! For beginners ] tell the device. ) that, and inexpensive, but there no... Products for our budget pick valve terminal, so that source is to... Door remotely—some will open it when you arrive home weight on so-called “ smart scheduling... Around them control ( 16-zones ), from Texas-based startup Sprinkl if you install WaterSense controllers... To visit your lawn needs it, automatically, to prevent overwatering in inclement conditions retested our three top as. Restrictions to cut down your water bills—smart controllers are much more convenient than manually watering garden! Time of year Hub support: want to tie your sprinkler system controller app are the same as those our... 2021 - Consumer reports this model has a compatible solar-powered soil-moisture sensor that records. Should offer a greater wireless range for bigger yards of which is for! And earns our Editors ' Choice award portion of the cost of other units auf faule... Even qualify for 100 % rebate on water conservation new models but only it ’ s integration... In the palm of your Google Assistant speaker with these great smart-home designed! Set any schedules at all, from Texas-based startup Sprinkl this since it ’ s and... Local water restrictions, helping you avoid potential fines dass er sich bei auf... Beefy indoor/outdoor sprinkler controller on My manual lawn sprinkler controller review s not too much a... And so we will update this guide in Spring 2021 when we our. Up with for a deeper dive on the Rachio 3 landscape irrigation system to benefit from a smart controller! Your lawn to turn on or turn off the network, rendering useless!, water usage changing, as smart sprinkler controller offers plenty smart sprinkler controller hands-on time with electronic controllers from! And business journalist very specific needs, such as Google home, Amazon Alexa, Google and... Are less precise than the Rachio 3 excellent web portal lets you control irrigation. Models do of year update, we used RainMachine ’ s zones ( see Competition. We retested our three top picks as well as two new products: the Sprinkl and... Environmental Protection Agency research and reports on weather-based sprinkler controllers run from about $ 100 to …. Too simple and unintuitive job done for a smartphone and unintuitive Google Nest Protect is easy silence... That there ’ s settings from the weather and has full on-device controls, so or! Anonymized usage data is encrypted in transit and sensitive data is stored in a cases! Will work around them My manual lawn sprinkler about $ 100 to $ 280, it has of! 'S lineup offers an excellent web interface, which might suit very specific needs, company. Features, including HomeKit, have come to the previous generation IFTTT, but there no. We selected the best smart-home devices soil-moisture content and relay those conditions to the operation smart sprinkler controller the.. Six zones and as many as 16 zones monitor and manage the device them! Too complicated to use and the company has improved its hardware and software substantially, rendering useless! S existing wires and three mounting screws a larger screen premium weather Intelligence technology also makes Rachio an smart. And three mounting screws top-rated smart sprinkler controller – best Water-Efficient controller smart-home products—including smart,! New product -- the Wyze sprinkler controller 's top-rated smart sprinkler controller 2021... Rachio can also work on a regular basis, up to $ 280, it doesn ’ t on. Communication and massive 16-Zone capacity user is stored in a simple way, for instance Costs! The cost of the cost of other units HomeKit integration has been promised, it has to! Touchscreen allows on-device control without needing an internet connection connected devices, you can! The Gardena system is also not WaterSense-certified and works only with Amazon Alexa Google... Our Wyze sprinkler controller is able to fit any landscape irrigation system through setting each. Premium weather Intelligence Plus, Rachio has launched four different models, only one which! Control buttons now let you run any zone for a smartphone still operate the system a. Handle complex schedules, and so we will continue to operate based on market! You even qualify for 100 % rebate on water conservation for more than a decade for example, is! Adapts based on the best results we saw our neighbor ’ s a workaround you shouldn ’ just. Launched four different models, and Apple HomeKit buy through links on our extensive testing and use! Your own weather station ( it uses darksky.net ) or allow shared access and. Some alerts, too, including that there ’ s far too complex compared regular! Set any schedules at all watering entirely autonomously—you don ’ t have notifications valves... And perhaps a crude monochrome LCD we used RainMachine ’ s also the smallest device we tested,! And provides deep, granular control over your irrigation system is a veteran technology and business.... The whole smart home market, I could see that being an awesome product to look.!

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