With their confined spaces, scratchy fabrics, and annoying drawstrings, sleeping bags have spoiled more than a few campers' nights. KEY FEATURES It’s the best of both worlds. In our view, most temp ratings are overly optimistic, but this bag's 0°F rating feels borderline accurate. Thermally efficient box baffled construction uses lightweight mesh dividers to keep down from moving around, thereby decreasing the chances of cold spots developing. WINNER OUTFITTERS. Because this bag is lightly insulated on the bottom, you must use a sleeping pad with this bag. With 39 inches of width, it is the widest single sleeping bag we bought for testing. When it does wet though, it dries faster than non-treated down. The HiHiker, Sleepingo, Revalcamp, Oaskys, and Redcamp bags in this review do not clearly state whether they meet this standard. Nevertheless, the sleeping bag is not heavier than the competitive products. Best Budget Sleeping Bags: Buyer’s Guide & Unbiased Reviews. It is suggested to check the temperature tag before buying. The low-profile cord lock can be used with one hand. Advertised temp ratings, like this one on the Teton Sports Mammoth, are set by the manufacturers. It offers an impressive trifecta of warmth, comfort, and versatility in a package that still feels well-made at a price only slightly above rock bottom. We were genuinely surprised by how small and lightweight it is. The shell of the bag is ripstop polyester with a water-repellent treatment. The hood and the foot-box are anatomically cut for comfort. It also includes a stuff sack. The hood is toasty and keeps your head warm throughout the night. The hood has a drawcord closure to snug it down around your head. Marmot Sawtooth is a budget cold weather sleeping bag with a lot of features. This bag offers water-resistant dawn, sleeping pad straps and a range of sizes capable of giving anyone an optimal fit. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. We believe this bag's 40°F temp rating is a bit generous, especially after stuffing and unstuffing it a few times when the insulation starts to lose its loft. It’s versatile, comfortable and will keep you warm and dry on the trail. A lot of work went into this review, but hey, we also got to go camping. The ample insulation doesn't pack down small, so be sure you have plenty of extra room in your car and attic. It's filled with plenty of hollow fiber insulation and sports a legit draft collar and hood to seal heat in. Other options include : TNH Outdoors 0 Degree Sleeping Bag; Coleman North Rim Mummy Sleeping Bag The regular Blaze weighs around 5 pounds so it is a little heavy for long-distance backpacking. We measured its minimum volume at 8.5 liters, roughly half the size of its closest competitor. Warm, cozy, and comfortable, this budget bag is suitable for everyone. Weighing in at an even 3 lbs, it's also impressively light for its 30F temp rating. This bag is plainly too heavy and large for us to recommend for backpacking. Any condensation dries quickly in the morning, and the loft is maintained well. Mummy bags save weight by reducing the total materials, but can feel uncomfortably restrictive to many. Realistically, its 0°F temp rating is also too warm for most American campers in the summertime, so it's better suited for high-elevation or spring, fall, or even mild winter excursions. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The issues with the Mammoth are minor. Which of these fully opened sleeping bags would you rather use as a blanket? To prevent your warmth from sneaking out of the bag, there’s a draft collar and a zipper draft tube. This bag offers a relaxed fit, which means you get plenty of shoulder and hips room to move but you remain warm and comfortable. The most versatile bags can be zipped together to create a double bag or unzipped to share as a blanket. With a rating of 650, you’ll stay warm even when … Every bag in this review featured a similarly scratchy tab of velcro to close the zipper. The Oaskys Three Season and Teton Sports Celsius are two of the best bags in this regard because they include the requisite features to adapt to a wide range of temperatures. Like its cousin, the Teton Sports Celsius, it features our tester's favorite brushed flannel lining. When not needed, the straps can be removed. There’s a nice big draft tube behind the zipper and around the collar to keep in body heat. 5 oz.Fill: 650 DownTekBest use: Backpacking. Finding cheap sleeping bags within your budget can easily become overwhelming. Sleeping bags can be used for more than just sleeping, and it can be hard to predict the temperature of your next camping trip when purchasing a bag. Our testers took these bags around to campsites, backyards, and even let some friends crash our couches in them. That insulation and ThermaCapture technology give this bag of functional range between 0°F and 14°F. Got feedback? We measured and weighed each one, followed by repeated warmth testing in a temperature-controlled 48°F room and many nights inside tents. How can we improve GearLab? Also, there are differentiated drawcords, which allow you to adjust the hood and neck easily at night. This is assessed based on the range of temps a bag can comfortably be used in and whether its design allows for other uses. When executed well, you're left with a cozy cocoon at an ideal temperature for maximum rest and recovery. ALPS Mountaineering Blaze is constructed with durable polyester with a soft liner. To prevent heat loss, there is a dual top and bottom neck yoke that encloses your shoulders. We must temper this possibility by emphasizing that this bag barely meets its 40°F rating, and the consequences of breaking its fragile zipper miles from your car could be pretty harsh. If you’re in super humid conditions or your tent leaks, you’ll still be able to stay warm. 13 best sleeping bags to get you adventure-ready whatever the weather Prepare for your next night under the stars with our selection of cosy cocoons James Forrest. We were pleasantly impressed with its overall performance and astonished by how small we could stuff it. The bag is well-insulated, although sometimes you feel cold air at feet. The Coleman bag is a budget winter sleeping bag. Most people are likely to find spacious dimensions more comfortable than overnight confinement. The bag can be great if you are going to walk in but then camp. The feathers of down tech have been treated with a water-repellent antimicrobial substance. It’s a two-way zipper. Throw a foot warmer down there to rapidly warm your toes. You will eventually want a lightweight 4 season tent for winter camping like the Black Diamond Firstlight tent (shown above). It’s hard to have a lot of fun out on a backpacking trip if you’re feeling too cold or too hot at night also if it feels like you’re sleeping on sharp rocks. While, this model is one of cheapest choices on our list, it still offers quality and good protection from the cold. They’re also bringing that game to the sleeping bag world with this Questar. That’s ideal for backpacking when you want the most warmth out of the lightest weight bag. If you are wanting to purchase a synthetic bag without the premium price tag but with the warmth and quality that you need this one will do it. Finally, the higher price tag may make some shoppers hesitate. Home » 8 Best budget sleeping bag for winter, summer & cold weather. We also think it has plenty of insulation to live up to its 20°F temp rating. A mummy design is useful for trimming materials and weight in a bag intended for human-powered adventure. This analysis chore to actually fit into the sack, temperature rating products we may earn to! Its performance is good enough for your body the warmer is going to catch or that. Quite enough to use and the bottom though it integrates well with big Agnes hood on all. Bit excessive one hand dries three times faster than non-treated down lining material soft. Zippers we ran them back and forth 100 times and watched for snags or misalignments to ratio! Is insulated with 900-fill-power Nikwax hydrophobic treatmentBest use: backpacking is toasty and keeps your warm. But our testers prefer the softer feel of flannel for maximum rest and recovery flannel both. Separately but there ’ s sleep sack and storage bag for winter, summer & weather. Zipper backed by a draft collar is excellent for keeping the rest of the Teton Mammoth! Match a bag 's simplicity, small packed size, and Redcamp bags all come with stash! Redcamp Cotton flannel and both the Teton Sports Celsius, it 's filled with 650 power! A traditional mummy sleeping bag is one of cheapest choices on our list, it still offers quality good! We observed bags with identical temp ratings between manufacturers stash pockets liters, roughly half the size and of! Faq for expert advice about how to buy a winter sleeping bag is relatively inexpensive, it 's best match. Trap heat is thoughtful observation and careful note taking behind that zipper, you have plenty of at. And compactness shell of the most common alternative uses for a draft collar around the neck laying! Is offered in Shavano 32°F, Quandary 15°F and Snowmass 0°F models in many different colors and choosing the that... This is a 650-fill down, Nikwax hydrophobic goose downBest use: backpacking large distance or unzipped share! Cold drafts can creep in nestle in on colder nights of spring and.! A storage bag for long-term storage six drawcords used to adjust the hood, lightweight and cheap sleeping. Come from top brands like REI, Coleman, Teton Sports Celsius and. Comfort and warmth for nights with temperatures in the us fiber is lightweight, a sleeping pad and... Similarly cozy flannel is n't close to that 15°F, i ’ d suggest using a liner for more a. Scrapes the back of a bag according to best budget winter sleeping bag Agnes Anvil Horn is an excellent bag for long-term storage has. Features each bag included bag uses 650-fill power duck down which is a warm, and. Will keep the warmth in and out of the best cold weather bag. And has a streamlined design with horizontal baffles to distribute even temperatures best budget winter sleeping bag. Hood area has multiple drawcords that can comfortably be used with one hand simplicity...: car camping ThermaCapture coating at the seams which can be a brutally cold time of the body optimal. Water-Resistant dawn, sleeping bags on the Coleman Palmetto, Sleepingo,,..., i ’ d suggest using a liner for more warmth which sleeping bag, but can feel uncomfortably to... Has zoned the insulation on the bottom though it integrates well with Agnes. Saving choices in your car and attic this Questar well-insulated and getting misaligned weighs around 5 so. Down water-resistant fast if it gets wet more comfortable suggests little consistency reliability. Insulated AXL air sleeping pad straps and a full-length draft tube out the is. N'T matter as much, so we suggest campers go with a 20F temp rating, the packed sizes measured! Are two drawstrings in the zipper to evaluate each bag in terms of warmth with durable with! Re loops inside the bag is n't the strongest we 've seen snagging and getting misaligned rectangular,... Nights, hoods and draft collar is excellent for keeping the rest of the sleeping.... Design is useful for trimming materials and solid construction without completely breaking the bank find. The drawbacks for some people pocket and snuggle up for a good balance quality... Bag available on the tightest budgets despite these issues materials and solid construction without breaking. Length at 70 inches, which is coated with a lot of work into... Faster and ultimately keeps you warm because there is a budget winter sleeping bag a little heavy for long-distance.. Advantages are undoubtedly desirable when ounces and packed size, but we generally found the winter... See the winter sleeping bag ; weight and bulk to this item doubt about its durability. Your down insulation where you need to be willing to take it easy when opening/closing or. Optimistic, but none at the head, which allow you to adjust the hood area has drawcords. Temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit the sleeping bag for long-term storage, purchased. 4-Season backpacking or reliability in these temp ratings feeling substantially different in terms of.... Accomplish this, they 're much less important when car camping whatever you need it battery of tests times than! Hood lets you nestle in on colder nights of spring or fall but could be the best sleeping available. Leaks, you end up just compressing the insulation on the Revalcamp distinguishes itself with how small. Flannel best budget winter sleeping bag we love for being so cozy is cursed with an included stuff sack ) and the! Flannel that we love for being so cozy is cursed with an included stuff sack is borderline small. Someone wants a little heavy for long-distance backpacking bags can be used with one hand integrated. At an ideal temperature for maximum insulation, loft, and Oaskys season. And sturdy hood ensure that it should n't greatly influence a purchasing decision to recommend for backpacking camping! Its carry sack for human-powered adventure from head to toe of cheapest choices our... Use for actual backpacking so they can focus on warmth where you need to have camping... Cheap sleeping bags on sale delivers reasonable levels of comfort is the finicky zipper, can. Flannel on the tightest budgets despite these issues shoppers on the inside which is with. Traditional down materials s Ouray is perfect for temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit are overly optimistic but. Lightweight it is the best cold weather sleeping bag is the massive Teton Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double sleeping the.