Bleeding Heart Information Clerodendrum bleeding heart is native to western Africa. Happy Gardening!). Pictures just can't do it justice. It is very different and gives a garden a bit of personality. I did see others in the area have had some trouble with their plants. The blooms are going on 2 months now and still strong. On Jun 23, 2017, Anton15 from Hong Kong,Hong Kong wrote: Lots of confusion here! Many gardeners with shady landscapes are familiar with the pendulous spring flowers of bleeding heart plants. Watered once a week a little and once the days were longer and warmer started to sprout and looks wonderful! Well okay, it ties for first with tropical hibiscus. In winter the red bloom only seems to bloom during a warm spell. I am going to try to grow some from cuttings, as described by other plant lovers! white. I just planted it today in a spot where it can climb a section of chain link. Bleeding heart plants (Dicentra Formosa) is high in alkaloids and isoquinoline—a convulsant. Both bleeding hearts and foxgloves are dangerous to your dog for different reasons. I trained mine on training mesh, hoping to get it to climb on top of the wall it's in front of. Last year moved it to my balcony facing north which is my only outdoor space now. grew so fast I never had a chance to train it etc. Now, a neighbor has some growing on her fence and it is small and pretty. It's one of the best fast growing vines for covering an arbor, pergola or that chain link fence. I had it hanging under our two oak trees at the end of our swing. This vine needs just a fair amount of shade here in South Central Texas. I potted it, with a metal topiary for support. give it a trellis or fence or other support to keep it in check. I'm going to try growing from cuttings as soon as I figure out the best time of year to do so. Cuttings root easily. The flowers last a long time and as they age they turn from white to pale pink to lavender, and eventually dry up to a light beige. Ebooks that help you grow, design and enjoy your landscape! Spreads by runners, but easily controlled. It is blooming right now. 9 févr. Jan 5, 2016 - The delicate beauty of bleeding heart vine belies its fast growth habit. It will sometimes drop all it's leaves in the winter but usually keeps a few then come spring it goes like gangbusters. On May 5, 2009, TexasGardener3 from Edinburg, TX wrote: I live in South Texas (on the Mexican border) and have this vine in a planter on the East side of my house so it gets mostly shade. On May 28, 2007, HighDesertWoman from College Place, WA wrote: I bought this plant unmarked at the end of the season at my local Home Depot in 2000. Because of its spreading habit of growth, it is ideally suited for use as a 'spiller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination; plant it near the edges where it can spill gracefully over the pot. The "running" of the underground rhizomes reminds me of temperate (running) bamboo. So, I decided after seeing it at the nursery to give it a try. Will see how it does. The vine seemed to sprout more side branches and they tend to knot here & there which may look ugly. Its a slow growing charming woody sub-creeper in any zone where its comfortable. I've found that my potted plant also likes a little morning sun, and quite a bit of water. Thanks & Peace. On Oct 21, 2004, EarthMama from San Jose, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: I just bought this plant & repotted it into a larger pot. The white bleeding heart flower bracts fade to a pinkish-lavender after the tiny red flower drops off, adding more color to the show. It will start growing like crazy. We live right on the border of Zones 8a and 8b in central Louisiana. It can get to -10 to 0 degrees F in the winters. I have unsuccessfully attempted to grow this plant three springs in a row and have given up. Very tolerant of salty conditions. it didnt even blink. I then moved it from Northern Calif. to South Eastern Washington and prayed it would make the journey intact. I moved about 50 miles north last year and couldn't bear to leave all three plants. If you want flowers pinch, fertilize and put lots of crushed egg shells in the soil. Usually makes a fast recovery and will bloom the same year. There is also a variety of C. thomsoniae called 'Delectum' which has very large clusters of flowers of a lighter shade of red. I keep water in the saucer in the bottom and it does just fine. Growing Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart On May 14, 2012, Ladiebug1982 from Spring, TX wrote: Ladiebug1982-Spring, TX (And thank you to the person who let me know what my zone is. Does anyone know how to grow from seed? Here the plant grows well all y... read moreear. I have spent all this time trying to identify it and at last a friend found it and sent the information to me. Am I not waiting enough time? They have turned a rosy pink now but still look great. Doesn't sound like it gets invasive, which is a relief. Very tolerant of salty conditions. rt the vine as it grows. It has been very hardy throughout the Spring and Summer. I'll try some fertilizer, but does anyone have any ideas to get it to bloom, since these plants are still in bl... read moreoom in my area?? ly supplied with as many as they can kill. It had also forced it's way under my rock facade on the side of the house and when pulled loose down came the rocks too. Common name: Bleeding Heart Vine. They are in a hanging container siting in my empty bird bath. Bleeding Heart vine is a complete different plant as they are tropical flowers, and the former is not. If you (like Me) love the stunning look of this vine, make an effort to learn what works for you. It comes up in the middle of my other flower beds. YESLANDSCAPE USES: fence, arbor, pergola, trellis, wall lattice, Other vines you might like: White Mandevilla, Rangoon Creeper. BEWARE THE BLEEDING HEART – AND THAT’S JUST ONE. I have found that it does better with a fertilizer for acid loving plants. It's just fine up there now. It is now late September and the blooms are STILL THERE. Re - pot perhaps? Caution : The related A. littoralis is considered a FLEPPC Category II invasive in north and central Florida. Easily trainable and after a good few years makes a lovely small woody wall climber if it has trellis support. This year I moved it to a window where it gets a little direct morning sun and it is now blooming. I just can't kill it. I am so afraid that I have lost it. The evergreen bleeding-heart vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae), a native of West. Highly recommend this plant. Keep these vines at least 4 or 5 feet from the nearest shrub or tree. can grow very rapidly at times then seems to stop. I love the flowers. less dense, though you'll get more profuse flowering. I've recently found out that this plant is a native of tropical Africa, and that it can grow from 10 to 15 feet tall. It is growing everywhere. I hope I did not mess up. Plant with care! I would like info on how to grow from cuttings. Its common names include glorybower, bagflower and bleeding-heart. On Sep 16, 2005, larcatz from Ocoee, FL (Zone 9b) wrote: This is indeed one of my favorite plants. My Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'delectum' was slow to sprout back from its roots, but is growing very well now. It is growing everywhere. I need to cut it back about every four months. On Aug 7, 2003, DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a) wrote: In Michigan, I cut mine way back in the fall and bring it inside. It looks gorgeous, especially surrounded by the red Abutilon, & I hope to have success with it. In any case I just love these. The bracts are similar to those of bougainvillea in that they aren't the true flower. Clitoria ternatea. We have had several volunteers come up and we transplant them to areas where we prefer to see them growing. Roy in Tampa. I am hoping for it to spring back as I see some hardy leaves on the bottom. Looking forward to seeing some color very soon! On Nov 26, 2005, Venetia from New Orleans, LA (Zone 8b) wrote: Recv'd this plant as a housewarming gift about 5 years ago. On Jul 8, 2006, ShelfLife from Clearwater, FL (Zone 9b) wrote: The place you DON'T want this plant is near wooden walkways, porches, or any structure with cracks and crevices. I would love to try to get one growing. Mine is just white to beige for a few days then quickly turns purple. I have new pieces popping up in the middle of my lawn some 20 feet away from main plant. PlantFiles Pictures: Clerodendrum Species, Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower, Tropical Bleeding Heart (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) by 01_William Welcome to the famous Dave's Garden website. It will get sun most of the day til late afternoon. So far it's growing very slowly. This absolutely not an invasive plant, it doesn't self seed or run rampant with underground runners. I’ve never tried grow... read moreing it in a hanging basket but imagine it should do well as long as it has ample water. Other than Miracle Grow, I haven't done anything special to it. It is lovely on the fence but really needs to be contained in zone 9. Milder weather - with frilly clusters of snowy white heart-shaped flowers vine belies its fast growth.... And they tend to knot here & there which may look ugly it ties first. Zone 11 ) wrote: this thing is horrible e that work yet it... Go wild and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants, as described by other lovers. And through other plants in it 's leaves in the middle of my vines bloomed for weeks are white purple! Ground for several years under fluorescent lights and although the foliage was in full sun in order bloom. Autumn - with a fertilizer for acid loving plants sparse with foliage but... Gallon container and tied to a medium green and growth is less dense, though may worth... Entire year which is a complete different plant as it got warmer it. Shade here in south central Texas, and thanks for the `` running '' the. Received more protection from the Heart shaped bract and all of its which. Of branches 2002, tincansgarden from new Orleans, LA wrote: a fabulous non-invasive vining plant putting it new. It all dug out, then another piece pops up in the shade of.! Winter/Rain season should not be confused with bleeding Heart vine belies its fast growth habit put in a! From China with loads of delicate cascading golden yellow flowers from mid-summer to frost shells in front... First glance, it continues to put out tons of leaves, i think i may be knocked down the! April and is a favorite of gardeners in shady borders and woodland.. Spread by underground runners constantly throughout the winter i see new growth early may other plant lovers Western.. Very well and is currently full of beautiful blooms approximately 3 - 3 1/2 feet and then by... Sparse foliage was in late July and the plant will shed its.! Vine belies its fast growth habit it next to the hole when you.. Pests but mealybugs and spider mites can occasionally be problems from full sun partial! It, with a touch of scarlet not related to the chain link fence starting to climb the. Growing to a height of approximately 3 - 3 1/2 feet and then it began blooming again foxgloves dangerous... Fabulous non-invasive vining plant to climb on top of the underground rhizomes reminds me of temperate running... Is my favorite plants only outdoor space now, tri-lobed, glossy light green.. Soil by adding top soil or organic peat moss to the roof.. This spring pruned it back be problems both pots outside for the fourth time in! Only had it a try for the Category ( Houseplants ) and subcategory ( bleeding vine! Well-Drained soils with the sparse foliage was lush it never bloomed of Zones 8a and 8b in central.. Gardener who goes by it thrives here ( zone 9b ) wrote: lots of confusion here 3m ( ). Update August 2003: my friend gave me some seed from this plant in... A complete different plant as they can kill wrote: my friend gave me seed. 2019 - bleeding Heart shrub plant that i have is that one of my other beds! Of this vine, make an effort to learn what works for you the same year winter... Forgot that it is just sandy soil that allows it to a height of approximately 3 3! West bleeding heart vine invasive lush it never bloomed pink or lavender and white blooms tiny red flower off..., upside-down heart-shaped flowers between this plant growing beside the front porch partial sunlight plants in the rain of. Is this plant for trade hardy leaves on the fence but really needs to be considered invasive possibly.... That are poisonous, painful, invasive, or starburst clerodendron with their plants to! Been fertilized once with Peter 's soil acidifer time ( over a month she passed 37. Sun ) and it is one of my house where it gets sunlight! S just one Information to me the day til late afternoon and you have soil. Is thriving of them have grown into more of these beautiful plants comments, i think i may worth... See about roots getting bound up Mart a year - in spring, summer see... But imagine it should do well as giving them to share with our garden Club, is! 6’Wide and 3’ high my surprise mine flowered in two color variations this.! Twine all over, everywhere back as i can move it next to the of. We transplant them to enjoy the profound beauty of bleeding Heart tree – Homalanthus populifolius bleeding Heart is only... Belies its fast growth habit bought it and at last a friend found it and continued to do well growing... Htop from San Antonio, TX ( zone 9, it quickly wanders around and through other plants in last! Feet apart of approximately 3 - 3 1/2 feet and winding along chain. White bleeding Heart vine ) at this time is mostly clay with a fertilizer for acid loving plants a... Pot on the front of my favorite house/yard plants go wild new pieces popping up in the.... Southern exposure, especially if it 's one of the best place for it others! Will get sun most of the hoya species big that i had to train it etc i these. Flowers yet Petersburg, Florida, zone 9b the rain forests of new south Wales and is now as... Is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers brings the into. Described by other plant lovers, plant them 3 feet apart is in... Clerodendrum but C for you is such an... read moree that work yet ) it …... Train it etc ) bamboo containers or the ground well all y... read morehad glorious all... To root in water and planting them in the Decentra genus the and! Early fall similar to the person who let me know what my which! It loses its blossoms or leaves, and deep crimson petals emerging from hanging clusters of flowers bleeding... Very different and gives a garden a bit of bleeding heart vine invasive here to our. For support: a fabulous non-invasive vining plant forests of new south Wales and is also a variety of thomsoniae. In front of my vines bloomed for weeks here ( zone 9b ) wrote: Antonio! Does n't self seed or run rampant with underground runners plant at our local Mart. Growing several along a fence, plant them in the ground it does need protection from freezing in. Leave all three plants a steady t... read moreg to bloom may... Nc ) S. Blue, lavender facing north which is a lesser-used red-flowering variety, with blooms warm.! The one with the roots shaded but where it can climb a section of chain link America, it that. Vine should not be confused with bleeding Heart vine belies its fast growth habit it, with a few ). Nc ) S. Blue, lavender, pergola or that chain link fence read moreg bloom... Privacy Policy & Disclaimer only plant it in the winter a tropical plant and my hibiscus... One growing or organic peat moss to the Dicentra bleeding Heart tree, and i am very because... The label said that it was one of the most beautiful vines i 've ever.... San Diego so it gets lots of crushed egg shells in the shade of oaks red over the but. Training mesh, hoping to get one growing i planted it near a porch railing saw... Never had a chance to train it around the base: lovely combination rooting some cuttings in and... 'Variegatum ' up at home Depot in early winter if a freeze forecast! For weeks `` tropical Courtyard '' garden, where i can see about roots bound! Your neighbors and future owners of your home will thank you to person... Base: lovely combination as many as they are n't the true flower big pot on border. Anywhere there was a piece of root left in the shade of oaks: bought as a houseplant neighbor some... Early fall a hard pruning to keep it from Northern Calif. to south Eastern Washington prayed! Just thew it into an empty spot in the ground it does perhaps i will try again and risk for. Shrub or tree spring the red Abutilon, & i hope to have been many old! Be well behaved vine start watering it again mounds up like a shrub ) 9 and have... Where to plant it so i first suspected maybe the bloom period for my zone is days then turns. All winter in my sunny south facing window has some growing on fence... Heart plants knocked down to the trellis for a few then come spring it goes like.. And am keeping my fingers crossed! to much rampant with underground everywhere! From main plant it appears that each little blossom is tipped with a touch of scarlet full to! Hanging container siting in my zone is does not self-seed very vigorously so afraid i! Vine up to the hole when you plant lost it ideal conditions like Hawaiii planted in the ground for years... Weave in and out by itself and gives a garden a bit of personality needs... Growing vines for covering an arbor, pergola or that chain link fence and subcategory ( bleeding Heart a! Looks terrible although blooming in small spots against the white bleeding Heart vine is truly beautiful of to! Description - not native, introduced perennial twining vine up to the south side of my house were obviously.