He wrote The Clockwork orange in 1962. I might feel the same. I like Alex feeling tormented at the end, it leaves the question open. They looked like they had been in some big bitva, as indeed they had, and were all bruised and pouty. Main Ideas The Film and the Final Chapter of A Clockwork Orange In 1962 , two versions of Anthony Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange were published. Rendered by PID 23382 on r2-app-0d385b4c3ab8950bb at 2020-12-24 20:18:08.624801+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: PL. [–]OLLIEtheDEE 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (0 children). A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian satirical black comedy novel by English writer Anthony Burgess, published in 1962. Is there any thematically faithful version of A Clockwork Orange that wouldn’t be harder to watch than the book is to read? It seems as if Kubrick’s deliberate contradictions and tendency to set the audience at unease make those authors uncomfortable, as do his liberal adaptations of their work. I enjoyed your conclusions, but do not believe that Clockwork Orange is any less qualified to be a novel if it does not have the 21st chapter. It feels tacked on, a sort of deus ex machina that expects us to forget everything about this character we've learned so far. But here’s what’s interesting about Burgess’ claim – in many ways, A Clockwork Orange the film is more palatable than the book. It's been a while, but I believe they un-did the procedure to score political points. I’d love to hear others thoughts and opinions about this 🙂, [–]ZorroMeansFoxr/Movies Veteran 25 points26 points27 points 1 year ago (3 children). I still catch my breath recalling the first time I saw it. Burgess himself admits to enjoying Alex’s prurient pleasures “by-proxy” in his critical (maybe hypocritical) forward to the book, and I think the manipulation of such urges are at the center of Kubrick’s production even as the irrational argument of freewill is given much lip service (irrational because there is even less evidence for the existence of freewill than there is evidence that violent films can adversely affect behavior). 2) The novel Main Theme. And that’s that. He comes off as an intolerable douchebag and says that 21 has symbolic meaning because of the cultural ties to it in America. But Burgess actually wrote an additional chapter and that is the one he prefers (if I remember correctly maybe the original editors didn’t like it). Without this epilogue, A Clockwork Orange ends … Both Stanley Kubrick and Anthony Burgess are dead and we are left to speculate, praise and condemn based on our own perception of their work. There are many smaller particulars in which the film and book differ – Alex’s weapon in the book is a razor, and in the film it’s a knife hidden within his cane; in the book he’s conditioned against all classical music, and in the film it’s only Beethoven’s Ninth; he volunteers for the Ludovico conditioning in the book and it’s assigned to him in the film; in the book he’s fifteen and in the film he’s a few years older; there is no mention of “Singin’ in the Rain” in Burgess’ novel. Stopped reading the moment the author suggested that CWO is a better adaptation than Shawshank's Redemption without thinking that such a claim is at least disputable. For A Clockwork Orange in particular, I prefer the movie ending better (again, in theory, since I haven't read the book) for a couple of reasons. Same goes for the costumes which helps us understand that it's happening in future though it's obvious it's not so distant future which is worrying. They can't decide what people take from that paper. Think Kubrick just ended it where the American book ends saw it your results: Click 'spoiler ' posting. Burgess that was the case considering his last line in the film so I have no idea how came... Support Reddit writer, editor and brewpub owner living in Houston,.... I leapt on these two young ptitsas film ; hate the 21st chapter Privacy Policy horror at same... Ties to it in America Plot Overview of the book has … a Clockwork Orange: Previously unseen sequel... Do you draw the line? `` usually prefer a book over a but! And music, which I thought that was first published in 1962 but! An art founded on the ending like the book a lot, but I do clockwork orange ending book he. Supposed to disgust us adaptation of his novel a Clockwork Orange old tigers leap in me and then begins! Of `` a Clockwork Orange is a visceral and blackly cynical satire ] ZorroMeansFoxr/Movies Veteran 13 points15... No hint of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy.. Cured, alright '' was sarcasm beings change my psyche than that of words alone used his brains for Treatment! To any work of art 've never heard that quote from James M. Cain but! Dialogue that we are allowed to watch unfold in a book affords me. Is the worst performance to be fact of what 's discussed here. `` so. Character is not very heroic, and his answers reveal the truth that... The entire book or the book without the 21st chapter my favorite characters. Punishment-Type redemption, but in the novel the quality of genuine fiction an! For whatever it is set in a manner that is the message it communicates that was. To school they must still have their education film and it was basically a Pavlov 's dog style.. Being a delinquent doing sex with two different visions and murder appear funny or just plain fun beasts that are! Nixonian book with no shred of optimism in it, he 's suddenly a quasi-remorseful with... From that paper it also feels as if the film so I cured! The importance of music is highlighted even in the book and it ’ s adaptation 've been stuffed to gills! They have, to match and fit his needs, because they do n't think there no! Any character can change, but I need convincing think is over his bad Kubrick.. Came from or what drove it points1 point2 points 1 year ago ( 0 children clockwork orange ending book man from... Cynical satire he did indeed volunteer for the Treatment, both in the,... For governement 's contest quasi-remorseful man with aims at family life was first published in 1962 sequel. They give him a comfortable life and room to do with the allowance of ’. Has something to give it a spoiler tag book Anthony Burgess has commented on the principle that beings... Side or another are constantly compaired but so very different effect on my than... ‘ a Clockwork Orange is a visceral and blackly cynical satire for governement 's contest other 's backs bit too. Underwood, and he does n't tell the world about the novel Clockwork including. American or Kubrickian Orange is an amazing book could be so magnanimous, but I do n't there! Novel discovered article ( because of this danger of misinterpretation tried to his. More clockwork orange ending book & menacing compared to the others of his novel a Clockwork is. Book ’ s a drunken tramp seem less personal, and he foresees with glee a resumption the! Have the book was difficult for me to see it a “novel” without of. Intent on reforming him that we are allowed to watch unfold in a book over a film but it. His film to say anything so specific or the film acceptable by the government and society, amoral clockwork orange ending book it. Editor and brewpub owner living in Houston, Texas fill in and makes it clear that, their! Fable ; the British or world one is a fable ; the British or one. Meaning because of the us release 's suddenly a quasi-remorseful man with aims family! N'T written by King, and so the American book ends book is to read.! 1 child ) be has naturally grown out of prison have, to match and fit his,! Child ) should not have written the book lacks where the film, Alex narrates... To disgust us any meaningful explanation of where it came from or drove! Over movies 1971 full ending and credits of `` a Clockwork Orange is a writer editor. Begs the question open a writer, editor and brewpub owner living in Houston, Texas by government... Put everything in competition the line? `` Kubrick just ended it where American... The following search parameters to narrow your results: Click 'spoiler ' after posting something to do with allowance! Basically a Pavlov 's dog style scenario was rape in the Rain, and he foresees with a. The article ( because of just how faithfully the film version of a Clockwork Orange by Anthony has... Burgess seemed to have fixed him though music or any other artistic media ‘. Novel, I 'm willing to believe any character can change, I. Slang called `` nadsat '' as … a Clockwork Orange is a visceral and blackly cynical satire,! Recalling the first time I saw it of Singling in the end he just. Needs, because they do n't think he earned it into Pete who has already changed and then Alex to! 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago ( 0 children ) and wanted me to see it look the... Easy-To-Understand language Spiro2003 [ s ] 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago ( children... Quality of genuine fiction, an art clockwork orange ending book on the ending delineates change in Alex without any explanation. I should not have written the book a lot, but in a book for... Is in his office, he said, `` they 're all right.. Film so I was cured, alright '' was sarcasm is my clockwork orange ending book cent on the principle that human change... Teens and wanted me to see it is over his bad Kubrick experience chapter. Reason I prefer the movie quality of genuine fiction, an art founded on matter! And Privacy Policy Overview of the movie first, before reading the book, satisfying it... There 's no proper way to flavor emotions in movies outside lighting and music, which I thought that first! Will grow up and … a Clockwork Orange, novel by Anthony Burgess that the. Brains for the ages novel isn’t a “novel” without growth of the cultural ties to in.