I have included 17 of my favorite Candida-fighting antifungal foods in this list. Following are top foods which fight infection. In one study, an antifungal cream with added ginger was more effective at relieving yeast infections than the antifungal cream without ginger. Foods that contain pesticides can … Garlic – Garlic is one of the most powerful anti-microbial foods you can eat. A fungal infection comes in many different types. You can make some delicious recipes with these ingredients, safe in the knowledge that the food you are eating is helping with your Candida treatment too. This root can treat Candida and many other fungal conditions. Fungal Infections Diet: Depending on the kind of fungal infection you might have, there are also diets that are therapeutic and can help heal and prevent these fungal infections from happening. 9. It relieves yeast infection and inhibits the growth of C albicans. Numerous studies show that all parts of goldenseal contain a strong anti-fungal compound called berberine. Oregano Leaf Oil. It can lead to very serious complications and in some rare cases cases, even death. 2. See also: 3 Supplements That Fight Candida Ginger contains antifungal compounds called gingerol and shagelol and anti-inflammatory agents. Foods that are okay on the candida diet are green vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, salad, almonds, walnuts, herbal tea, green juice, and unsweetened coconut water. When these foods are in steady supply, these organisms can flourish in the body, often causing an array of miserable health symptoms. The most common symptom is a red, itchy rash. Here are the 10 foods to avoid if you have fungal & yeast problems. Studies show that garlic has a wide range of antimicrobial properties. It is antifungal, antiprotozoan and antiviral. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid that lends coconut its antibacterial properties.. 3. Goldenseal is great at fighting viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections. 1. To fight fungus, choose a diet free of sugar, including simple carbohydrates and alcohol, and focus on other healing foods. A diet full of inflammatory, sugary, and processed foods creates the perfect conditions for yeast to thrive and multiply. While eliminating certain foods that feed pathogenic fungi is important, it is also important to include foods that contain anti-fungal––or fungus-killing––properties. Garlic. 17 Antifungal Foods To Fight Your Candida. It can treat more than 70 infections, including dysentery, diarrhea, encephalitis and tuberculosis. Your diet may feed this yeast or other fungal infections, so that your symptoms continue to multiply -- leading to toenail fungus, thrush and vaginal yeast infections. Although I recommend adding in yeast-fighting supplements there is another key step to fight Candida overgrowth. Foods That Fight Infection 1. A diluted solution of oregano leaf oil can stop almost all fungal infections including toenail fungus, dermatitis, and dandruff. Diet to Cure Fungal Skin Infection | Foods to Treat Skin Fungus admin Fungal Infections January 19, 2011 0 Comment. An overgrowth of skin fungus can lead to a fungal skin infection, such as athlete's foot, jock itch, or ringworm. These infections can happen to anyone at any time, but bad hygiene or weak immune system put people at a higher at risk. Yeast infection, ringworm and athlete’s foot are some of them. Certain foods are said to be a trigger for Candida infestations and therefore should be avoided. Candida (a yeast and fungal infection) is not something that can be shrugged off as unimportant. Studies show ginger can inhibit the growth of C. albicans. It contains several components that will fight against yeast, fungus, worms and even candida overgrowth. You must eliminate foods that feed Candida and replace them with whole, nutrient-dense foods.