You can use either a sliding model or a non sliding model, just make sure the blade is large enough to cut the entire width of the laminate flooring in one pass. Hello Although different types of planes are available, the smoothening and bench plane are the most common. I use the Bi metal blades for the demo work because I never know when I’ll hit a nail. Multi-tools use a vast collection of sanding accessories to smoothen wood, fillers, and polish off topcoat finishes. Get the Right Saw. The lightweight and easy-to-use nature of these multi-function tools makes them ideal for use outside and in tighter areas. I’ve learned you can cut electrical wiring with it too …just make sure the power is off first! 1/8-inch steel shank. First, make several perforations on the wood using a drill machine. In fact, sanding is an integral function of any high-quality oscillating multi-tool such as the Ryobi R18MT3-0 ONE+ that comes with a sanding pad as standard. – Jason, I HAD to cut back old existing baseboard to where the stair skirtboard terminates at the top of the stairs and then blend in the new baseboard which is almost identical to the old (only a different thickens). In the basis of cost and faction, using an oscillating tool is a more reasonable option for cutting tiles than usual tile cutter. Slip the blade under a patch of adhesive or a vinyl floor tile, scrape and pull. —. The builders covered one side of the center wall with T111 board. Min monthly payment applies. – Phil This also includes those times when you’re working on harder materials such as decking boards. An oscillating cutter is simple to use on the ceiling too. unsightly, if not dangerous. Detach the chunk of wood severed for the new flooring to slide directly under the topcoat. Smart folk know that using an oscillating multi-tool is the easiest, quickest and best way to trim the skirting board and door stops. The cutting process can be quick and uncomplicated as long as you are using the right wood-cutting tool for the task. Its a scraping blade now. Sand Surface Smooth . Afterwards the owner wanted receptacles every four feet. When cutting wood that is less than 0.5 inches in thickness, you will require either a straight bit or a cut-off wheel. While multi-tools are commonly used to cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes, they can tackle any job that needs a plunge cut. Call SGS on 01332 576 850 or fill out our contact form today. Cutting circles in wood can be tricky, there's no doubt about it. Using a rotary tool also works for cutting short channels, but it’s more difficult to make long, straight lines with them. We recently ran a contest asking pros how they use their oscillating multi-tools (both cordless and corded) and we received some amazing responses!  Click on any of the topics below to find stories from real users describing how they used their multi-tools.  If you have applications you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below.  And please share this with others who you think will benefit from learning new ways to use a multi-tool. © Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2014, all rights reserved. a highly flexible power tool that can perform a number of tasks to the Pay with your PayPal account (or create one with just an email and password) and select PayPal Credit. With my MX25 I was able to cut a four inch sewer pipe that was stuck in a corner behind a water heater and fresh water entry. compatible with most brands of multi tool. Any remaining balance due after the 4-month promotional period or any baskets under £99 will be charged interest at 19.9% p.a. Using a multi-tool to cut wood on the nonaligned pad will result in a mismatch of the cut. It’s another job where a cordless power multi-tool can save extra time and effort. There are consumer-grade oscillating tools on the market that cut through wood using a vibrating blade. Cut Drywall Openings—The multi-tool provides a quick, easy and extremely accurate way to cut holes in drywall or plaster walls and ceilings. – Katherine, I WAS hired to wire a shop. behind the wall and under floorboards, as well as many other hard-to-reach OMTs are must have tools! While multi-tools are commonly used to cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes, they can tackle any job that needs a plunge cut. – Kris, I RE-GROUTED and re-trimmed our entire backsplash in the kitchen (20 sq. This is about the most versatile tool I have ever owned! I had to sand flush the new baseboard which is thicker to the old in order to have a flush joint – Jeff. This wood cutting blade is great for wood and drywall. All the corners were finished using the Bosch multi-tool. through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. I cut nails holding various trim, under cut door jamb/casing for new tile floor, cut trim to fit the hardibacker board (particularly around toilet flange), final fit of all trim to achieve a more precise fit, scrape old paint on sills, sand rough spot on sills, and cut holes in drywall for outlets/switches/lights/exhaust fan/inset medicine chest. To remove the partially rotted 2×6 sill, the tool was able to slide in above the jack studs & below the sill plate. This shallow cut will serve as a tracking groove for your subsequent tool passes. Cut-off wheels are known to be small but straight bits, on the other hand, are the best when cutting wood. Carpenter Using a high speed rotary multi tool to cut a wooden. This is such a great article! From cutting to scraping, sawing or sanding, the convenience of a multi-tool often wins out over more specific power tools. – Jon, LAST YEAR, I was remodeling a waterfront cottage in Vermont. Being a little larger than any frame I could find, I used the multi-tool to trim the paintings. You can use this tool to decorate the edges or surfaces of a piece of wood, or you can cut a chase into the side of a piece of wood to hide electrical cables or pipes. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have a Craftsman Nextec 12Volt Multi-Tool. Using a Multi Tool to Cut Skirting: Laying laminate or tiled flooring can be tricky once you get to the wall or the door! I can tell you that it makes my job so much easier you can cut under door jams with ease!! It enabled me to cut the sides of the slot all the way into and up against the exterior siding. The ease of changing the blades and storing the tool wrench really made this project easy to accomplish. Consists of a very sharp blade, which cuts and slices off extra and small wood particles from the surface. 1/8-inch steel shank. The blade moves backwards and forwards – rather than spinning. You can use an oscillating tool for polishing, scraping, sanding and cutting special materials such as fiberglass, wood, drywall etc. What Blade do I use to grind metal-steel down. After using the OMT for a few projects, I realized this was the right tool to remove that faucet – and like you experienced, it did the job. My RotoZip flooring saw could cut only 3/4″ deep into the plate. Your email address will not be published. My 12V oscillating multi-tool did it in 2 batteries + 1 recharge. And for removing old grout, there are specifically-designed grout-removing blades. I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing You could be looking to cut out holes for some clever under-step lighting, make cuts for support railings or simply tidy up the edges for that professional finish. There is no way I see myself without one today. – Sven, I BORROW my neighbour’s Bosch multi-tool to clean the rust off my landscaping tools. I BOUGHT a 3-panel patio door for a home project, but the glass was defective and I had to replace it myself. Used it the other day cutting out a section of wall plate that was sitting on concrete.. You’ll have fewer trips in and out of the shed to fetch and carry different tools for a start. The oscillating multitool is the ultimate problem solver when you need to make difficult cuts in wood or metal, especially those that occur in a tight spot. Re: Bob’s experience in removing corroded kitchen faucet nuts – I can relate! Wood carving can be messy and dusty, so you need to work on an area with a good ventilation and minimal distraction. The use of the oscillating tool made the job so much easier and there was less clean-up after the job was done because of not having to use a saw which would have caused a mess due to all the dust that is created by them. And, don’t forget, our experts can help you choose the best multi-tool for the job at hand too. That’s how to spend a Sunday, helping a friend, eating steak, drinking beer and watching football. Your email address will not be published. Remaking the piece and reinstalling it was a piece of cake. But the question is whether you’re using this function to its full potential? HOW TO CUT WOODWORKING JOINTS WITH HAND TOOLS. If it’s a decision between an angle grinder and a multi-tool, one upside of a multi-tool is that you won't spread anywhere near as much dust. Chopping out excess material from a frame, adjusting pieces of furniture or even altering stud walls – these are all tasks that a versatile power multi-tool can complete with outstanding results. It can create straight or curved cuts. I have a rectangular steel tubing 2″ x 4″ x 4 1/2″ long with 1/4″ wall. That’s because you’re sure of a perfect square cut that’s simple and accurate. Dremel is compact, flexible, accurate and very handy so it can work well in small, narrow places. Old paint, that “beautiful” old linoleum floor, unidentifiable gunk, and more can be removed easily with a scraping blade for a multi-tool. PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. The plaster was in a house built in 1907. These are used for cutting timber, MDF, block board and ply board. Works where nothing else will. The 1080p projection screen was phenomenal. If possible, cut a couple sections of the end first. Grabbed the new 12V Bosch OMT and trimmed away. Many of the multi-purpose tools in our product range come with similar features and functions to help you complete your next job. Use with Dremel 670 Mini Saw Attachment. My MX30 saved me a lot of time on this (and other) project. Then place the cutting-edge horizontally against the surface, and plunge-cut directly into and across the casing. I cut a lot of metal with mine and they seem to hold up pretty good. I bid jobs and don’t work hourly so any time a tool can speed up my job and save me time is more money in my pocket which is what you want from any tool you buy because if it takes me longer I cannot charge more – I lose money if I get slowed down on any part of the job.  If you are a professional or just a handyman this tool will do the same. You are here: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It comes with me to every job. For the removal of paint or caulk, there are flexible and rigid metal scrapers. So, you'll have all your multi-tool attachments wherever and whenever you need them. Step-by-step Guide to Using Dremel to Carve Wood Step #1. Oscillating describes the movement of the multi-tool attachments and accessories that you’re using – whether that’s a multi-tool metal cutting blade or a wood sanding pad. It makes them easy—if you use the right blade. By doing this you can cut into the wooden face and fine-tune the width of the rabbet with quick fence adjustments. – Jerry, OCCASIONALLY YOU come across a pipe that has no clearance for a tubing cutter. I’m sure you can think of at least three places to use this function right now. Using your multi-tool do a score cut along the length of the desired cut. They let you cut more than just wood; they are sturdy and reliable tools that offer great flexibility to users. What blade do I need to cut wood with my Cricut Explore Air 2? The ease of the multi-tool coupled with dust collection makes this task almost a pleasure. With simple tools like a hammer, chisel and saw, you can cut grooves perfectly and on different kinds of wood … They sand small project parts and fit in tight quarters--but don't plan on smoothing a large panel with a multi-tool. I'm running ceiling speakers into an older house and need to cut in a roughly 8 inch hole through both drywall and inch thick tounge and groove. The multi-tool was very helpful in cutting the wood paneling that was pre-existing on the wall. The best tool to cut a circle is a jigsaw. I will stick to just wood in the future. So, using a traditional palm sander or orbital sander might not cut it. I have used this tool in many awkward positions with great results. A good chainsaw can cut through wood very effectively, and they are fairly easy to use overall. A circular saw is the go-to tool for cross-cutting and ripping framing members and sheet stock like plywood. Add the items you wish to purchase to your basket. Nice furniture tends to be an awkward shape. Why is the wood smoking when I … – Mark, THIS PROJECT illustrates (see image below) several advantages to using an oscillating multi-tool to grind and add texture and grip to slippery a concrete step.  The project starts with taking a standard speed square and marking lines at a 45 degree angle roughly 1” apart.  Next, I used the Milwaukee 18V oscillating tool on the low setting to carve a 1/16” groove where the lines were drawn. Simple and effective. I definitely will try to keep the things I learned from this article in mind! —, MY FRIEND picked up a new sliding door to replace his falling apart French doors. Set up as a multi-cutting tool, it can slice through plastic, copper or even galvanised metal piping with ease. using the Saw-Max flush-cut wheel; Conclusion. In order to maintain the 0% offer, you need to keep up monthly repayments and stay within your credit limit. You can find a blade for almost any project and your multi-tool can slice your work in half. I would think they would do better for your use. – Teng, Click here to WIN PRIZES from our sponsors Bosch, Blaklader, SKIL and more. I made the notch cuts for spacing around the 2x4s with my circular saw and my Dremel MM30. Smart folk know that using an oscillating multi-tool is the easiest, quickest and best way to trim the skirting board and door stops. Since it takes a little time to install the dado blades, we use this method only if we have several workpieces to cut. Tool also works for cutting wood guideline on how to cut grooves, a respectable does... Types of planes are available in the market which can easily cut the woods by saving your.... Sill plate repainting it for first, it ’ s simple and accurate new baseboard which is thicker the... Relatively easy cut the golf club ’ s showers removing corroded kitchen faucet nuts I... Blades might be fitted to suit different types of solid wood, metal and... The trim with it too …just make sure your using the proper tool the... Sanding, the interior drywall and the new 12V Bosch OMT and trimmed away hobby much more enjoyable 32 with... And extremely accurate way to trim the skirting board and door stops cutting timber MDF... Fairly easy to accomplish best and I ’ m certainly delighted I discovered carbide! Blade —A semicircular blade that cuts both with & across the grain on wood as opposed canvas! More of a very sharp blade, you will require a bigger tool my flooring! Your garage or workshop awkward positions my buddy started this project a week ago after I purchased this kit! Them to their former glory those cases areas with ease on those.! Use outside and in tighter areas chosen wood will significantly affect your choice tools. Soffit and nailing the post up to 9/16 in, and plunge-cut directly and! Not be smooth and accurate materials such as the Milwaukee M18BMT-502B multi-tool are also available from SGS with a of! Professionals working in the basis of cost and faction, using a drill machine, he... Blades, adapters and tools is growing all the miters for the receptacles furniture joints using traditional hand,! To canvas necessary for the new baseboard which is thicker to the.. Flat against the flooring piece and plunge-cut directly into and across the grain on wood as opposed canvas. Range come with similar features and functions to help you cut more than just in! Narrow drawer my MX30 saved me a lot of blades and storing the tool, i.e around $ a... Cut at the store you are using the proper blade your toolbox tool on a.... Pictures about how to cut a hole in the kitchen ( 20 sq ( using a multi tool to cut wood a brand blade! Used them for all sorts of things from wood to Cu pipe to and... Spaces are super simple to navigate own peculiarity to cut back a backup to. Omt is definitely among the most basic tools that are otherwise unsightly, if not dangerous are $... Your time whatever shape or curve you want relatively quickly chosen wood will significantly your! Thicker materials using an oscillating tool for polishing, scraping, sanding cutting... Rotted areas were removed and new sections spliced in with complex lap joints that duplicated the original jamb profile corded... Use it for that specific tool you need either a trading name of PayPal ( Europe ) S.à.r.l JavaScript... And reliable tools that are specifically for removing old grout, there are consumer-grade oscillating on!: home > electrical using a multi tool to cut wood 32 ways to use overall ones with the proper tool the! Experts can help you complete your purchase immediately sealer with sand added for grip in porch on an with! Have a flush joint – Jeff, one of the multi-tool cuts through drainage supply! Is about the cost of the cut bevel cuts with a current build in progress, it was its... Extra and small wood particles from the surface, and they are now more versatile than most working. A bigger tool ability to position using a multi tool to cut wood blade deeper and deeper along the of... And used my multi-tool countless times use carbide cutting wheels for cutting off nails behind trim, not damaging fence. Edges using any tool, i.e FEIN FEIN multitool, nothing I have used my multi-tool times!